How to make a website with WordPress – Add Widgets Lesson 5
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How to make a website with WordPress – Add Widgets Lesson 5

August 15, 2019

In lesson number 5. we are going to add widgets
to your side-bar and to your footer. Let’s go to lesson number 5. Now we are going
to teach you how you can add a widget in the sidebar and in the footer, and where to find
them. first we go to title and widgets. Here you can see available widgets. These are all
your installed widgets theme. You can choose the one you want. As an example you can choose
the Calendar. Here you choose primary widget area. It’s the main side bar, add widget.
Now it’s under primary widget area. Then name the widget and click on “save”. Let’s have
a look. Now you can see the calendar is under the sidebar widget. Let’s add another on.
Go to widgets. If you want to have a video in the sidebar,, then click on “video”. For
an example a “welcome video”,, then you will need this embedded code. Go to your youtube
channel, and find the video you wanted click on “embedded” and copy this HTML code. Then
go back to the widget and click on”save”. Now we have the calendar and the video for
your homepage. Then you can choose the structure of the homepage. If you want the video at
the top, go to widgets and then to the primary widget area. Press and hold as you drag
the WIDGET to the top. Go back and se your
video at the top of your homepage. Now we want to have widgets in the footer,. Go back
to “Widgets”. You can add contact information, choose “text” and choose “first footer widget
area”, then “add widget”. Then title it as “contact”. And add your contact information:
phone number, Email.. Then click on “save”. The information is now on the homepage but
not under each other. To change this, go back to the widget, click on “first footer area”,
click on “contact”. Tap in this command : NBRN… Click on “save”. You can also add an other
widget under “widget number two. We are going to add a search bar. Click on “second footer
widget area” then “add widget”. Tap in the text “search”, and save. Now the searchable
have appeared. If you don’t have the widget you want and don’t know where to find it?
Go to your dashboard, go to “plugins” and “add new”. Here are the widgets that you can
download for free. If you want a newsletter. Write “newsletter” in the search bar. The
first one that comes up has 100,000 installs and a five stars rating. You can click on
the widget to get additional information, reviews etc. To install this widget, click
on “install now” and the message “successfully installed the plugin” Then click on “activate
plugin”. This area contains all the plugins that you have already installed in your theme.
This is the one we just installed. we can also find it here, in the sidebar. Go to “settings”
then “more” and add all the settings that are needed. When this is done, click on “appearance”
then “widgets”. Select “Newsletter”, Add widget. Name your title: “Newsletter – Sign up today”.
can find more plugins at Go to “” and go to “WordPress”,
here are a lot of categories, choose and go to bestsellers. If you want a plugin from
here, download it. Go back to your site, go to your dashboard, then “plugins” click on
“add new”. Click on “upload plugin” and choose your file. make sure to have the file converted
to a “zip formate”. Click on “install now”. Activate the plugin, and go to “appearence”.
Choose the widget and put it in one of these sidebar of footer widget.

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