How to overcome fear of flying: Get great tips for fear of flying | SAS
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How to overcome fear of flying: Get great tips for fear of flying | SAS

January 14, 2020

We know that statistics show
that flying is the safest way to travel. But we also know that statistics
won’t help you much. If you’re afraid, you don’t reflect on that,
but it really is the safest way to travel. Do you suffer from fear of flying?
Do you feel discomfort? The only way to overcome that fear
is to explore the source of discomfort. Deal with it. Face your fear. Before going on a flight,
prepare yourself a few days before. Find out what kind of plane you’ll be on, and, if you have the time, find out how
planes work and how they’re able to fly. Try to get a good night’s sleep,
regardless of your flight time. Dress comfortably and so that you
feel comfortable among people. Arrive at the airport in good time,
so you’ll have plenty of time there. You might want to visit the toilet
before you board. You’ll have time to get to know
the aircraft, the airport and the gate, and you can observe fellow travellers.
So, get there early, for your own benefit. The crew on board is well aware
that many of our passengers feel some type of discomfort
when they’re travelling by plane. We’re well used to talking to passengers
who face this challenge. Talk to the crew. Don’t be embarrassed
to tell them you have a fear of flying. We’re well used to talking to passengers
who feel discomfort. When choosing a seat, I’d recommend
a seat at the front of the plane. You’ll feel the turbulence and bumps
a lot more in the back of the aircraft. I wouldn’t recommend bringing items
to distract yourself from the flight. Naturally, if you’d like to listen
to music on headphones, you can. But it’s good to keep track of the flight
and to know what phase the plane is in, for example, if we’re at cruising level,
or if it’s time for takeoff or landing. During a flight,
you’ll hear a lot of sounds on board. You have the sound of the engine,
the wheels are retracted and extended, and the flaps also make a lot of noise.
These sounds are all normal. So, if you get to know the sounds,
you will know what they mean. The air is just like waves at sea. It’s not flat.
It goes up and down, back and forth. So, you might experience
some bumps and turbulence. It’s totally harmless.
The plane can handle it. People use the phrase “air pockets”,
but there are no pockets up in the air. It’s just the air that’s rippling. These tiny movements
might be experienced as bumps. Pilots have a lot of responsibility,
but it’s not something that weighs on us. It doesn’t matter if we have two
passengers or hundreds of passengers. We all want to get home
to our loved ones. It’s a great responsibility, but it’s not
a burden. We do our job no matter what.

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  1. This is one of the worst companies I have ever had to deal with. Not only did they lose my girlfriends luggage, but they left her stranded with no help at all after a last minute gate change in italy. I have had this problem before and have always been helped out by the airline. I can't believe that they would leave a student stranded on the streets of a foreign country. Unbelievable.

  2. Facing your fear is a good first step, but facing it doesn’t control it. Distraction, yes. But no distraction can mask the feelings caused by stress hormones when the plane drops. If hormone levels build up too high, the passenger becomes unable to separate imagination from perception. Imagination that the plane is falling out of the sky becomes all too real. Since stress hormones are the cause of the feelings, the answer is to train the mind to not release stress hormones. The only satisfactory answer is to control the release of stress hormones, and to do so automatically when flying. How? The method is detailed in “SOAR: The Breakthrough Treatment for Fear of Flying,” recently named “Amazon Editors’ 2014 Favorite Book.”

  3. I am scared of planes. Only flown 4 times. Twice with this airline and they are really nice and helpful. This video helped me a lot. Thanks SAS

  4. Ok so flew 4 time before but I'm only 10 and my parents want me to fly across country by my self and I'm terrified because I can't message or keep in contact with them because my phone won't have wifi 😱😰

  5. I do not want to get hurt in a crash I will face my fear and listen to this I will protect myself and mum till I grow I will not let her go I love her and she is the best

  6. Jeg var redd for å fly, men jeg fløy til Sverige i 2016, og det hjelp meg så mye! Jeg vil fly til Norge i August og jeg fly til Sverige igjen i morgen 🙂

  7. I'm about to get back on a plane tomorrow after having a bad experience last year. I'm starting off small with a direct flight and the one thing I was really worried was all the things that the pilot listed on the video and he pretty much calmed me down .

  8. 1) 3 x paracet, 4 x Carlsberg, 3 x gammel dansk and you're right to travel.

    2) I love turbulence. I always look at the person next to me and say "We're all gunna die" and then smile at them until I see the fear in their face  🙂

    3) Perhaps learning the coefficient of flight before boarding might help also ???

    4) If you're scared of flying then don't do it because you're a congenital moron who'll ruin the experience for someone else.

  9. 'Get to the airport early so you can go to the toilet'

    I'm scared shitless of planes and everytime I'm close to getting on my plane I get painful belly aches and yea

    Now I know how my auntie felt that one time 😂 long story

  10. I love the first line of the video "We know that statistics show that flying is the safest way to travel. But we also know that statistics won't help you much." Because honestly if I had a dollar for every time someone had told me that fact thinking that would get me over my fear of flying, I could probably fund some sort of teleportation so I wouldn't even have to fly. I KNOW that flying is safer than driving, but oddly enough, I still can't fly!

  11. A child's first pane ride animated. Excitement , anxiety, and happiness in one trip.

  12. When this guy said: "we all want to go home to the loved ones", my fear of flight dissapeared. I swear it helped me so much. Thank you SAS! Thank you, captain Knut Backer!

  13. they shoud have a place like the distance in Scottland 47 seconds betwen two islands
    and let ppl experience flying back and forwards for a whole day for a amont of what its for for who wants to overcome his/her fear like a amousment park

  14. Hi, very helpful video! Thanks for posting.

    Just trying to add little more value to viewers' research Overcoming Fear Of Flying: 7 Easy Ways To Make It Happen

  15. i really like this video! i have got plane fear like most of my life but i hope its gonna help me in the summer when me and my family are going to fly aigan.
    and i think it wold! SAS is a verry great plane company and i love that they are taking care of their passengers like this! thanks to SAS and sorry for the bad english

  16. One impression of pilots is that they are very calm yet still focused. Probably a good sign for at least me who are extremely afraid of flying.,

  17. I've been on airplanes more than 15 times and I still have to take essential oils on board and try breathing exercises because of how scared I am

  18. I'm sad to see an airline have so little respect for what it means to have a phobia. Phobia is an anxiety disorder and psychiatrists spend years of study and a life time of clinical work and reaserch to understand the mechanisms of how it works.
    All respect to pilots, their skills and knowleage but when it comes to treatment of mental disorders you are just a very advanced form of bus driver.
    You would not let a long term gold member of your loyalty program fly the airplane because of their experience of flying. So please refeer to a professional when it comes to what treatment of a phobia that should be applied.

  19. Just by watching the video I started to feel anxious and cried 😭😭😭 I hate that flying is so hard for me to do 😭😭😭

  20. Great information. easyJet #FearlessFlyer also has helped thousands of fearful fliers by providing education of how #flying works and therapy techniques. You can check out video:

  21. Hej jag undrar lite prismäsigt vad de skulle kosta för sas eller ett annat bolag o skaffa ett plan till att placera tex 1-2-3 x i månaden på tex sturup o hjälpa folk som aldrig kommer att flyga för att man helt enkelt är för rädd ink mig för att få testa på en riktig kort tur som Sturup -Köpenhamn gör en marknads undersökning för lönsamheten
    Jag hade gärna vandrat runt på en flygplats för att bekanta mig känna av osv

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