How to make a Brick Rocket Stove // survival prepping DIY
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How to make a Brick Rocket Stove // survival prepping DIY

January 23, 2020

Hi guys, today we are going to look at the
brick rocket stove this is a simple survival stove that is efficient with fuel and effective
at cooking. The materials needed for this project include
19 red brick, two 1″ red brick a paving stone and a metal grate.
We will need to cut one brick in half and we can do that with a common hand tools such
as a hammer and a chisel. We can break the brick in half by chiseling along the middle
of the brick creating a weak spot eventually it’ll break . Let’s get to building the stove. Place the paving stone on a flat level surface. The first layer of bricks will consist of
three bricks and one half brick arranged in a C formation. As with all brick layers ensure that the bricks
are squared and tightly pressed together to minimize gaps to make it relatively air tight. The grate is placed on top of the first layer
of bricks flush to the front of the C formation. The second layer of bricks will mimic the
first with the exception that the half brick alternates to the other side of the C formation. The third, fourth, and fifth layers will each
use 4 bricks in an O formation, support the brick that covers the gap in the C formation
on the third layer until you can add a brick that will keep it from falling. Alternate the brick placement on each layer
for increased stability and snug everything together. The 1 inch bricks are used as a stand for a
cooking pot with one on each side of the opening. Air will enter the stove to be preheated before
passing through the grate where the wood fuel is burning. Flame and heat escape up the column drawing
more air into the stove. The stove is fuel efficient because reflected
heat and use of preheated air work to burn fuel completely. Used fuel turns to ash and falls through the
grate exposing unused layers of fuel. Now where was it that I left my cooking pot
oh yeah, dinner is served. there you have it a simple survival hack that
will keep you warm and cook your food while being fuel-efficient. If you enjoyed my video and are not yet scriber,
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