How to Install WordPress with One Click using the WordPress Toolkit – Plesk
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How to Install WordPress with One Click using the WordPress Toolkit – Plesk

August 30, 2019

Hi, welcome to this Pen Publishing Interactive
WordPress Video. In this video I going to show you how to one
click install WordPress in Plesk with the WordPress Toolkit. Let’s get started. So I’m already logged into my Plesk environment. Before we get going I’m going to show you
what my domain points to right now. Nothing is setup so it’s just a default server
page here. Now once I am in my Plesk environment you
will see these options if you have the WordPress Toolkit installed. So obviously I see WordPress and I’m just
going to hit install. Once I do that, the WordPress Toolkit will
begin it’s process and it’s going to download and unpack the latest WordPress files and
it’s going to create a database for me. It’s going to initiate the instance and it’s
going to secure the instance. Again this is very simple to do and I’m glad
that WordPress Toolkit exists because it just makes this a lot easier. So all that is done, once it’s done the WordPress
Toolkit will ask me if I want to install plugins. I don’t at this moment, so I’m going to hit
no thanks. Once I do that, my website is created. I’m just going to go in here and reload. You will see that now it will render my WordPress
site. So there is that. So now the other cool thing is that the WordPress
Toolkit created all of that for me, so I can just hit this login button and it’s going
to automatically log me into WordPress. So now I can go into here and if you’re familiar
with WordPress obviously this is all familiar to you, but that’s how to install WordPress
on Plesk with the WordPress Toolkit. Hope you learned something today. For more information you can visit us at
You can shoot us an email at [email protected] If you are on social media we’re on Facebook
and Twitter. Like us and follow us there and if you’re
watching this on YouTube, we’d appreciate if you’d subscribe to our channel. Just hit the red button. Thank you for watching and until next time.

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