How To Make A Space Helmet, DIY Astronaut Halloween Costume From Foam!
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How To Make A Space Helmet, DIY Astronaut Halloween Costume From Foam!

August 30, 2019

Hi my name is Chris and I’m about to show you a cutting edge parenting technique that will change your life and I call it space helmet Scenes like this will become a thing of the past just apply one space helmet to each child and Voila everybody’s happy all right time to get to work and you’re gonna need some supplies contact cement, pattern, a sharp knife, foam camping mat hairdryer, craft foam, rubber gloves, glue gun paint and an old chair cushion optional supplies include Gramma’s electric carving knife, Mod Podge and a knee ok print off the pattern and tape it together lining up the registration marks then you can cut it out and trace it onto your foam also make sure you put the little alignment marks on. Those will be helpful later. Now grab your sharp knife and cut it out. Start by gluing the v-shaped cutouts in the pattern. Apply glue to both sides and use an old business card to make sure it gets right into the crack. Now wait until the contact cement is no longer tacky and then you can press the two edges together. Remember to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands and go outside or in a well-ventilated place to protect your lungs. Now glue the two number1 pieces together along the centerline lining up the front and then working your way back watch the alignment marks to make sure that it’s going together evenly. Go over it again making sure everything is pressed firmly together. Now pull out your hairdryer and heat it up a bit and then you can use your knee to stretch down the center of each panel this rounds it out Now we’ll glue on piece number two again lining up the front and working your way back Now repeat the old hair dryer and knee trick rounding out the helmet until you’re happy with how it looks. Glue the two front flaps together and you’ve got the basic space helmet shape. This would be perfect if you want it to be a Lego spaceman. Now mark out the dimensions for the bottom rim and cut completely through on the furthest line. Next make a cut that only goes partway through the foam on the center two lines. Now flex the foam and carefully cut out that centre string. This way when you release the foam you’ve got a nice groove down the center and really the only reason we’re doing this is just to make it look a bit more interesting. Now glue it on to the helmet starting in the center back and then cut off any extra bits overlapping. Okay we still need more details though like some round circle things with some extra round circle things made by pressing down with the end of a pen and we can cover up that line down the front center with a nice rectangular plate just add a couple rivets to finish it off. Now we’ll glue a racing stripe down the center to cover that seam of course my craft foam isn’t long enough to do it all in one strip so I’ve lined up the join with one of the cuts already in the helmet which will get covered up with this random piece grab a giant bucket of paint you just found in your garage and start painting. It might take a couple of coats There we go. Just let her dry and while you’re waiting for it to dry why not give yourself a haircut. I’m gonna go do something crazy And if you don’t like your haircut… Boom. Problem sorted. Now is your chance to pretend you’re floating through space. Use it wisely. You may also notice that I’ve added some silver acrylic paint and I’ve given the whole helmet a coat of gloss Mod Podge which gives it that nice shine. Now it’s time for ugly chair cushion to meet the electric carving knife. You could use a regular kitchen knife but there’s no way you’ll have near as much fun or get near as smooth a cut. I’ve given you measurements for these pieces in the pattern but you may have to adjust them to get the perfect fit for your child’s head. Hot glue the two thinner pieces inside the top of the helmet and the wider one at the back. Now cut out and glue the chin pieces. I use two sets of three here to get the right fit for my son and glue them on on either side of the chin and you’re done. Booyah! So the next time you want to send your kids into orbit you can. Just click the link beside me to get the pattern and you’re well on your way to many happy space children. Do you wanna say hello to everyone on the Internet? Nah I wanna keep playing with lego. There you have it. Busy building. You guys are not important enough. What are you building? I’m doing adjustments to my double decker couch. We didn’t have double decker coaches when I was a kid.

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  1. Really nice! I love it how you create something fantastic that isnt really expensive! But personaly i am more into your Steam Punk accessories!

  2. Beautiful! You are just so creative and funny. I pet with some wire, copper paint and mason jar lids, you could mod the pattern into a super-sweet antique scuba helmet too! 🙂

  3. Steampunk or not, it's a great project.  Your explanations are clear and easily understood.  And without fail you are ALWAYS so dang funny…I had to pause when you were floating through space, a) to wipe my hysterical laugh induced tears, and b) to make everyone in the house come watch the video…lololol. 

  4. This was an awesome DIY video!  I liked your use of the mod-podge for the polished look.  Great job on the finished product.  🙂  

  5. Sorry to bother you. Just bought the patterns.
    Is that correct that the foam should be 1,5 mm thick?
    Or should it be 1,50 cm?

  6. Lost wax To be honest I was a little nervous when I saw knee and electric carving knife on the same list I've had some mishaps with my crafts and let me tell that was not a pleasant Valentine's day

  7. They look great!  I purchased the pattern.  Piece 11 (the final seam covering) seems to be missing on the adult pattern, and the longer seam cover on the adult pattern isn't long enough to tuck under front of helmet.  Hope this helps.  I only had the thin foam sheets and it works great!  I used white and black foam and I may not have to paint them.

