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HOW TO FLY THE HUNTER! | War Thunder BluePrints

August 9, 2019

Hello you Sexy Beasts, welcome back to blueprints,
the *barely* weekly show that brings you the numbers you never wanted.
In this episode, we’re taking a look at hyped Hawker Hunter.
The Hawker Hunter is a British jet aircraft developed during the late 1940s and early
50s. The modified first prototype broke the world air speed record for jet-powered aircraft,
achieving over 1170Km/h. Filling the roles of fighter, fighter-bomber and reconnaissance
aircraft, The Hunter saw widespread success in the export market, serving 21 other air
forces, and remaining in service as late as 2014, in the Lebanese Air Force.
The variant we have in game is the Hunter F 1, and it sits in the British tech tree
just after the Venom. Being a top-tier jet, you can expect to face anything from battle
rating 8.0 to 9.0. In terms of performance, this aircraft is
a bit underwhelming. Since the Hunter is such a heavy aircraft compared to it’s peers,
it’s climb rate is naturally one of the worst, especially when fresh out of research.
Don’t expect to face your enemies on even altitude.
A full upgrade amends this problem somewhat, but unless you’re facing F-86F-2s, you won’t
out climb anything. Top speed is one of the aces of this aircraft.
The Hunter is able to outrun anything in level flight and similar level of upgrade. Be mindful
of CL-13s however, as an upgraded one can easily catch you, and even when both you and
your opponent are aced, your speed advantage is negligible.
The turning time of the Hunter is, as expected, rather bad. Neither stock nor upgraded should
you ever attempt to turn fight anything, ever. You may be able to lure an F-2 into breaking
it’s wings at high speeds, but don’t count on them having boosters installed.
The Roll rate is somewhat mediocre. It’s not quite as bad as the MiG’s, but you can’t
roll with the Sabres either. In a pinch you can roll out of the way of a diving enemy,
but if they’re catching up to you, you’re doing it wrong.
Sadly, the acceleration of this aircraft is rather bad as well. At anything below 800Km/h
true air speed, you will struggle to reach your top speed before the enemy does. However,
once you reach 800km/h, you do actually accelerate just a tiny bit faster than anything else,
giving you that edge at high speeds. The armament of this aircraft is what really
makes it stand out from it’s competitors. The 4 30mm ADEN cannons fire at 1300 rpm each,
have a muzzle velocity of 790m/s, and carry a total of 600 High explosive incendiary tracer,
high explosive fragmentation incendiary and/or armour piercing shells. The resulting 20.84
Kg/s burst mass is the highest in the game, and is sure to make short work of any unfortunate
soul caught in your aim. There really is no use to carry anything but the Air Target belt,
as the AP penetration of a mere 30mm at 500m range is not quite enough do deal with tanks
in an effective manner. As long as you don’t have New Boosters installed,
you won’t break your wings in a turn, at any speed. Installing boosters will make you
turn and roll a bit faster, at the expense of breaking your wings in a full turn at 900km/h.
Since the Hunter was never meant to be a turn fighter, installing New Boosters is not recommended.
As for stall speeds, this aircraft needs more speed to keep in the air than any of it’s
competitors. At 230Km/h indicated air speed with landing flaps, and 250km/h without, you’ll
need to get used to do higher speed landings than you’re used to. At least the flaps
and gear are quite resistant to compensate for that. 450Km/h and 500Km/h are the speeds
at which you’ll risk breaking your landing flaps and gear respectively.
Whilst it is very unlikely of ever happening, you can break your wings in a dive at 1200-1300km/h.
But you’ll need to dive straight down from around 8km altitude to ever achieve such speeds.
One last word on energy retention. I didn’t quite have the time to do the full testing,
but from hours of flying this beauty, it feels like it has quite decent energy retention
in straight lines and shallow climbs. Of course, as soon as you try turning this thing, all
that energy goes straight out of the window. Lastly, some tips on how to fly the Hunter,
and how to fly against it: Given the low climb rate, high top speed and
bad turning time, you should fly this aircraft as straight as possible. At the start of the
match, climb to around 3km altitude at a 10 degree angle and straighten out after to build
up speed. Even if something like a MiG dives down on you, they’ll have trouble keeping
up with you. The nose-mounted ADEN cannons are perfect
for head ons. Yes, this is one of those few aircraft that encourages head-on tactics.
The high output and ammo count, coupled with the accuracy of having the cannons mounted
in the nose, and the explosive potential of the 30mm calibre make short work of anyone
foolish enough to face you head to head. Given the high closing speeds at these tiers, start
firing at around 2km distance between you and your target and evade before you reach
1km, or else they will hit you back. Given the acceleration and climb problems,
you should always try to keep this thing above 800km/h at all times. Lose too much energy,
and you might just have a pack of CL-13s poking you from behind. Keep in mind that a fully
upgraded CL-13 can and will catch a stock Hunter.
Lastly, the way you should engage your opponents: Force a head-on, evade, and don’t turn around.
Keep flying in a straight line and build up your speed. If the enemy turns around and
chases you, wait until you’re about 5km apart, turn around, and repeat the process.
Ideally you’ll also want to support your team mates. There’s nothing easier than
killing an enemy that’s fixed on your teammate, and the ADEN cannons are sure to make short
work of them. And finally, how to fly against the Hunter.
Pretty much do the opposite of everything I just told the hunter pilots. Do not under
any circumstances go into a head on with a hunter. Instead, force them to either chase
you into a turn, or lose energy and speed. If you can catch a hunter below 600km/h, you
can easily out-accelerate it and catch it. Other than that, always keep an eye out behind
you whilst chasing another aircraft. A Hunter can close in faster than you expect it to,
and once you see the muzzle flashes, it’s too late. The Hawker Hunter is a beautiful and fast
jet with awesome armament. Sadly, it is rather inflexible, and requires a very specific playstyle
in order to be effective. Nonetheless, if you master the Hunter, you will be the nightmare
of any MiG-15bis pilot. That’s it for this episode of BluePrints.
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  1. Mike, a little information: Don't use the YouTube translate thing, it just confuses people, because if the tile and describtion is in their language it feels weird having an English video. It just feels weird to watch an English video with a German title for example.

  2. Wonder if there is ever gonna be Any buff for it Hope so since i really want it but have 7000 SL and tier 4 🙁 need GE for real

  3. Wonder if there is ever gonna be Any buff for it Hope so since i really want it but have 7000 SL and tier 4 🙁 need GE for real

  4. Honestly you are better than those mainstream warthunder youtubers. You explain the aspects of a plane in detail and clearly. Very well done, dont worry those 4,500 subscribers will go up in no time. Anyways can you do the review of the P-80 A-5? Thanks and good work so far!

  5. What about joystick? ( negates head-on effectiveness but increases turning energy efficiency by quite a bit – horten 229 for example, clearly belongs at at least BR 8.0 with joystick)

  6. mikey any tips on how to fly american planes??? cuz in american planes i'm kinda new and only have tier 1-2 and from the britz planes they're VERY different handling

  7. can you revisit this now that hte hunters energy retention has been buffed? id imagine that has significantly altered these stats

  8. im halfway through america and i want a jet, but im proggressing slowly and 50 cals make it hard to kill. which country should i do? some people say brits have bad jets, some say the meteor is good, ussr has derp cannons, its migs got nerfed, and germany is too long, jap sucks(only has 2 fighter jets). which one? orange doom says hunter sucks in every aspect, and stock sucks

  9. its so op i get one shot in my IL-28… the entire tail is coming of, wings getting ripped and so on…
    while in 37mm russian cannons cannot even rip a wing of a me262

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