How To Install WordPress on Bluehost. You won’t believe how easy it is!
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How To Install WordPress on Bluehost. You won’t believe how easy it is!

August 29, 2019

In this video I’m going to show you how
to install wordpress on bluehost. Bluehost is a popular choice. It’s widely
recommended and it’s even one of the top recommended hosting companies on so it’s a solid choice for your hosting. Bluehost is also a great
choice for beginners because they offer lots of additional support options to
help you get started what’s awesome about this video is that I’m gonna show
you how to get a free Bluehost SSL certificate for WordPress and a free
domain name you also find this method of installing WordPress is much faster and
easier to manage than the standard Bluehost hosting plans after we install
WordPress I’ll show you how to configure and set up WordPress so your website can
be off to an excellent start it’s really important to make sure that you have
WordPress configured properly before you start building your website I’m Tim from and it’s my mission to help you find the best and easiest
ways of building websites I provide free tutorials and reviews to help you get
started making your own website to get started with this tutorial on how to
install wordpress on bluehost you’re gonna want to use the link below this
video it’s a little bit confusing on the Bluehost website which is the best
service to sign up for so using the link below will ensure that you sign up for
their wordpress hosting plan and that you get the free SSL certificate as well
as the easiest way to install WordPress that bluehost has to offer using the
link below also we’ll make sure that you’re able to follow along with this
video because the other hosting plans that Bluehost offers are have a more
complicated setup process for WordPress the link below is an affiliate link and
will cost you nothing extra and actually if there’s any discounts that I can
include I’ll include them with the link this link also provides me with a little
bit of a commission that helps me to make free tutorials like this one as
well as the free how to build a website complete course that I offer on YouTube
and on my website and if you’re interesting that I’ll link to that at
the end of this video and in the description below so let’s dive in and learn
how to install WordPress on bluehost okay so after you’ve clicked in that
link below the video I’m gonna be taken to this page right here and this page
here is a special page just for WordPress users you can see here says
special offer for WordPress users and you definitely get some benefits by
clicking on that link you’re gonna get a free domain name
free SSL certificate which is something you absolutely need now Google has
basically said that they’re gonna be adjusting how they look at websites and
especially for like the Chrome browser is gonna start giving warnings if you
don’t have an SSL certificate so usually that’s something you have to pay for but
here Bluehost is giving it to you for free if you use that link down below and
then we’re also gonna be able to install WordPress really easily let’s go ahead
and get started and so to get started you click on the get started now right
here and then you’re gonna choose a plan so just building one website you know
just going for the 3.95 a month plan is probably the best thing to do if you’re
gonna be building you know multiple smaller websites or multiple websites
you know you might want to step up to the plus I didn’t do you think that with
the plus and the premiere getting like the spam experts and the domain privacy
is something I’m kind of a big fan of what happens when you register domain
name is that there’s a public record of who registered that domain name so it’s
gonna have your name your address your phone number I believe and your email
address you might think yourself you don’t really care who knows that you own
this website but I’ll tell you what the problem is if you don’t have domain
privacy and it’s something that happened when I was doing another one of these
videos showing you guys how to set up WordPress is that I didn’t get domain
privacy and within a matter of like almost no time at all it seemed like I
was getting junk mail in my mailbox I was getting email spam I was getting
phone calls about you know just junk phone calls or robo phone calls and so
for me paying a little bit extra to get the domain privacy is definitely worth
it yeah so I’m definitely gonna go with the domain privacy and I think the spam
experts is something that’s worth having just for security of a website but
definitely there’s no problem at all if you just select the basic plan so those
are the things to keep in mind since I’m just showing you guys how to do this I’m
not actually gonna be using this account probably I’m just gonna go ahead and
sign up for the base basic account here but you might want to consider those
other two things so I’m gonna go ahead and get a do new domain I mean here’s
free with Bluehost with that link so it’s definitely worth doing and it’s
pretty easy to get a new domain name so okay so this is a domain name I’m gonna
sign up for here and then just click on next
okay and then all you need to do is just create your account so you can
fill in your name address you know sort of just all the usual stuff the package
information that you want and then down here you get some options here domain
privacy protection for ninety cents a month I’m definitely even though I’m
just showing you guys how to do that I’m definitely gonna click on that because I
don’t don’t want to have any issues with that it’s always a good idea to have a
great backup of your website so it’s something probably worth doing
especially as you’re building your website you know you might need to go
back and change some things or undo some things something worth having there are
other ways of getting site backup for example if you get the pro version of
jetpack you can get a site backup and I think that’s actually maybe a little bit
cheaper but having it through your hosting company often times just sort of
eliminates any confusion so I think if you want these two things here you
should probably actually just sign up for that premier account there so I’m
gonna uncheck this because I don’t need that right now for this website I’m
definitely gonna do the Domain Privacy Protection and I’m not gonna need the
site backup Pro because I’m not really building a website on this I’m just
showing you guys how to sign up and set up your account but something you might
want to consider getting and then one other thing to note here on when you’re
