How to Help You Not Be Scared to Fly
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How to Help You Not Be Scared to Fly

January 15, 2020

today we are going to help you conquer
flying if you are scared to fly we are going to give you the best tips ever to
help you not be as anxious the next time you fly what happened the first time you
flew in an airplane were you scared about crashing was it the turbulence
that you didn’t know about that scared you to death what is it that frightens
you when you think about going in an airplane many people have a real fear of
flying and according to Wikipedia it’s called aviophobia the fear of flying
in airplanes so you might have a fear of heights which really comes into play
when you are in an airplane in the sky some people have a fear of the unknown
some people have a fear of not being in control I have one friend who will not
fly ever since she’s become a mother because she doesn’t want her children to
be motherless if they’re plane crashes a lot of my friends and subscribers have
the same fear as me and it’s being out of control like not being in control
being over able to pull over the car and park while the turbulence passes by it’s
not something I know about either in my mind my friend Shannon has the fear of
not being able to escape like there’s no way to get out of this situation if it
turns deadly which is not quite the same as claustrophobic that’s a different
fear that comes into play when you’re in an enclosed metal capsule for me I don’t
know about turbulence I don’t know what it means when there are bumps
I think bumps cause brakes much like the harder rain that comes down when I’m
driving I need to slow down in order to be more careful or to be safer but when
you’re flying in an airplane those fears come up and you have no control over
them and part of it is not knowing all the techniques are not
knowing all the safety parameters around an airplane and the people who are in
charge of the airplane so today I have asked my friend Chris to talk about what
can help us and give us the best tips of how we can not be as scared the next
time we fly now he can’t take away the fears from us but they are tips that
will help us overcome flying or get through the nosedive that some of us go
on and our thoughts when we’re being scared in an airplane or even thinking
about flying an airplane when we’re flying in an airplane we may be going to
work or we may be going on vacation we don’t need to be caught up in a spiral
of irrational thoughts that are not letting us relax and keeping us awake at
night before we even start our vacation but there is that saying that knowledge
is power so I hope these tips from someone who does know about safety in
all the people who are helping you in your flight and getting your flight
ready will help you overcome your fear and get through that for those five
hours or two hours or maybe even 40 minutes of pure terror and an airplane
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below and introduce yourself one thing I want to mention is that Chris is not
representing any certain airline these are his personal feelings and his
personal tips that he can offer you from his knowledge vantage point
now let’s pop into question number one. What helps you not be afraid? I’m not afraid because all pilots in any
airline are very well trained before they ever step foot into an actual
airplane and we also know that the airplanes are designed to withstand all
types of environmental things weather rain snow turbulence and wind most
airline pilots have to go through over I would say 85 to a hundred hours of
actual simulator training which simulates all types of issues that
happen on an airplane weather-related mechanical related even passengers
security security related so by the time that pilot actually sets foot on an
airplane he has already seen a whole multitude of malfunctions and weather
issues before he ever flies the actual airplane and most airlines also have a
very specific checklist procedure for every one of those items on a daily
basis for every leg most airlines have anywhere from the different phases of
flight from pushing back an airplane to get into the runway into taking off to
at cruise to the descent to the landing back to the gate so I would say 7 to 10
checklist they do on every leg every time they fly when pilots walk around
the airplane what are they looking for? a walk around is basically just looking
for anything that’s abnormal with the airplane you’re looking at the status of
the tires you’re looking at any kind of leaks like a from a broken hydraulic
line or a fuel line that we would like to find out prior to take an airplane in
the air we’re looking for anything that may have been damaged by let’s say a
ground vehicle may have hit the airplane an accident so you’re just looking for
the general condition of the outside of the airplane what are some of the tips
that you can give people who are totally afraid of flying? so first of all it’s
not abnormal to be scared of flying you see that all the time so the best things
I could tell people who are a fear afraid to fly is number one book
yourself a seat as close to the wing or front of the airplane as possible why
because your plane as you the longer the airplane is it’s just like a boat most
of the side sway of an airplane is always in the back near the rudder so
the closer you sit to the front you won’t feel that as much if you prone to
get motion sickness the second thing I would say to do is right when you board
