How To Make A Steampunk Jetpack. DIY From Foam!
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How To Make A Steampunk Jetpack. DIY From Foam!

August 12, 2019

Do you still put your Christmas lights up
the old fashioned way? With a ladder? Well, ladders are boring and dangerous. So forget all that fuss and bother and get
a taste of the future with your very own jetpack. Jetpacks. Better than, well, pretty much anything. Hi, my name is Chris and I like to make things. If you wanna make a jetpack with me, let’s
go. Start by printing the pattern and taping together
the pieces, lining up the alignment points. Now get yourself a big roll of 6mm EVA foam
and probably actually don’t do this. It’s just kind of dumb. But you can do a lot of things with this foam. It’s my most favourite foam ever. And that’s what we’re gonna use to make the
main structure of the jetpack. You’ll notice that some parts of the pattern
contain more than one piece. Like the piece I’m cutting out now. That’s the nozzle, where the fire comes out. So cut that whole piece out, including the
outside dotted lines. Now cut on the inside dotted lines and you
have piece 6. Trace piece 6 onto your foam and then tape
it back where it came from. Cut on the outside solid line and you have
piece 5 to trace on your foam. Trace and cut out piece 4, the main jetpack
body, making sure to mark the centre line on the four curves, and cutting out the slots for the
straps. The fuel cylinder is a simple rectangle. Just make sure to mark the word “side” on
the side so you know where to glue. You’re also need to cut out about a million
of these: piece number 2. So grab your silicone baking sheet and a glue
gun and start putting this all together. Glue 3-4 cm at a time, holding the piece together
on the baking sheet while it cools. And glue the next few centimeters. Once you’ve got 6 pieces together you should
have a dome. Now make the cylinder section, which is basically
just gluing a rectangle together along one edge. It can help to flatten out the cylinder while
you’re gluing so that the edges are nice and flush. Now line up one of the seams on one of the domes
with the seam on the cylindar. Then line up and glue the seam on the opposite
side of the dome with the centre line on the cylinder. Give it a squeeze so it makes a little mouth. “Hello, I’m a foam cylinder” And then glue
it shut. You can see how when you push down on the
foam it closes the gap nicely and the glue all squeezes out. If you wait til the glue is cool enough to
touch but not hard yet you can wipe the extra away with your finger. Now glue the ends of piece 4 together to create
the jetpack body. And then we’ll attach the cylinders to the body. Glue piece number 4 on the cylinder, lining
up the centre bottom line and placing it about half a centimetre above the seam where the
dome connects to the cylinder. Spin your jetpack around and glue the top
of piece 4 to the cylinder. You’ll want to pull piece 4 towards the top
of the cylinder so it doesn’t bulge out on the front and back. It should end up about 2.5cm from the seam. Now you can glue the edges of piece 4 down to the
cylinder in a nice straight line. First glue a few small sections and then come
back and fill in the whole seam. Then repeat for the other side. Now we’re going to make the nozzle cone, starting
by gluing the two flat edges of piece number 5 together and the flat edges of piece number
6 together. By gluing piece number 6 inside of piece number
5 you’ve created a sweet two-tiered extra-special nozzle system. Bend the lip on the back side of the nozzle outwards
a bit. Now attach the nozzle onto the bottom side
of the main jetpack body with the seam facing the back. There should be a semi-circular gap at the
top which we will cover up later with some fancy pieces. Tack it in a few places with your hot glue
and then go around and finish up the seams. And that completes the main structure of the
jetpack. Now get out of your chair, go outside and
fly a kite. Don’t forget to come back though for part
2 where we finish off the rest of the jetpack. As you can see there’s a lot going on here
today. It’s a bit of a choose your own adventure
what link you’re gonna click on. There’s part 2 in the jetpack making video,
the pattern that you can buy as per usual, and that last one that says “Thrifty Video”,
that’s pretty exciting. So I made a behind the scenes type video of
making the jetpack video and I posted it here which is actually a different YouTube channel. It’s a channel that my brother-in-law and
I are working on. It’s just right now a little baby baby channel
and we would love it if you would go over there, maybe watch the video, maybe like something,
maybe subscribe, maybe tell all your friends and maybe we can grow that from a little baby
channel into an adult channel. But not like a adult channel…just like a grown
up version of it. Anyways, thanks for watching. We’ll see ya! It feels like you’re flying!

