How to make $ with mobile websites! FREE Google MOBILE FRIENDLY Test
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How to make $ with mobile websites! FREE Google MOBILE FRIENDLY Test

August 11, 2019

How to make $ with mobile websites! FREE Google
MOBILE FRIENDLY Test Aloha everybody! My name’s Daniel, I’m
the GermanGoogleGuy and today I’m introducing a great tool Google provides the website owners
that shows you if your website is mobile friendly or not. Why is it important to have a mobile
website and a mobile friendly website? 55% of the people that search from their mobile
phones want to purchase something or they are looking for something that they wanna
purchase within the next hour, which is awesome. This means, if you have a mobile friendly
website, people that go to your mobile friendly website are most likely about to purchase
something or fill out a form, because they are looking for something. So, if your website
is mobile friendly, you can collect all these people and let them make a purchase on your
website. More than 80%, by the way, think that a mobile or good mobile search is driven
by speed and convenience. This is very important, because it says that if your website isn’t
mobile ready and it is slow and not mobile friendly, people will most likely go to your
competitor and buy over there. So make sure your website speed and the website usability,
the mobile website usability is good enough so that people actually purchase something
or they fill out a form on their phone. This is so important because it means you can increase
your sales just by having a mobile ready website. As you can see here in this little graphic
I have here, people find you on their phone and then they either call you right away or
they find the directions to your store and then you are most likely to make a sale within
the next hour. Here’s what you have to do. Just go to, search for “Mobile-Friendly
Test” on Google and here’s what you will find. You will find this little, this website,
and then you just type in something – for example, I did it for my website already;
my website IS mobile friendly – it is very important so people can scroll just, you know,
through the videos I provide and they can get in contact with me very very easily. So,
this is all you have to do. Google Mobile-Friendly Test, then go to the site and then you see
how the little tool Google provides you with analyzes your website. You will see, within
the next seconds, that my website is optimized and it is mobile friendly, and I will also
give you an example. Here you can see the result, “Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly.”
Now, let’s do it for a website that I know isn’t mobile friendly., which
is one of the big big stores we have here on the island of Oahu that sells, they sell
Aloha shirts, they sell all kinds of stuff, and it is a really big company. What you see
here is this website is “Not mobile-friendly”. Here, Google also tells you what you have
to optimize and how you can do it. This is just a great great tool and it’s very easy
to use, so please check it out – check out if your website is mobile friendly. If you
have any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail or get in contact with me via Twitter.
I will be more than happy to help you out. Check out my other free videos on
Have a great day!

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