How to Get Started in the WordPress Dashboard
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How to Get Started in the WordPress Dashboard

August 16, 2019

I’m Shari from little blue deer design and
today I’m gonna share just a few quick tips to help you get your brand new
WordPress blog off the ground this applies whether you have a custom blog
design whether you’re using an out-of-the-box theme you’re using a free
theme etc none of this is included with theme design or blog design generally so
there’s just a few tips to help you kind of get started and learn a little bit
about the backend of your WordPress dashboard so one of the things that
people tend to overlook is their site title and tagline of course you have
your domain you’ve got to have a domain and hosting to run WordPress but you
might not know what your site title is so and your tagline so what you’re gonna
do is go in your dashboard to Settings General and I’m going to show you right
where that is Settings General this is gonna bring you to a page where you can
put your site title my site title is little blue dere custom blog design and
custom web doc website design this site title is really too long however I’ve
had my blog for many many years I pay for SEO and it’s not a good idea for me
to change it if you’re just starting out choose your site title this is usually
the name of your blog so if I were to go back I would have just named my site
title little blue dere design however it is what it is you’ve probably done this
part what you might not have done is added the tagline
the tagline is a few words once again my tagline is a little on the long side
usually three or four words that just explains what this site is about this
will show up in Google search sometimes it shows up on your tab sometimes etc a
lot of people leave out their tagline and you get the default tagline which
says just another WordPress site well you’re not just another WordPress site
you’re special so be sure to populate your tagline
that’s one thing that I want to show you also on the general settings you’ll have
your WordPress address and your site address the email address this is very
important you want to set up an email account some host this is set up
automatically sometimes it is not this is the email address where
oftentimes contact forms will come where notifications of new comments which I’m
going to show you how to do in just a minute
will come yet cetera so you want to set your email address here and I’m not
gonna change mine but what will happen is generally you’ll have a default
nonsensical address here all you would do would be to delete it out put in the
address that you want to use and then you’re gonna scroll right on down and
click Save Changes what will happen is you will get an email from WordPress to
that email check your spam boxes a lot of times they go to spam etc and you can
follow the directions on the email link it’s usually easier to be already logged
into your blog when verifying but it’s just like when you sign up for a
newsletter or something you just need to click to verify that that’s your address
and you’ll be linked up that’s one spot to change your address
now you also have what is called if you scroll down all the way down to users
users your profile this is your profile okay so this is your specific profile
you have the choice for example to show the toolbar when viewing your site most
people like to have the toolbar this is the toolbar at the top where you can
quickly go to edit pages etc if you don’t want to show that you can uncheck
this box there’s also some proofreading options now this is the thing where
people oftentimes have questions and you will see that if your blog includes a
byline which mine does not but generally I just hid my byline but most blogs have
right underneath the title or somewhere around the title they’ll have the post
date maybe the post categories and they’ll also have a line that says bye
and generally if you have not set up your user profile it says by admin and
people always ask me how do I get rid of the BI ad
well by default you are an admin when you’re a new user on your WordPress blog
your default is admin okay so how do you change that you actually don’t change it
you just get a nickname so here is the spot once again in users your profile
where you can change your nickname I just use my first name and how to
display your name publicly so once you type in your nickname you will see that
this box display name publicly as well populate and all you have to do is click
your name the email is important I use a different email here you want to put in
the email and it’s gonna go through the exact same process is what I just showed
you with the general settings email you’re gonna get a confirmation email
etc just be sure to click through all of the steps and verify your email and then
only only when your email is verified then you will be able to see your
specific user name not the default admin also people want to know how to change
their password down here is where you can generate a new password that’s kind
of a cool thing once you generate it definitely save it and if you verified
your email if you lose your password that email will be sent to the general
settings password so pay attention to what email you use and what password you
use it is very important it’s hard to get a password back if you’ve changed it
and you can’t remember it so the first thing I do if I change my password is
copy it right here and paste it and notepad okay so that’s just one more
thing that you can do I also have many many people use Bluehost I am a reseller
for Bluehost I love Bluehost I use Bluehost myself it’s a great product I
have a special tutorial here called how to set up direct login in WordPress
because Bluehost actually a lot of people choose and GoDaddy has this as
well you can log in directly through Bluehost or GoDaddy so this tutorial
here shows you once again how to change your email and the user profile
so that you can have a direct login to WordPress and what is the direct login
that means that when you go to your backslash WP – admin then it
takes you to the actual login page here where you’re going to enter your
username and your password so most managed WordPress like Bluehost
and GoDaddy you can always log in through the host but if you want to
direct log into WordPress and bypass that stuff you can and one last thing
that I’m just gonna share is we’re going to talk for just a minute about comments
okay so what you’re gonna do this is going to show how your comments come in
so you’re going to go to settings discussion this is the comments section
so you’ve got a lot of different choices here you can allow people to post on
different articles the other comment settings is the area where if you select
that the comment author must fill out name and email you can enable threaded
comments one thing that people often miss is all of a sudden they’ll say oh
my comments are missing on my blog well you probably have chosen to
automatically closed your comments so if you want to close comments on older
posts you can but keep in mind if you go back through posts and see that there’s
no comments showing up that’s because this is checked so you can check it or
uncheck it now do you want to be emailed any time someone posts a comment or if
there’s a comment in moderation you can check these boxes once again very
important both in the general settings in the user profile that you have the
correct email otherwise you will not get notified so if you want to be notified
when someone posts a comment you don’t want to have to keep checking on your
post check these here and then finally you have the option if you want a
comment to be manually approved you will have to manually approve it you
can check that box or you can check if you want the person to have a previously
approved comment and then where are my comments okay
comments live on their own and they’re here and I have all of these comments
here now this one looks like spam to me I don’t want to approve it but if I
wanted to approve it I could just hover over it and click approve and that’s
that so those are just some basics to get you started
another thing I would definitely recommend would be to go ahead and set
up jetpack I have a really good tutorial on how to add jet pack on my tutorials
page which is little blue dere design back slash WordPress – tutorials how to
connect jetpack jetpack gives you a lot of other options it’s free it’s kind of
cool and I have a pretty in-depth tutorial how to do it here and I also
have a video here on YouTube that you can watch for that so maybe that’s one
last step that you would want to take but other than that those are just a few
overlooked items that people tend to miss sometimes when setting up their new
WordPress blog so I just wanted to share them any comments or questions please
feel free to leave them in the comments and once again don’t forget visit me at
little blue deer wordpress tutorials i have a whole host of
wordpress related tutorials i love to help and i thank you for watching

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  1. Hey! I’m a new blogger and I’m using WordPress! I’ve had my blog for just about a year and it’s no where near where I would like for it to be! I have this vision of my blog but I am not good at designing it at all! I’m still learning my way around WordPress! I would really like your help! You can reach out to me at [email protected] Hope to hear from you!


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