the airplane simply ask the flight attendant if you can speak with the
pilots because you’re a nervous flier we will pilots will gladly tell you about
the flight any known weather we know about already and any answer any
questions you may have to put yourself at ease regarding the upcoming flight
you’re about to take we’re very used to that when we encourage that Why is there turbulence? pilots don’t
like turbulence either so we will do everything we can to avoid it so we listen to other
aircraft that are checking in with air traffic control if they are reporting a
rough ride that set the same out – we are we will look at our airplane and say
can we climb higher can we go down we will ask for an altitude that we know is
better than the one that we’re at especially if we’re coming up – what
previous airplanes that reported is a rough ride however there are some times
where just due to the weather in the area or just that day that all the
altitudes that we can safely fire are just are not available or they’re all
poor rides but pilots will always try to avoid a bad ride there’s just some times
where we just can’t and so when that’s the case we will make sure everybody is
down in the back and we will do our best to get through it
we have some steps we take like slowing down so it doesn’t feel as rough but
that doesn’t mean it’s safer? no it is more uncomfortable for the people in
the back. It seems like sometimes pilots go faster right through
turbulenc. Everything we try to do is to minimize the discomfort for the passengers
in the back turbulence is caused by uneven heating of the Earth’s surface
and so you get pockets of warm and cold air that come together and when an
airplane comes out those you’re gonna have a difference in temperature air
density and so it’s the same thing as a boat with the propeller that puts out
turbulence behind a wake unit in a motorboat
the airplane is designed to take all kinds of turbulence doesn’t mean we like
turbulence and we will not knowingly go through it but there are other issues or
their weather in the area we see a lot over the Rocky Mountains with air coming
over the top of the Rockies creates with a cold mountain wave which is a form of
turbulence the difference is nowadays versus days of yore is we have all kinds
of reporting capabilities to get the information to pilots so we can do our
best to predict upcoming weather and make sure everybody’s seated and safe or
figure out a way to go around it above it or below it.
I also recommend reading a real book or a real magazine something that you have
to hold with both hands I like having to turn the page I think
that helps me give me something to grip on to instead of the armrests and also
eating the whole time or chewing gum a lot
I also recommend going to the restroom one hour before you’re supposed to land
and at the beginning of the flight they tell you how long the flight is going to
be and that way you’re not stuck in the aisle when you hear the pilot or the
flight attendant say it’s time to sit down buckle your seat belt these are
just other tips that have helped me when I have gotten scared while flying. The
best tip is to always have your seatbelt fastened while you’re seated we will do
our best to always avoid turbulence but there is a type of turbulence that’s
called clear air turbulence where it comes sometimes without warning and so
that is why we ask people when you’re at your seats to always keep that seat belt
fastened because sometimes we just cannot predict bumpy air.
can you talk about the airplane withstanding different kinds of weather?
yes so airplanes are essentially what I say over engineered or they are designed
to mean meet all kinds of stringent weather issues turbulence wind snow rain
airplanes are very very thoroughly tested before they’re ever released by
the FAA to be allowed to fly it for passenger service so they put airplanes
through all kinds of abuses to see what the reaction will be and oftentimes the
abuse they get during testing is three or four maybe five times worse than you
would ever experience in the air so an aircraft training program at most
airlines in the u.s. involves around 80 hours of simulator time in a full motion
simulator and the full motion simulator is designed to mimic the airplane
exactly as it is in the real world and so we do all types of weather avoidance
procedure we do turbulence we do landing and high winds
so water landings we do you name it we’ve done it all inside this box on
hydraulics before we ever set foot in the actual airplane and no airline will
ever a pilot to set foot in an actual
airplane unless he has passed an FAA approved training program thanks so much
I hope these are the best tips that will help you be a stronger person as you
walk through security and get on that airplane and sit beside a complete
stranger I hope these just help you feel a washed with security and knowing that
you are safe and that those pilots and flight attendants and all the mechanics
and the team members that have gone into preparing that airplane just for you
I hope these best tips will help you feel peaceful thanks for popping over

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  1. Awesome videos. I fly twice, 3 time a year a d I always get very anxious. I always think about the happy times ahead (Im from Puerto Rico, living in Nashville, TN, so I have no other choice but to fly,hubby is from Mex. so we fly there too) I fly with Xanax 🤢😕.