signing up for hosting with Bluehost is that to get the maximum deal the best
deal you can get you do need to sign up for 3 years of hosting I mean it is one
of the better deals and if you’re committed to making a great website take
you some time to get sort of the ball rolling and get things going so
definitely it’s sort of locking in a low price is a good idea but if you want to
sign up for a smaller amount of time you can do that it’s gonna cost you a little
bit more but I think the overall the cost will be less so that’s something to
keep in mind yes so just go ahead and fill out your information below and then
we’ll go into the next step ok so then after you’ve signed up for your account
you’ll be taking this place here got the option of signing up through some
WordPress help some other things I don’t think you’re really gonna need those
it’s always something you can add later on just click on no thanks ok and the
next thing you need to do is you need to create a password for the new account
that you created definitely recommend using some sort of password management
system I personally use LastPass I don’t think it matters too much which one you
use I like LastPass but there’s other ones
like one password when you’re building your website you’re gonna be making a
lot of different new accounts and part of the thing is for your security for
your website security you want be using a different password for every
website that way if the website gets hacked and it happens unfortunately all
the time that these big companies their websites get hacked they’re not gonna
have access to all of your accounts are just gonna have access to that one
account you definitely wanna make sure you create a secure password it’s gonna
do that right now and you can use LastPass to generate a password for me I’m gonna click on agree to that and
then just gonna go ahead and click on login okay so now here Bluehost is giving
you some options for themes that you can pick I’ve got a sort of a very specific
theme that I like to use for wordpress I just think that it makes it
easier to build your website it’s really flexible a lot of themes that are out
there you know they look great in these demos like this but when it comes down
to actually changing and modifying things even like some of the most basic
things like colors can be a headache to change layouts and things like that so
my recommendation right now is the Divi theme if you want to find out about Divi
theme have actually got a full tutorial I’ll show you how to set up the Divi
theme and build a website with it I just think it’s easier because it’s so
flexible it’s easy to use it’s responsive and it just does a lot of
great things so I would personally just skip all of these and you know check out
my course or you know just check out the Divi theme we’ve got a review of it a
link to the review top of the screen and I’ll link the review in the description
below and at the end of this video and I’ve also got a free course where I’ll
show you guys exactly how to build a website and set it up and I’m constantly
making new tutorials I’ll show you guys how to make different kinds of pages
with the Divi theme so definitely I think that’s worth checking out so go ahead and
skip this step and what I love about using that link that I provided below is
that it just starts installing WordPress you don’t have to go to the cPanel you
don’t have to mess up with a lot of the sort of things that really make hosting
complicated is it just does it for you on Bluehost had made this like a really
streamlined process when people want to use WordPress and it it saves you time
it saves you headaches it saves you like being really confused by the back end of
what most hosting companies offer or the cPanel or even like the standard
Bluehost setup so definitely using this link is
gonna save you some time and make it a lot easier now as you see up here
it says for your information we’re provisioning your WordPress installation
on a temporary domain we’ll set up your WordPress website to whatever the domain
name that you created was automatically as soon as it’s ready but what they’re
gonna do right now is I’m going to make a temporary place where you can start
working on your website and so we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna do that
right now and I’m gonna show you guys how to set
up and configure WordPress so but to actually start working on your website
with your domain you might need to wait some time some some amount of time it’s
hard to say exactly how much there’s lots of variables in that what happens
is you register a new domain is that it needs to propagate across the internet
and get connected with all the domain name servers before I can start using it
so what Bluehost has done here is are allowing you start working on your
website until that domain gets ready and then with that domain gets ready you can
start using your website with your domain name but for now we’re gonna use
this temporary domain name that Bluehost has provided us to start building our
website with and so that we’ve installed wordpress on bluehost the next thing
that we’re gonna do is we’re going to set up WordPress and now they’ve got
this sort of wizard that you can use to help you configure WordPress and get
started I’m just gonna skip it cuz I’m gonna show you guys exactly what you
need to do is click on I don’t need help and these are some sort of Bluehost
specific items um something you can use if you want I don’t personally use this
I subscride at my own method to do but we’re gonna go down the list here I’m
gonna show you guys some things one thing is jetpack humm it’s something I
actually only started using recently and it just sort of you know I like to keep
my websites as simple as possible and not have too much extra stuff on my
website but it’s definitely something I recommend that you use and just a free
version what it does is it gives you easy to read site statistics which is a
great thing because just knowing you know where people are coming on your
website what pages are looking at and jetpack makes it really easy to do that
you can also use Google Analytics and there’s a better bunch of other services
but I find them to be a little bit confusing and complicated and it’s not
something you need right when you get started so jetpack the free version
definitely worth doing you can create an account for free and then under posts
there’s always a default post and I like to keep my websites as clean as possible
as I’ve said so just go ahead and trash that the default post is definitely a
place where spam is going start showing up so when we get rid of
