How to Just Cause 4: Wingsuit Pro Tips [ESRB]
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How to Just Cause 4: Wingsuit Pro Tips [ESRB]

August 11, 2019

This is ‘How To Just Cause’ Wingsuit Pro Tips Use Rico’s improved Wingsuit
to see and save Solis in style. Trigger the Wingsuit when Rico
is using his parachute by hitting Y. If you’re falling, hit Y to enter
the Wingsuit and fly to safety. But if you need to get airborne, press
‘left bumper’ to fire your grappling hook, and as you slingshot through the air, hit Y. Now you’re gliding. Guide Rico with the analog stick,
map to inverted flight controls while you’re in the air. Throw in a loop-the-loop by pulling
and holding down on the analog stick. Slow down with the air-brake by holding down the B button. Hold B for long enough, and the Wingsuit will close.
Slow down with the air-brake by holding down the B button. Hold B for long enough, and the Wingsuit will close. While in the Wingsuit, you can fire your
Grappling Hook into the landscape, architecture or vehicles to stay
airborne and increase your speed. Chain grapples to out-manouevre and outwit your enemy. Once you’ve mastered the basics, step-up to flair tricks. Fly through wind tunnels to get a boost and a lift. Use a Tornado to slingshot forward. Get sucked into the orbit of the Vortex,
then steer away as you gather pace. You can increase your speed in the Wingsuit
by holding left trigger while your grappling. Get it right and you’ll spin as the
increased reel-in rate powers you forward. Show-off by grappling to speeding sports cars or use your grapple to reel-in
vertically and fly up to a helicopter. If you’re about to crash or need
some extra lift, trigger your parachute. You can change switches between the
Wingsuit and parachute to stay airborne longer. If you need to land in a hurry, get close to
the ground and hold B to land in style. You can bring these tricks together and practice
your skills by taking on Wingsuit stunts rings where you can rack up points to
unlock mods for your grappling hook. Master the Wingsuit and you’ll be speeding through gaps hijacking planes, dispensing injustice
from above and freestyling around twisters. Suit up and bring the Thunder.

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  1. It's a shame that this exact trailer could be made for JC3. It says "improved" at the sart but I don't see anything new. Even the animations are copy paste.

  2. 0:17 oh that’s how you do it. 0:21 oh what. Same button. 0:30 oh ma gaaad they have the same button to open the wingsuit wherever you are!!!!Absolute mad lad!!!!!

  3. 2:10 I bet the developer who pulled off that tree-fly-by-through danced on his table screaming while all other devs were like: "WHUT" xD

  4. Anyone notice Rico doesn’t dual wield or carry pistols anymore?? LIKE WTF 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😣😭😭😣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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  6. Okay, so normal Just Cause 3 controls. I'm glad I won't have to learn any new controls. It hasn't changed much since the transition from the first game to the second game, so if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  7. Duck that I bought the gold edition that comes not only with season pass but the delux pack witch includes a jetpack wingsuit and a invincible jet

  8. I just want to know why you don't release the Game this week end ???

    Is a bad Comercial move if you want my opinion

  9. Just wondering, are cars, well you know….more than just free explosives in this game (does the driving actualy feel good in this game?)

  10. Where in the Game i can find the Black Hand Wingsuit? In the dropoff list are just the shotgun and the Stealth Jet…. (i have the Gold Edition)

  11. Who asked for this tutorial😂? It is the EXACT same as Just Cause 3’s wingsuit. All this shows us is that the wingsuit hasn’t even been slightly improved since the last game

  12. Wait…
    It comes on ps4, xbox1 and pc but you only give tips for xbox?

    Well, I'll just convert in my head. I know the layout of both controllers so…

  13. You need to sort the game out, the draw distance is farcical, the ai is useless and so much more. Extremely disappointed with the product i have recieved.

  14. Anyone know how to get the weaponized wing suit in JC4. I have it on Xbox One and I have the stealth jet but I don’t know how to get the wing suit or upgrade it.

  15. It doesn't look nearly as good as this, I'm playing on the ps4 pro. And the graphics are not as clean as this at all. The AA is terrible, weird graphical bugs, shimmering. when you pan the camera around it looks terrible, blurry mess. So disappointed!

  16. What do you guys have to say about the horrible graphical glitches on consoles right now? Are they even gonna get fixed, or is that a part of the game? I really hope you guys aren’t pulling a fallout 76

  17. Just Cause 3 veterans will know many basic things on this video, but those several new things like having getting sucked into a tornado to toss yourself higher in the air sounds more than challenging

  18. I don’t get why people don’t like the gear mods, like it was too slow and some of the challenges sucked and some mods sucked but conceptually I think the gear mod system was awesome

  19. HASN'T been released yet… thought that by 12am on December 4th I was going to be able to play this… so far nothing!

  20. I finished the game but:
    -The driving of the vehicles is too real for a just cause and not reactive enough and all the cars have no adhesions …
    -The image blur is zero, it will be nice to be able to delete it in the options …
    -How to change orders …
    – a lot of bug with your new graphics engine but really too much is unplayable sometimes … (Cross floors and walls, png ally buger not allowing to finish a mission, AI enemy who commits suicide etc …)
    -It can carry more ammunition …
    -To improve more thing like in the 3 …
    -optimize the distance of display because it is unpleasant to see vehicles appears as you approach …
    I list the flaws but from 3 to 4 the list of benefits will be too long the game is amazing, the story finally work and a Rico always more badass …

  21. So damn glad that they made the flight of the jetpack better with an update to it, cause originally when the game released they very annoyingly forced you to lose one charge bar each time you let go of the "gas" on it, which sucked cause if you let go 3 times you would be outta fuel…wtf?? Stupid, so now its like in just cause 3, were you can just let ho all you want with no effect on the charge, oh and actually I'm kinda pissed too cause it should fly muuuuuch faster, and it should have unlimited charge… Oh and also with when will we get unlimited tethers. When will we get unlimited length tethers, and when the hell will spiderman games learn to let you use unlimited web tethers..

  22. Great gameplay but I can't be the only one who wishes they bring back the thing from just cause 3 where you could boost with your wing suit off the ground and like hit walls but rico like jumps off the walls and continues to glide kinda like the the sky striker from jc4 but upgraded.

  23. LOL 25% of the games content is flying through circles with the wingsuit. Seems like they actually forgot to build a game around it

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