  8. Here's a reply to Jill Overmyer, as I can't respond directly: Yep this pattern does include an adult size as well:)

  9. I just purchased this pattern on using paypal. I then got an error message on the website saying that the purchase didn't go through, but I was charged through paypal. What do i need to do?

  10. aww i thot the pattern was free..its alright..i'll do it when i get older and have my own money cuz i dun wanna waste my parent's one..but either way you are awesome!

  11. This is NOT an easy project by any means I have spent about $40 on glue and foam. I cannot find a glue that works like yours does I am in the US and cannot find the glue you have in Australia. So I bought multiple glues that other foam crafters recommended on Youtube. I followed your video directions and cannot get the foam to stick together. I resorted to using Duck tape. I have gone through dozens of gloves. What a sticky mess I have made. After 3 days and hours of trying, I am not sure I will ever finish the Helmet my child needs for his school production. So disappointing.

  12. Hello, I wanted to buy your design, but I can not through the page you leave us in the description, since it asks me for zonal code, and I'm from spain and here there is none of that. I need it urgently, so if there was another way to get it I would be very grateful.
    A greeting, Manuel

  13. What kind of paint is the white paint? Is it normal housepaint? And if so, does it matter if it's interior/exterior or gloss/satin/matt finish?

  14. Hola Buenos días, necesito obtener el patrón que debo hacer. soy de Colombia. Gracias

  15. I'm cutting out space helmet number 5 right now.. four kid-size and one adult. We're having an astronaut-party on october 14. Thank you so much for this excellent pattern, it saved me some hours making my own. Thank you. I will send you pictures of this crazy party when its all done.

  16. Hi Lost Wax, I just purchased your pattern on your website, and am waiting for the PDF to be emailed to me. How long should I expect to wait? It's been about an hour, and I haven't received anything yet. I have also checked my spam folder and it's not in there. Can you email it to me directly?

  17. So… first I was super pissed that your patterns led to a purchase page…..however after looking at your work, I realized that you need to charge more for these! The work is fantastic, and so I bought the whole bundle! They are very organized and you are going to make my toddler super happy come Halloween :). For anyone who reads this…make sure you take the time to look at the detail of the work before judging on ponying up a few bucks for these patterns.

  18. I made it just by guess-timating based on the pattern you have on the vids. It's tough eh. It's really just and fair that you sell the template. It's one tough DIY and you made it easy for the buyers to make it. Thank you for this video. Mine is not perfect but my son is ecstatic when he saw it! All the best!

  19. Just perfect! I'll be needing this for my son's profession costume at school. I'll be purchasing the pattern.. how soon can I get an email of the pdf file? Kind of need to make it today.. hehe

  20. Just bought this pattern! The final shape is similar to an old Russian flight suit helmet, and I think this will help me speed up the process of making one of those. Awesome Stuff!

  21. Hello, how long should we wait after paying for the pattern… as it hasn't come through yet…, were hoping to get these started quickly for a special event!! 🙂

  22. Oh dude! Why didn't i find this video 2 years ago! I was doing a show set in space, these woulda been awesome!

  23. Bello me encantó, podrías compartir el molde para hacerlo.
    Tengo 2 hijos y me gustaría hacerlo para ellos 😊

  24. The only reason I disliked is because kids don't do everything in a fucking space helmet. I mean I wouldn't play chess with a helmet, or bite my brother.

  25. You're a life saver – I was just trying to find a video on making a space helmet. Once I found yours, I immediately bought your pattern. 😀 After following and making your plague doctor mas pattern, this was a no brainer for me. We bought my son an astronaut costume and the helmet came broken. :/ But by making yours he'll have an even better one!
    Thanks for all the work you put into these patterns and videos!!

  26. Howdy. I bought your adult pattern, printed it out (actual size) its still small for me I'm 6'4. Any suggestions on how to alter it?

  27. I bought this pattern to make a astronaut costume for my kid. At first, I was very excited, but this is not an easy project in my opinion.
    1. I was never able to glue foam with contact cement, so I had to switch to hot glue gun. 🙁
    2. I was never able to get clean seams with the hot glue gun. At first, it's OK because the surfaces are flat, but further along in the process, when the helmet takes shape, I found it very hard to get clean-looking seams. I did follow your method and used a silicon mat.
    3. The paint just won't adhere to the foam. It will at first… but not for long – especially when your 5 year-old has a cool astronaut costume that all his friends want to try out.
    This is what the helmet looks like after one afternoon:
    Not very durable!

    I'm not saying this is all your fault, though! 😉
    Skills (or lack of…), and a combination of bad foam/paint maybe?
    It was still fun to make, although I wasn't able to involve my kid as much as I wanted to (hot glue gun + small kids = bad idea)

  28. hi my names chris and im about to show you a cutting edge photography technique that will change your life
    its called
    oh wait…

  29. This is a beautiful video. I love the way you put it together. What kind of camera do you use to record this video?

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