How to Make a WordPress Image Gallery
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How to Make a WordPress Image Gallery

August 31, 2019

Welcome to My Boring Channel, a channel dedicated
to helping individuals and small businesses learn WordPress and start their own websites
for a very low cost. In today’s video, I’m going to show you how
to create awesome image galleries (using WordPress) that look great on a desktop and that also
look great on a mobile device. Now, if you haven’t checked out my other videos,
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free. OK. Let’s get started on today’s video and
learn how to make some awesome image galleries. The first thing you’re going to want to do
is go to your WordPress dashboard. We are going to use a plugin called Jetpack to create
these beautiful image galleries. So if you don’t already have Jetpack installed,
um, you’re going to need to install it. Now installing Jetpack is a little bit of a complicated
process because you also have to connect to But don’t worry; I already have a tutorial
on how to do that, and that’s right here. This url (
Now, don’t worry about trying to type that all out; I’m going to post that exact url
in the description of this video. And, with the “3m42s” right there, it will take you
right to three minutes and 42 seconds in this video, which will explain exactly how to install
Jetpack. So if you don’t have Jetpack installed, go
watch that and then come back. Once you have Jetpack installed, go ahead
and hover over “Jetpack” and then click on “Settings” here. Jetpack is full of a lot of different modules.
We’re going to make sure that there are a few modules that are activated. One of them
is “Carousel,” right here near the top, and we’re going to make sure that we click on
“activate” here. Mine says “deactivate” because I already have it activated. Here’s what it should look like. It should
say “Activate.” So go ahead and click activate there. Then we’re going to scroll down to
“Shortcode Embeds” and we’re going to make sure “Shortcode Embeds” is also activated.
Not deactivated, but activated, because “Shortcode Embeds” allows us to have one more option
when we are creating our beautiful tiled image galleries. And then the last module that you need to
have activated is “Tiled Galleries.” Now that we have Jetpack all set up and ready
to go, let’s go ahead and create a new post by hovering over “Post” and then clicking
on “Add New.” Let’s go ahead and call this post “Image Galleries.”
Go ahead and type up your text, or whatever you want to be in this page, or if you just
want it to be an image gallery, put your cursor where you want to put your image gallery and
then click “Add Media.” Now click “Create Gallery.” Now, if you don’t have the pictures you want
in your media library already, click on “Upload Files” here, and then click on “Select Files”
here. But, if you already have the images in your
media library, click on “Media Library” and then scroll down to the images you want and
left-click and select those images. I’m going to select this one, this one, this
one, this one, this one and that one. Once you have all the images selected that
you want to use, click on “Create a New Gallery” down here in the lower right. Now, once we’re here, we’re going to click
on the drop-down menu here where it says “Type” and we’re going to change it to one of these
five below. Let’s try “Tiled Mosaic” first. And then click “Insert Gallery” down here
in the lower right. OK. Now our gallery is inserted. Let’s go
ahead and click “Save Draft” which isn’t always necessary because WordPress auto-saves things
but I do it all the time anyway. And then click on “Preview” here. Now, here is our first image gallery. You
can see that Jetpack has created a beautiful tiled mosaic image gallery for us, and has
made it all fit together quite nicely on the page, with images of varying sizes. That looks very artistic to me! Now click on any one of the images that you
would like, and you will see a full-screen slideshow open up. You can go ahead and click
through all your images and view them. That is very cool. Very impressive. You can also use this for displaying examples
of your work, say, if you’re a concrete company and you want to display examples of your work
and you upload pictures, you can display them in a beautiful gallery like this! Now let’s take a couple minutes to explore
the other types of galleries and see what they look like. Go ahead and click the “X”to
get out of this full-screen slideshow, and let’s go back to “Edit Post” up here at the
top. Go ahead here to your gallery and then click
on it, and you will see this little box appear. Click on the little pencil for “Edit.” Now
in here let’s choose “Square Tiles” and then click “Update Gallery.” Now, let’s preview our changes. So now we
have square tiles. Another very nice look. Quite beautiful. And again, if you click on
one of the images, it will open your full-screen slideshow. OK. Let’s check out the other types just for
fun. I’m going to click on “Edit Post,” I’m going to click on my image gallery here, I’m
going to click the little pencil and I’m going to choose “Circles.” And then “Update Gallery.”
And then “Preview Changes.” And now, we have these awesome circles. Beautiful.
Let’s check out the other types as well. Let’s try “Tiled Columns.” “Tiled Columns” is very similar to “Tiled
Galleries,” except that your images are displayed in columns. Like so. There are three even
columns. And again, Jetpack fits them all together very nicely. Let’s go ahead and try the last one which
is “Slideshow.” So go ahead and choose “Slideshow” and the click “Update Gallery.” And then let’s
preview those changes. Now, what we have is a cool little slideshow
that automatically plays on your page. That is very cool and that is a very powerful feature
embedded within Jetpack. We have just turned our website into a very
awesome media showcase. This is pretty sweet and very powerful and also, as you can see,
very simple to set up. Thank you for watching today’s short video.
I hope you found it useful. If you have any questions about what I’ve showed you today,
go ahead and ask them down in the comments below. And please, don’t forget to “thumb up” my
video. That really does help me. And, also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and
then you’ll get notifications of all my new videos. And one more thing. Please subscribe to my
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there on a regular basis, all with very useful information regarding WordPress. Thanks a lot for watching today. Have a great

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  1. Very good tutorial Eric. I believe I would enjoy using your tutorials to make a website. Would you say that most websites could benefit from an image gallery? I guess it would depend on what you're offering on your website. Jet Pack sounds very interesting.

  2. Jetpack is awesome and has enabled me to a number of cool things to my site. Thanks for being the one to suggest it to me and help me make use of it. Thanks too for the great video. I love my image gallery.

  3. Hey, thanks for a great tutorial.
    what if im building a social network and i want that each user can add a gallery to his profile? and beside that is there an option to limit the amount of the photos that a user can upload.

  4. Very helpful, thank you 🙂 i didnt know Jetpack was able to do this. A tip though: don't beg people to subscribe to you. Rather give them a reason to subscribe, without begging, simply giving the option.

  5. My image gallery does not give the options in the Thumbnail. Only grid and slideshow. How do i get other options?

  6. Very helpful, thank you! but, is there anyway to make various albums so when you click on them it opens up in to each individual gallery? I'm trying to set up a photography blog so I'd like there to be many albums and when you click onto the main front picture it leads to a gallery of pictures from that photography session. Is that possible?

  7. Thank you, it was helpful… can you tell how to add- like button (share button linked to face book)and comment box below the images.. thanks

  8. Hi Mr. NotBoringAtAll, One of the best tutorial givers on the net. Your speed is perfect and the zooming in and out so we can actually see the small-ish text and where the gizmo is your talking about is so refreshing and helpful, to say the least. Thank you for making this understandable. I'm looking for a plugin for my WordPress site sharing my artwork that has the ability to show multiple details of each painting. I'm a long time inet user (and a former educator) but a newbie with website making. Any thoughts on a plugin that can do this? Many thanks,

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