How to play: Clickbait – The Family Party Game by Reiner Knizia
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How to play: Clickbait – The Family Party Game by Reiner Knizia

August 14, 2019

Hi I’m Big Potato Nat and here’s how to
play our dice rolling product pitching party game Clickbait start by choosing a player to judge the first round this is the person you’re trying to impress they choose a product card and roll the letter dice everyone else grabs a pencil and a pad of paper now you’re ready to start selling rubbish to start the judge turns a product card
then rolls the dice each player now has 2 minutes to write an awe inspiring advert for that product using letters on the dice to start each word if you want
you can use a few letters or all of them when everyone’s ready hand your
masterpiece to the judge the answers are shuffled and read out at
random next the judge picks their favourite the person who wrote it receives one point pass the product cards to the player on the left they’re going to be the judge for the next round they pick a new card roll the dice again
and off you go again the first player to collect three points is the winner and that’s clickbait a game about writing trashy taglines for pointless products

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