How to reply to an email in Karbon
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How to reply to an email in Karbon

August 11, 2019

Replying to an email in Triage is very similar
to emailing out of your email client. You have two options. You can reply using the first icon in the
upper right hand corner of the email Or you can reply below. When replying to an email, you also have the
option to attach any files and format the email Karbon automatically stores this email for
all clients that are shared contacts in your account When you are finished replying you can clear
the email from Triage and the email can also be found in the cleared section off the main
menu. If you ever need to bring back a cleared item
simply click on the undo button and the email will be restored into triage Because Karbon works alongside your email
client, the email you send can be found in the sent folder and when you clear the email
in Karbon it will be pulled out of your email client inbox and moved to a folder called
“all mail” in Gmail or “archived mail” in Office 365.

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