How to Overcome Fear of Flying
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How to Overcome Fear of Flying

February 22, 2020

anxiety disorders and phobias or sum up
the hardest disorders to diagnose there are no chemical tests for blood
tests and it’s one of those things where until recently doctors and friends and
family would you say is all in your head and
you just need to control it better often family members can even make fun I
love and be pretty cruel to the family member that has afflicted with this
condition I saw something very said growing up in
the eighties when my dad would suffer from anxiety and back then you couldn’t really just
call someone up and tell them about your problem or even go to your doctor to get help
now my sister would often be the biggest skeptic my dad she thought he was often
overreacting on letting is anxiety control in that was until we were going to fly down
to Florida for vacation one year and my sister had always said she had a
phobia when it came to flying but we never believed her but on the way to the airport she just
could not sit still it was getting worse and worse and by
the time we got there we all knew there was no way we were getting her on that
plane so we just had to go back home and pack
up the car and drive it turned a seven day vacation into a
four day vacation but at least now my sister knew how my
dad felt when it came to anxiety and from that point on she became more
than allied to my dad that she had been in the past defending him when he was having an
anxiety attack to people they didn’t understand the need to learn how to overcome fear of flying she also has since gone to counseling to
help deal with her anxiety and the good news is she is even Plone
sense looking back now I gave my sister a
pretty hard time about her flying incident that was until several years later I
went offline something unexpected happen I don’t know if something changed in my
brain or I just heard in the news a story of a plane that had just crashed but I was experiencing the exact same
thing as my sister when I was getting ready to board that plane I had never experienced a panic attack
before but now I knew what it felt like now some %uh view had an issue up
trouble with flying you remember the first time it happen
you know how helpless you feel you think you’re coming unglued in your
skin is crawling and you feel like you can’t breathe in
your heart is racing and if you like the walls are caving in you have tunnel vision and your head is
ringing and that you could pass out at any moment that’s what a panic attack feels like
and that’s what I was having that day actually boarded the plane but as soon
as I got on it felt like I was totally confined in there I had to get off everybody there thought
I was crazy but I didn’t care and now I understood
what my sister felt like and knew I would never make fun of her
again and felt really bad now that I knew what it was like to
experience a panic attack and had a flying phobia I had to figure out a way to get past
two because my job requires me to fly I tried everything counseling drinking
before the flight or drugging myself up but I still
couldn’t do it but after a year I finally found a program that helped me and I’m able to fly again without the
fear and without feeling like I’m going to pass out where you are right now you may be
someone who suffers from panic attacks from your phobia of flying and you think there’s no way I’ll ever
be able to fly again and none of your friends or family can
understand well you’re listening to the voice of someone right now who doesn’t
understand someone that knows what you’re going
through and how hard it is please there’s a link on this page
somewhere click to find out about a program that can help you if you’re watching this video and it’s
on YouTube or someplace else click the link in the Information
section and find out more information and get started forgive those folks
close to you that don’t understand despite what they may say about you
getting help don’t let them stop you I believe you can no matter what anyone
else thinks good luck and God bless you

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