How To Make Zelle PRO WordPress Theme Like Demo (Step By Step)
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How To Make Zelle PRO WordPress Theme Like Demo (Step By Step)

August 18, 2019

Hi, my name is Robert from and today I’ll show you how you can set up ZERIF
PRO WordPress theme to look and work as the demo, but with a little twist. Keep watching this video to see how. INTRO
You can use this theme for any type of business, including an eshop. First of all, you need to download the theme
from our website then upload, install and activate it using the license from your purchase
After this is set and done, you’ll get some plugin recommendations. I suggest you install all of them even the
Revive Old Post. This WordPress plugin helps you to keep your
old posts alive by sharing them and driving more traffic from Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. You’ll get the links for these plugins in
the description below. Activate those plugins then move over to the
Live Demo of Zerif Pro WordPress Theme on our website. 3. DEMO OVERVIEW
This is the the homepage with a big title section and call to action buttons over a
full screen image. You can activate or deactivate those buttons
and i’ll show you how to do itin the next minutes. Scrolling down, you will see more awesome
sections such as the portfolio where you can showcase your work. Back to the top, this beautiful menu with
intuitive icons for your WordPress website can be done by following the instructions
in another video suggested right now at the top corner of this screen. Watch this video until the end for a detailed
demonstration abot how to implement a fully functional online shop into this website. Now, let’s go back into our dashboard and
start with the first customizable section. 4. SITE IDENTITY
Here, you are able to upload a custom logo, set the Site Title, Tagline and upload a custom
graphic used as a browser and app icon. 5. SECTIONS ORER
In the sections order, as its name implies, you can rearrange the homepage sections according
to your preferences. I’ll keep it how it is by default now. 6. COLORS
The Colors Section gives you the way to play around with the Footer Colors, General Colors,
and the Buttons Colors. 7. GENERAL OPTIONS
This section is where you can choose to use safe fonts, disable the preloader, disable
smooth scroll, enable accessibility and type in your own Footer Copyright or even the custom
Google Analytics code. The last options are to change the template
to full width for all the pages, display featured image in posts and display featured image
in pages. Set your personal contact information in the
Footer Section options. Type your email to replace the default one
inside this code to be clickable and do the same with all of the necessary information
here. Hit the Save & Publish button after finishing
a section to be sure you’ll never lose the changes already done. Paste all of your preferred social media profile
links into the Social Options fields then move to Footer Area 1 to 3 and insert any
widget you wish to display here. 8. BACKGROUND
You can customize the Background settings here, using four options including a slider
or a background video. 9. BIG TITLE SECTION
The Big Title Section is what every visitor sees first on landing here, and it is an important
part of your website. If you check this box, the section will disappear
from the homepage. I’ll recommend to keep this section active. Change the text in every field with your own
and set links to the active buttons. If you wish to deactivate a button or both
just delete the text in that particular field and the button will disappear. If buttons will remain active, set the colors
for them here including text and hover effects, and you can also set the big title background
color and text color. Parallax Effect is something unique you can
set here using two images; one for the background and another one with transparency in the foreground. All of the recommended dimensions for images
can be found at the bottom of the page you can access with click to Theme Info then View
Documentation. Now let’s start customizing the sections below. 10. OUR FOCUS SECTION
This is the first section a visitor sees after scrolling down. Here you can set the Main Title and a suggestive
Subtitle about what your business is focused on. Set the colors for every box then add four
Our Focus widgets. Fill in the blank fields for every box with
custom text and images then move to the next section. 11. PORTFOLIO SECTION
You need to have at last one portfolio item created in order to activate this section. (my suggestion is to create minimum four items)
Back in your dashboard, hover with your mouse over the Portfolio in the left menu then Add
New. Set the title, text and most importantly choose
a featured image. Add the portfolio item to a specific category
then hit publish. Repeat this process for every item in your
Portfolio. Go back to the customizer for this section
and check out the results when it’s activated. You can choose to open the portfolio items
in a lightbox and this is a good strategy to keep your visitors on your homepage after
they hit the close button. Set the maximum number of portfolio items
to display (at last 4 for best visual experience) then set the Content, the single page display
option, and colors as you wish. 12. ABOUT US SECTION
In the about us section, the first option is to check to hide it but I keep it active
