How to Hide WooCommerce Shipping Methods based on Destination ZIP Code/Postal Code.
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How to Hide WooCommerce Shipping Methods based on Destination ZIP Code/Postal Code.

August 30, 2019

setting Shipping Rules based on
the destination is a great business strategy for WooCommerce stores that serve
international customers. ELEX Hide WooCommerce shipping methods plugin
lets you set highly customizable rules based on order weight, product category,
destination country and more. In this video, we will show how you can hide WooCommerce Shipping Methods based on the destination zip code. in the plug-in
settings give the zip code do you wish to act as a filter in the postal code
field and click Save and Continue. Pick all the Shipping Methods you wish to
hide for the zip code we entered in the previous window the plugin automatically
pulls all the shipping methods you may have configured including ones from
third-party plugins. Name the rule if you wish or the plug-in
auto-generates one for you. After configuring everything, click on Create
Rule. Created rules can be edited from the Manage Rules Tab.
It also has information regarding what filters are being used in the rule. On
updating the cart, we can see that all the shipping methods except local pickup
and USPS options are hidden from the customer. If you wish to hide a shipping option
instead of shipping methods simply right-click and inspect the shipping
option. Copy the tag value. In the Manage Rules Tab click on Edit Rule. In
the next window, paste the value of the tag in the shipping options field then
click on Create Rule. On updating the cart, we see that the USPS Priority Mail
Express option is no longer visible to the customer go follow us on our
social media channels and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more informative
videos related to WordPress and WooCommerce

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