How To Make A WordPress Website
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How To Make A WordPress Website

August 30, 2019

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  1. Im super excited to watch this. I really appreciate this and you are a great teacher. I watched your how to make a blog and got really really far I am still working on a few things. Is there a way we can connect quicker?

  2. Love this Greg awesome job you did making this one! Elementor looks amazing! Love the theme too! I haven't made a website using Elementor page builder yet! Question: Is the Elementor Page Builder plugin compatible with most WordPress themes?

  3. 100s of people make a WordPress website each day but burn out when they can't pick a theme. So go get OceanWP's best PRO themes here for free: …They're really helpful and gorgeous like you 🙂 Enjoy!

  4. Greg, as usual, you do an excellent job! I would love a tutorial on using Elementor on an existing website, say on just changing one page. I am currently using Catch Base Pro. Also, I would like a tutorial on changing to a different theme

  5. this is a good tutorial i've ever seen, well explained and easy to understand, thanks Greg, you saved me from confusion about how to make wordpress website with elementor 😀

  6. Hey Greg Narayan, you did a great job on this tutorial I am WordPress web developer. If you are looking for a web developer.have a look my portfolio #Fiverr

  7. 👍Thank you. Love your positivity & reassurance to people who may feel a little apprehensive about doing this. 💞

  8. I actually have come up with an elementor question. The one thing I didn’t really think about is creating a page from scratch there a lot more choices than template . Do you have a video for this?

  9. I have a question. I have watched a few different videos on Themes and installing them and activating them. How come when I do this mine NEVER look like what the Theme actually is? Very frustrating. I'm trying to follow along to your video and I have something completely different. I have even deleted oceanwp and reinstalled and activated it. Please Help!!! thanks 😉

  10. Hey Greg – Thanks so much, I'm halfway through the video and it is great, really easy to follow! Only problem I am facing is that I bought the VELA theme while back and it seems that some of the basic Elementor Elements are not on offer to me – logo / custom menu…. I'm no good at this jazz so please can you give me a 'twit proof' solution 🙂 Thanks so much

  11. Thank you for these videos. I created a ecommerce site with woocommerce from your previous videos. Now I'm making a personal site. Thanks!

  12. Thanks for the tutorial! You mentioned the coming soon page in the video but didn't really touch on it. Any chance we can get a tutorial for that in the near future?

  13. Hello Greg. I was following your video and uploaded oceanwp theme but i am facing a problem. When i am editing the contents of the home page with elementor and update it. Nothing really is getting updated. And i am stuck in the same with the old theme blah blah content. Please help

  14. nice tutorial. But the elementor is not working. The default text can't be changed. No matter how much times i have clicked update. But it is not getting updated. Please help

  15. Greg, I cannot thank you enough for your tutorials. I finished the shorter tutorial on using Elementor and OceanWP and completed my very first ever Home page for my new website. I will be finishing up the additional pages by going through the longer tutorial you have on the same subject. This is a huge accomplishment for such a technology-challenged individual! Thanks also for the links in the comments sections of your tutorials that allow us to jump right to the sections we need. So very helpful!

  16. Hi Greg, Please can you tell me if I can make a homepage with feature boxes WITHOUT using Elementor ? I use oceanwp but would like to stop using elementor and can't figure this out.. Thanks for your video ! and thanks for your suggestions 🙂

  17. Hey Greg Narayan… you know what dude I just fell in love with your tutorials…. I have done a lotsa r&d on net and youtube etc. but very less, I quote "Very Less" guys like you are there for others…and not for yourselves. I wish I would have come across your videos before and by now i would have been something else… which I am not currently (at least before I saw this video)… but I am sure i will. I know it may sound too much to ask…as you may be busy….but… is there a way I can directly contact you (skype, snapchat…etc.) ? (wherein I do not have to spend a load – not registrations to webinars and stuff) To be honest I have seen good days but currently … I am on my knees… to make the ends meet… I need one good guardian or just a proper guide who if he/she can just direct me with a part of his/her heart (and not just the brain)…I can also be of use (maybe) since I am from India and I will then do anything for you too. My most used email id is [email protected] It will be highly appreciated …

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