How to get the Jetpack (of Wisdom) JK in Madcity.
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How to get the Jetpack (of Wisdom) JK in Madcity.

September 5, 2019

Hi everybody and welcome to my first video on my Channel Today I’ll be showing you how to get the Jetpack In MAD CITY!! So first you would like to find the timeish signal and just spawn any vehicle And Just start to drive over there So what you want to do is remember the color pattern or type it up But the pattern changes every time To Get the jetpack you also need to acquire a gun normally pistol is the best choice and then you need to shoot the color code but I already did it so I don’t need to do it again so now you want to search this secret storage for the boss keycard now I have to hack it but it might have already been opened from someone MONEY IS MINE!!!!!!!! Now you head back to the criminal base Obviously… Now you would like to head to the AirPort to get your……>>>>of Wisdom Wait…. there’s a catch you have to……… turn left wait no right yes right… Now if you see these Buildings Apparently it’s a sign of low intelligence ….. nope I got my mind on something else ….. no, it means your at the Airport Obviously… Now ignore that first turn to the right because it’s naughty…. naughty I tell you… Oh did I not mention you could also rob the ATM thingy, the suitcase and the money on the converter and now is the time to….. drink water yes no maybe so or is it time to play around with the Anus aka Thanos or is it time to strike at rich I guess? And now you have your Jetpack of Wisdom and you can fly with it I guess but there is a catch it runs out of FUEL!!!!! sadly… Please Like and Subscribe for New Videos and for my MOM to buy me (Robux)

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