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March 27, 2020

Hey guys, it’s Flea from Flea Reads now today
we’re really excited to be making a video with Terrific Scientific – we are going to
be making a rocket right now. Here is the stuff you will need to make your
little rocket – let’s call it Geoffrey. An empty bottle you’ve got to be able to fit
a cork in it. Some Sellotape. Some vinegar, 250ml should do. Bicarbonate of soda. Kitchen roll. Shall we get started? So if you wanted to you could decorate your
rocket, you could paint it or put stickers on it. Next what we’re going to do is get a dessert
spoon of bicarbonate of soda – or 2 if you’re using a 1 litre bottle. We’re going to make a chemical reaction between
the soda and the vinegar. Because it’s an acid and an alkili, there’s
going to be a big explosion and hopefully our bottle rocket will fly! Boom! Oh, we made it upside down! I don’t think it’s going to work, it’s all
pouring out. So far, we’ve made a bottle rocket that won’t
stand up, a rocket upside down, the cork didn’t fit, we repeatedly couldn’t get the cork in
quick enough… so this is our… 7th attempt? I don’t know. It feels like I’ve been doing this for my
whole life. Come on, come on! It’s leaking again… OH! It’s in our neighbours’ garden! We made it work! Yay! So our bottle rocket went almost as high as
our roof. That went really high! Our neighbours are going to be like – what
the HECK? We might tell them on the way out.. Having successfully completed this, it’s time
to go to school – thankyou very much for watching! If you’d like to make a bottle rocket, we’ll leave the instructions down below the video.

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