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  1. Yo Lost Wax! I'm not sure why, but two pictures on your supplies site redirects to the same page :v I mean the color foam sheets

  2. Im so happy you are back ! I missed your crafts so much 🙂 You have inspired my to do more steampunk items 🙂 thanks ! Keep up your great work

  3. Cool video! Shadow's bit off at 0:31, but I don't know how to get those top-down lighting shadows right, either. Love the jetpack – did you make it for something else, or just because?

  4. Love all your videos, glad to see a new one. I would love to make some of your steampunk items with my son, for him. Have you ever considered adding templates geared towards the smaller fans (he's 11)? I apologize in advance if you already offer that, I haven't looked into purchasing yet.

  5. Whenever you post a new costume idea I always buy it, even if I'm not planning on doing it for a while, but your patterns are so detailed and give all the info I need. Thank you so much for another awesome project!!

  6. Hey Lost wax have a look at Camden market I think there is a website but you might get some ideas
    anyway I love your videos Kept up the good work XD

  7. Did you switch to hot glue from contACt cement? I noticed you use both in your videos. I hate HG …I always burn myslef and you have to work too fast with it. I I dont see where it would work good for this project…its globby and dries too quickly.
    I imagine youve switched because of the smell and flammability of CC?

  8. "Hi my name's Chris, and I like to make things."?!?!?!?!?!!??!??!?!?!!?!??!?!?!!???!??!??!??????????? Sounds a little like someone else. I can't put my finger on it though… . I'm not here to hate on your videos, but I'm just saying maybe you should come up with a different intro.

  9. Love it!!!! Thanks for the fun along with the teaching!!! Will be purchasing your everything pack in a couple of weeks! 🙂 Can't wait to see the rest of what you come up with.

  10. Could you make this with an opening in the top with a kind of "lid" and a fabric lining inside if you wanted this to work as an actual backpack?

  11. Hi Chris! I purchased your jetpack pattern and started working on it this week. I'm really enjoying it and your pattern is great, but I've got a problem with the domecaps. When I try to glue them togheter (using hot glue), the fist bit goes well, but after that's dry and I try to glue the more curvy part, the first part splits again, even when I let it dry for several minutes. Do you have any suggestions how I can solve this? Would it help to use contact cement instead of hot glue? Or do I need to cut the pieces a little bit angled? I hope you can help me out! Greetings from the Netherlands!

  12. Chris help….!
    I’m working on this now. Just finished cutting out all the small pieces and I was watching the video to start cutting out the big pieces, for the jet pack body, when I noticed that you had all the piece #2 in 6mm foam in the video but on the pattern it says to cut it on 2mm foam.. please clarify…
    can I use the 2mm or must I recut 24 #2’s onto 6mm? Thanks so much!

  13. Just curious. You use 6mm foam. I have 5mm foam readily available. Would it make much difference in the end to use the 5 instead of the 6? Thanks.

  14. Ребят, если тут есть русскоговорящие, подскажите пожалуйста, что за материал этот парень использовал?

  15. Hey everyone, my preferred paints and supplies change over time. You can check out my current favourites on my Amazon page (affiliate link)

  16. Why can't I just trace piece 5 and then cut it to get piece 6? Haha xD

    Also I think you could save yourself some work by using 4 big mountain dew bottles or sth for the cylinders. Cut off the tops of the bottles, stack the ends into each other so that you get two cylinders, spray paint, voila, jet pack cylinders.

    But nonetheless I am amazed from your wonderful work.

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