How To Make a WordPress Website with a Free Domain Name – 2019
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How To Make a WordPress Website with a Free Domain Name – 2019

September 2, 2019

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  1. thanks for the series of video they are very helpful…. just one question how to get that elementor in wordpress ? all i have is page builder…

  2. Thanks Greg for your awesome videos. I'm almost finish setting up my WordPress website with one of your older video. can i convert this one to newer version or will i have to start new…

  3. Thanks Greg for replying.I guess my question should have been more specific on how to download the Elementor for WordPress. I did look at several videos on how too. including yours. Thanks.

  4. Can u show us how to do a multi lingual site? Is it a plugin or two different sites pointing to the same domain.

  5. Thanks Greg. I'm almost finished with my Website, thanks to you. Today I try to visit my Home site. And I keep getting these error messages. "This page isn't working, err_too_many_redirect. I have deleted and cleaned my cookies browsers. Reinstalled Chrome but still not able to visit my site. Can WordPress help? I really like to keep my Website name.

  6. Hi Greg, thanks soooo much for sharing this video! I've wanted to build a website for my portfolio but I didn't know where to start. This video was excellent! And genuinely beginner-friendly, which is sometimes difficult to find. So many tutorials take for granted that the user knows certain terms or knowledge that may seem basic, but isn't! Now I'm going to watch your video on how to create an email account that matches the domain. 🙂 

    I have one question. I bought the Baby plan on HostGator in order to manage multiple websites. Thanks to your video now I have one, but how do I add a second one? Do I need to only buy the domain I want, or do I need to do something else? (I'm sorry if the question is dumb or simple, I'm really new to this!)

  7. Hey Greg, thanks so much for your videos they have been super helpful! I had a question about themes. I don't really want to use ocean and found another one I like better. What should I look for in a WP theme? Also how difficult is it to change themes at a later date? thanks for all you do

  8. Hi, thanks for this wonderful vdo. I need your advise on how to set pricing units of different type of items. Like some item measured in gms, some in lb and some in oz.

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  10. Hello Greg! I have a question for you! I am trying to open a blog and I want to own the domain, so I have opted for, but the domain (URL site) contains "local host and numbers", while I would like to be something like "". So I am not sure how should I do that…. also, I just have used MAMP and, I have not paid anything… Am I doing it right? Can I give the name to the domain without paying? Thank you!

  11. How come I am getting Hosting Add-ons for $14.95 added to my billing when I go to Host Gator to register my domain

  12. Great and insightful video Greg. So I already have a personal blog that is being hosted on Bluehost but I want to start making WordPress websites for clients and want to build my portfolio, my question is will using the method mentioned in your video with host gator affect my already existing blog on WordPress? Thank you

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