How to Make a Blog or Website with WordPress in 5 minutes, tutorial for best hosting & installation
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How to Make a Blog or Website with WordPress in 5 minutes, tutorial for best hosting & installation

August 12, 2019

Welcome on how to make money online explained for stupids In today’s video we are going to talk about how to put up a website on WordPress the right way The tools we are going to use are awesome and will guarantee that your website will work perfectly The first thing and the most expensive thing you need to do in order to have a website is to buy hosting Hosting means that you can host a website on it, and it will be always online I have tried many hosting companies during my life most people use Bluehost or GoDaddy because they’re super famous But I promise you that are very bad. I have paid for a four years plan with god Alby I have started to have a lot of traffic and I needed to pay something like $600 extra in order to handle the traffic with them After a big research I ended up finding the best hosting company ever it’s called TMT hosting You can find a link in the video description And you will get free instant live chat support if you use it They will guide in the process and help you to buy the correct hosting plan they are offering web hosting starting from thirty five point four dollars a year in cloud hosting starting from seventy one point five dollars a Year, this is extremely cheap and cloud hosting by the way is my favorite But if you need only a simple way to host your WordPress site There’s also a WordPress hosting only for thirty five point four dollars a year I advise you to pick a hosting plan that allows you to have unlimited domains So you can put as many domains as you want? So the first thing you have to do is to click on the link in this video description Chat with TMD about it and get hosting they will also give you a free domain name to get started with also Once your tmd hosting is set up You can go forward and login to your tmd hosting panel the first thing We are going to do is a bit scary But follow along and you will able to do it in order to upload files to your hosts You need to create a FTP connection we will use FileZilla for this you can find a link in the video description Also, if you will ever had problems doing this you can request support from tmd the reply within 10 minutes with the best solution 24 Hours a day log in in to our C panel and click on FTP accounts The way down find your special account the one with a person icon click on configure account Then download the FileZilla FTP configuration file head over FileZilla and click on file and then import import the just downloaded file to FileZilla File and then click on site manager find your file You just imported and all you need to do is to put your TMT hosting password And if not there put 21 as port number and then click on connect Except the stuff that pops up and you are ready to have fun Now we are inside the root folder of our hosting the stuff we see on the web reside in to the public underscore HTML folder We should have there the domain name of the free domain we got for free whit C and D there If not just I had a folder and call it like your domain name for example Now we are going to install WordPress on your website to do so we will use Be aware that is 100% free and it can be all customized Instead have a lot of limitations head over and download the latest version of WordPress Unzip the file and then open the WordPress folder Select all the files in it and drag and drop them into your folder in FileZilla This process will take a few minutes be patience Go to your cPanel click on MySQL databases Joan in the video and click on create database In the mean time that our wordpress files are copying. We are going to create the database for our website This is where WordPress will save stuff to our website. It looks scary and difficult Please don’t be follow the video and ask for support to TMD if you are lost it is nothing harder than making a Facebook account Scroll down and go to add user fill in the fields and puts a different password You can use as username whatever you want But I advise you to use something similar to your domain name. This will be your login to your database Go down on the database page and select the user and the database this will Associate the user you created to the database click on add Go down on the database page and select the user and the database this will Associate the user you created to the database click on add and check the box to all privileges Hit make changes this user will be able to do everything on this database remember the database username and password we will need it for WordPress soon go to FileZilla and find the wp-config-sample.php File right click with the mouse on it and rename it as WP PHP just remove the sample part Right click on it and click on view edit. I advise you to download brackets Dot IO software for that you can find a link in the description Go back to your MySQL databases and copy the name of the database Paste the name of the database between the single quotes in place of database name here as shown in the video Now put the username of the user you created before and put it in place of Username here between the single quotes do the same below for the password you need to put the password you created before Now if you go down you should see a URL that looks like something like NPI WordPress salt or something Copy the whole URL and paste it in your browser tab this will help avoid hackers Copy all this stuff you see in your browser and paste it below in place of all the stuff from line 49 Where there are all the defined stuff? Replace all with the code generated in your browser finally save this PHP file the hard stuff is over now. We are ready to go Now if we are going to our website URL into your browser if all went good We should see the wordpress welcome page pick your language and fill in all the data that they will ask you All the data that you put here can be changed later, so do not worry about it now Just put your username password and email correctly at the end login into our WordPress back-end I Advise you to create the account – and enable two-factor authentication on it Then you can add from there all your websites and log in to all your websites using your account and mobile phone You can start setting up your appearance and theme and have a preview your website already something I advise absolutely to anyone is to create the CloudFlare account and Manage your DNS and domains from there You will have a free HTTPS and many others radical services doing so I will make a video about it Feel free to comment below for any question I know some parts are hard for a newbie But I promise you that I will help you for free So comment all your doubts or questions If you liked this videos please thumb up subscribe and share with your friends

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  1. Great video, thank you for the tutorial on how to build WordPress. Make sure to swing by my channel for my webinars, SEO tips and tricks, Copy Writing Training, and MORE. Just subscribed and gave you a like brother.

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