that ok so then from the posts we’re gonna go over here to the pages and
there’s some really important stuff coming up I’m just sort of getting the
basic stuff out of the way so we’re gonna trash the sample page because we
don’t need that I’m gonna make our own pages comments usually there’d be a
comment in there but because it would be under the post but since we trashed the
post it also trashed comments and then the next thing here is under settings so
settings we want to create a site title you don’t want your site to be called
welcome he wanted to be called whatever the name is of your website or whatever
the main you know whatever your business name is I call this real website
templates and then a tagline for your website so it’s a little bit more of a
description about what your website might be about okay and then here we’ve
got the you WordPress URL and WordPress site edges don’t do not mess with those
once your domain name gets set up it should automatically change this over if
you mess with this it can break your website and if for some reason after
your domain name is live and active and again that might take up to 24 hours if
it doesn’t change here you might need to call Bluest support but I’m pretty sure
that they’re gonna make this automatically change for you so just
don’t worry about that leave that alone don’t touch it because it’s gonna mess
up your website here for the email address you’re gonna want to add an
email address that you have access to so since you probably haven’t set up email
for your domain name just make it and you know your default email address that
you actually get mailed to now and this is going to give you information about
new comments on your website and anything else that your website needs to
communicate with you it’s gonna be through this email address so it’s
really important that you have access to that email address now and the rest of
these settings are fine the one thing you might want to change here is the
date format depending on where you are you might be used to a different type of
format and then of course the time format which day the week starts on I
like it to start on Sunday and then up here we’ve got the time zone so we’ll
just sort of wherever you are if you scroll up farther on this you can start
getting to you know see cities it’s gonna scroll up here
normally in the los angeles area right now on the East Coast so I’m gonna set
it to the New York Times own and then really important whenever you make
changes in WordPress you want to scroll all the way down to the bottom and you
want to click on Save Changes ok then I’m gonna go into writing here if you
want to hit create later on and in recreating post
categories so if you want to change what the default category is instead of
uncharacterized it’s got whatever the default subject is for your site you can
change that here nothing else we need to worry about here and then under reading
nothing you really need to change here one thing you want to make sure is that
we’ve got this box here which is discouraged search engines from indexing
the site right now the default position is where you want it which is unchecked
so what this gonna do is it’s gonna sort of if you check this box it’s gonna
discourage search engines from indexing your site so if you don’t want your site
to be found it’s gonna help that basically there’s no way to stop search
engines from indexing your site but if you click that box it will ask them not
to and they probably will anyways but it asks them not to but basically if you
want to make sure your website is being found you want to make sure that’s
unchecked so that’s really important by default it is but just something to
double check and then the last thing and they’re really probably the most
important setting here is the permalinks the default is sort of this date name
and then post name but really what you want to have is is have it set to post
name here so we click on post name and what that’s gonna do is give what they
call a pretty link once your domain name is all set up it’s gonna have your URL
here and then just slash the name of your post and that’s gonna make it
easier for search engines to understand what your pages and posts are about and
it’s gonna make it easier for you to share your content because our going to
be able to have an easier to read link to the different pages on your website
so definitely click on that don’t forget to click Save Changes and now let’s go
ahead and look at the plugins and I like to just get rid of any extra plugins
that I don’t think that we’re gonna need just click on plugins and then scroll
down here so the a chasm is definitely something I recommend having you can get
your API key for that believe it’s the same API key as you use for jetpack if
you signed up for that but I’m not sure on that and that’s something that you do
need to step up to the next level of the jet
pack service to get so I’d leave that alone Hello Dolly thing it doesn’t
really do anything so just go ahead and delete that so jetpack definitely
something I would leave on there and use Mojo marketplace is not something I use
because I’ve got my own recommendations for themes and plugins for your website
so if you want to you can leave it on there if you think you’re interested in
the themes and plugins they might offer I don’t use it so I’m gonna get rid of
it so to do that you just click on deactivate and then it deactivates the
theme and then you’ve got the option to delete it if you use optinmonster you
can leave this on there I don’t use it so I’m just gonna deactivate it and
delete it and the WP forms light is something you might want to use it sort
of makes it easier to make contact forms for your website the Divi theme that I
recommend actually has its own contact form builder built into it so I like to
use that someone else Oh deactivate this but it something that you might be
interested in if you’re using a different theme okay there we go so now
I’ve showed you how to install wordpress on bluehost i’ve showed you how to set
up and configure wordpress we’ve got everything ready to start building our
site so if you want to continue along with me and you want to see how to
install a wordpress theme a theme that I really like which is the Divi theme and
see how to like start building your website with WordPress and the Divi
theme check out the link at the end of this video and I’ll link to you my free
tutorial series that will show you how to do that and if you want to find out
more about building your website you can find more free tutorials be sure to
subscribe to my youtube channel and visit me at real website
thanks for watching

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