  2. My fear is giving entire control to someone else, especially watching hundreds of you tube videos showing pilot errors, Mechanical failures, weather problems, suicidal pilots, aircraft controller mistakes, etc,etc,etc,and etc.

  3. Very helpful, thank you. I m sure if I were to speak to the pilot, my questions would be about whether he's had enough sleep or if he's been drinking, lol

  4. I am terrified of the airplane when it gets faster & faster. I keep desperately wanting the airplane to slow down & go 100 kilometers an hour, tops.

  5. Thank you so much for making this! I am flying commercial for the first time on July 5th. I had a terrifying experience on a small, 4-seater personal plane a couple of years ago, and I am so not looking forward to this next flight! Looking forward to my vacation though!

  6. Hi Laurie, I enjoyed watching your video. I have a tip that perhaps parents or guardians can use: get children flying from a young age. I've been flying since I was eight months old approx five times a year in total including return flights ( up until three years ago) and so I wasn't filled with fear that comes when your an adult i.e from stories you hear etc. I guess that's a proactive approach. I still always say a prayer to Jesus before the plane takes off, once it's made it up off of the runway and I always rememeber to say Thank You to Him once we've landed safely. I remember when people used to clap once the plane landed congratulating the pilots on a safe journey… I always put a little bit of cotton wool in my ears before take off and landing to stop any pain from air pressure 🙂 I hope this helps. Love Andrea xx

  7. Pray for Gods protection Everytime you travel he said acknowledge him in all your ways and he will direct your path

  8. I have never been on a plane I have terrible anxiety and I'm so scared that I will get stopped by mean tsa people and I get so scared that I can't concentrate or hear so it's not good I'm also so scared that the plane will crash and I will die and I'm so scared of death I don't know how to overcome this

  9. This was interesting. I love to fly, it was nice to hear a pilot's perspective. Thanks for sharing. Cathy

  10. Thank you for making this video. I am taking a cruise next month from Vancouver to Hawaii. (You have awesome packing tips!) Flying to Vancouver from the East Coast doesn't bother me, but I am terrified about the flight back from Honolulu to San Francisco. Being over the water for so many hours without an airport nearby (in case of an emergency) just scares me. I have flown several times before, but never over water for that long. It is a red-eye flight, so my husband assures me I will most likely fall asleep, but I am still worried. I want to to be able to enjoy the cruise and not dread the flight back.

  11. I am claustrophobic and I have to fly to the Philippines next year. That's a 14-16 hour flight (longer if there are delays). I'm getting stressed thinking about it. 😓

  12. Ugh. On may 8th, I am taking a trip to china with my class but I'm terrified of heights so I'm watching so many of these plane videos, trying to become less terrified lol. It's my first time on a plane and I'm only 14. Any advice?

  13. I'm a teenager, and I'm gonna fly for the first time ALL ALONE! I'm terrified because in the past I've experimented panic attacks, so and I don't wanna have one while flying… This is very helpful,thank u so much💕

  14. One time my daughter and I were on an airplane backing out of the gate and an overwhelming smell of aviation fuel filled the cabin. I have flown a lot and am sometimes a little nervous, conquered mainly by prayer 😉 but that experience was rather terrifying to me and nobody seemed to be able tone plain why it happened. Any ideas?

  15. I like flying and I always think a bit of turbulence makes it more fun.
    Plane wings are meant to flex, in a soaring plane you can see the wings are curved when it is in the air. Planes are designed to handle stress and turbulence well.

  16. Great video…thank you. I'm taking my kids on their first vacation in a couple of months and I've always loved flying (except for having to go to the toilet every 10 minutes… :-/ …haha) but my daughter has anxiety troubles and is afraid of the flight. I'm going to show her this…I think it will help her by getting a pilot's perspective and knowing she's not alone in her anxiety.