for now. The main content is where you set the title,
subtitle, the left side content and the middle content. You have four features here that can be set
from 1 to 100% with different colors for every item. Use those features to show up your skills,
for example. Next is to set up the background color, title
color, numbers color, and clients title color. If your business is older and have some happy
clients, you can show them up here by activating the About Us Section Widgets with the custom
Zerif – Clients Widget. Add a title, a link and an image then hit
Apply. Repeat the process for all of your happy clients
you wish to be displayed here then click Save & Publish just after you set a preferred title
in the last option of this section. 13. OUR TEAM SECTION
Do you have a team with nice people working hard to make your clients happy? Show them up in this section using the options
to set a custom title and subtitle in the header area. Set the colors for this section then move
to the Our Team Section Widgets and click to Add a Zerif – Team Member Widget. Fill up every field with proper information
and set an image for that member than do the same for every member of your team. 14. TESTIMONIALS SECTION
Here is the section I encourage you to use often to show up honest testimonials from
your clients. Type a compelling title and subtitle, choose
matching colors then add content to as many Widgets you might wish to be displayed. 15. RIBBON SECTIONS
The Ribbon Sections are colorful options to display text near a call to action button
with custom colors for background and the button. The button link might redirect to a landing
page for your products or services but keep in mind to create one before moving on. 16. SHORTCODES SECTION
Shortcodes are custom elements that can carry on an email signup form, for example, or an
image slider. You can play around here with almost unlimited
options and add as many new fields as you wish to use. 17. CONTACT US SECTION
Set the Main Content title, subtitle with custom text, choose the colors and the Contact
Us Sections is done! Save & Publish then move to the next section. 18. PACKAGES SECTION
The Packages Section is where you can display prices and details about your products or
services using the Zerif – Package Widget. Set the color, title, subtitle, price, currency,
price meta, button label, button link (even affiliate link), tick to open in a new window
if needed, then type short phrases describing your offer in the item fields. Click Apply then do the same for every Package
until the last one. 19. GOOGLE MAP SECTION
For the Google Map section, you just need to simply type in your business address. Check the show google map section box to activate
it. To get more advanced maps options please install
the WordPress Google Maps Plugin. 20. LATEST NEWS SECTION
The Latest News section is where you show up all of your latest posts from your blog. Just keep in mind to tick the Show latest
news section in settings here. 21. SUBSCRIBE SECTION
The easiest way to activate this section is adding a blog subscriptions widget powered
by jetpack. Remove the main title and subtitle in the
header, set the background color to white then Add a Widget named Blog Subscriptions
and fill every field with your own custom text. Set the Visibility then hit Apply. 22. MENUS (with scrolling how to)
Your menus and menu items can be created here, and for a finishing touch with intuitive icons
click to watch the suggested video above, created especially for this purpose. To connect every menu item with the specific
section of the home page, you need to set anchors for them in your menu settings. Create custom links and copy the anchors from
Theme Info by clicking the View Documentation. From here, you can copy and paste every anchor
as needed. #focus for Our Focus section, #aboutus for
the About Us section, #works anchor for Portfolio and so on. You might notice here the Mega Menu with two
columns and intuitive icons. Follow the video suggested at the right top
corner of this screen to see how easy it is to set it up for yourself. 23. WIDGETS
Widgets are elements in your sidebar area on a page or post that can be added, edited
or be removed from here. Set content for your widgets in the footer
area by accessing the widgets in your appearance menu. 24. STATIC FRONT PAGE
Keep the static front page as your latest posts for this setup, but you are free to
create a custom page anytime. 25. ADITIONAL CSS
Using your CSS knowledge and only if you know what to do, type here your code to change
some default CSS of this theme. 26. RELATED POSTS
The jetpack plugin is active and configured, so the last section is something you can use
to gain more visibility for other blog posts with a visually compelling style at the end
of each post. 27. WOOCOMMERCE HOW TO
The video about how to set up an online shop on this website using the Wocommerce Plugin
is here for you as i mentioned!

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  1. Thanks for your honest interactions! I am happy to answer any questions you might have about Zerif Pro theme mentioned in this video.

  2. It´s nice to get an idea of what´s possible but it´s no step-by-step guide, this goes way too fast and it´s (at least for me) impossible to follow and take the steps that are taken in the video. Thanx anyway for your efforts…

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