How To Make A Flying Bottle Rocket Of COCA COLA And MENTOS! | DIY
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How To Make A Flying Bottle Rocket Of COCA COLA And MENTOS! | DIY

August 26, 2019

– In fact, a napkin in this construction is not strictly required. It simply makes it possible to carry a ready to launch rocket, and also gives more time to go away. And it’s safer! But you can do it and just like this. The rocket launches faster and flies higher. ****! ******* ****! – It flies really high! About 8-10 meters but maybe even higher! – Such a good flight! – This is a jet thrust! On the Earth, missiles, spaceships and most airplanes fly exactly due to the action of jet thrust – Probably our flying saucer flies in the same way? – Actually I have no idea how the hell this flies! Maybe it’s magic? – And now let’s try another rocket design And compare which one flies higher We’re gonna use only half of Coca-Cola to make our rocket easier – Well, I should admit that this version flies slightly worse … – Okay! Let’s shake it! – Hurrah! It flies! But not for long! – Doc, so which design won? – Let people decide this! Write in the comments which rocket you like more And that’s all for now! Bye Bye!

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