  17. Its the fear of not having anything under me, (I need to feel the ground) being closed in this tight space. I wouldn't want to be in the front because of a nose dive crash. Also I worry if the pilot is stable and not having distractions.

  18. I really enjoy your videos, you have a very pleasant way, and easy to listen to. This was very informative. I'm not afraid, but still good info.

  19. Hello, awesome awesome blog. Flying to Seville next May, feeling very nervous. Thank you, this blog was very informative.

  20. I’m not afraid to fly, I hate to fly. I’m a large, older woman and I find being squished like a sardine to be very uncomfortable. Getting up and down for my neighbor is difficult and the bathrooms are so tight & disgusting, they make me want to scream. I love to travel via cruise ships but hate flying to them. IF only the planes were roomier and clean.

  21. I have a terrible fear of flying. I have a business trip in a few weeks and the anxiety is overwhelming to the point where I I'm getting diarrhea and heart palpitations. To make it worse, I have 2 connecting flights on the way home, and one of those flights is on one of those small regional jets. I know the odds are in my favor and the probability of anything bad happening is incredibly slim, but I just can't shake the fear that no matter how "good" the odds are, I AWAYS feel that MY flight will be that fatal one out of millions. I'm so tired of feeling this way. There's so many places I want to see that require flying. I know I can't predict the future and nothing is certain, but I don't wanna die from flying. I just wanna be able to enjoy flying, whether it be domestic or international, knowing that I'm gonna be ok and nothing bad will happen and that it's not my fate to die in a plane crash/explosion/incident/etc. I do wanna sign up for the SOAR courses but I can't afford it at the moment. My wife wants to fly to Hawaii next year for her birthday. I'm already nervous cos it's 100% over ocean.

  22. I have a flight after 3 weeks and i am really scared, i dont fear of flight but i get really scared when i dont fly for for over a year. any more tips that will help🙏🙏🙏

  23. Why doesn't passenger airplanes have parachutes, they've given those life jackets 🙁 I fly over the Himalayas, it's a sea of mountains… it makes me very nervous..

  24. G'day new subbie here, I am really enjoying all of your videos, full of great advice and fun. I don't like the taking off or the landing, i am not too bad in the air unless there is turbulence, about to fly home to Australia via the UK, so just a tad nervous!

  25. mam please help me I want to go to meet my family but I am afraid of aeroplane 12 hours drive when I think this that I will travel in closed tight place for 12 hours and windows door will be closed for 12 hours.. please suggest me. some thing

  26. It's the turbulence that gets me, I fly about 3 times a year, and it doesn't get any better, I almost feel that turbulence is getting worse than years ago….. I always gasp if it's too bumpy and hold fast to the seat in front of me, I think I scare the person sitting next to me

  27. Question. Can we carry an ink pen on an airplane? Cause i would like to carry a crossword puzzle book on tje flight and do those to keep my mind busy and occupied.

  28. Great information. easyJet #FearlessFlyer also has helped thousands of fearful fliers by providing education of how #flying works and therapy techniques. You can check out video:

  29. Sorry, Laurie, but I couldn't watch this. You use a lot of trigger words and you bring up things that I hadn't even thought of. You should think about remaking this video without talking about the fears. Just talk about the things that will help me feel better about flying without talking about the fear itself. Maybe talk about airline safety and stuff. I'm flying in 10 days, and this just made me feel worse. Sorry if I sound really critical, I'm just trying to be helpful.

  30. Heights is one big reason for me.
    But honestly, 9/11 is just burned in my brain. 🙁 I was only 11 at the time. I’m just terrified that someone is going to slip through on a plane I’m on.

  31. Hate to fly , love to travel. It’s a curse. I particularly detest landing for some reason. Two of my rituals are : During takeoff I say the rosary ( any meditative activity would garner same result ) and during descent I do the crossword puzzle in the airline magazine . Having to focus and think takes my mind off the panic but I still freak out from time to time 🤪

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