How To: Resistance Band Reverse Fly
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How To: Resistance Band Reverse Fly

January 17, 2020

Hey, what’s going on Nation? I’m gonna demonstrate for you how to do a resistance band reverse fly. This is a great exercise It’s going to work the traps the posterior deltoids a little bit of the rhomboids, okay first thing You’re going to need is a resistance band then a stable structure to hook it on to I’m going to use this beam right here Now when doing this exercise there’s a couple things that you want to Make sure that you absolutely do the first thing is you want to make sure the resistance band is even on each side? So it might get bunched up in the back, so if you have to move it around move it around Also while doing the exercise you’re going to be pulling back about right here Just below your chin, so you wanna make sure the resistance band is high enough So that when you come back everything is in a straight line Also as you pull back with both arms your elbows are going to want to turn down Keep them up, so that when you come back. They’re still up don’t let them turn down, okay? It’s very very important also make sure you keep a nice tight core What you’re going to do is get close enough to the beam if you stand too far back and try and pull Your resistance band isn’t large enough, you’ll get stuck right here You want to make sure you get the full contraction get all the way back so Feet about shoulder length apart, bending my knees. I’m going to breathe regularly, maintain a neutral spine elbows up and start just like this and then pull back Breathe out on the way back Keep your core nice and tight now watch my elbows, I keep them high as I do this exercise And just so you guys can see this is what happens when you let them drop you’ll do something like this we don’t want that. You want them nice and high the whole time and you can tell immediately How much more it works your traps when you raise those elbows up You probably even see the flexion in my back if I were to turn my elbows down, see that? one more, elbows up and also make sure you keep it core nice and tight too. That’s how you do a resistance band reverse fly Hope you guys enjoy this demonstration video and as always More good stuff coming soon. See ya guys

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  1. Do you do any martial arts?
    That rooms looks like a dojo used for martial arts, with your physique you would have no problem doing any martial art you want, karate, boxing, whatever.

  2. @kruitdamp321 Nah, don't compare Scott Herman to Greg Pitt. Indeed, they are both awesome. But they have their own ways of doing things and goals. Scott is showing us useful demonstrations, tips, etc. But Greg Pitt is all about paying for them.

  3. Scott please answer this. When doing rear delts like this do you squeeze your traps tight the whole time and move your arms back like you did or is it more like a normal back exercise where you would squeeze with back than move arms, unflex all and repeat?

  4. Thanks Scott for keeping posting this videos and helping the world to be in a better shape πŸ™‚ I just need to go to a gym or buy all the equipment needed… at home and without any weights it is limited the improvement πŸ™‚

  5. @kruitdamp321 wow you're such an idiot, he already said before, he wants to maintain that muscle mass, he's not trying to get any bigger, hes trying to stay the same, he likes how his body looks like, why would he change it, you should be thankful for all these instruction videos to help you, instead of insulting him, and of course he could get bigger if he wanted too, but he doesnt

  6. Hey Scott, I had a lower back injury few days ago, could you please make some "how to" exercises for a lower injured back ? πŸ™‚

  7. @kruitdamp321 not everyone wants to looked like a bulked up meathead, chicks dont even think thats hot. theyd probly take scott over your gym buddies or you anyday

  8. @iEquivalence 17 1/2 inch arms? Are you fucking insane? He is on a bodybuilding diet for a start and also 6 months? You sir are out of your mind!

  9. But..butΒ  I haven't got a resistance band. I only have a cable crossover machine.. sigh. Have to miss this one. πŸ˜‰

  10. Do you really have to do that stupid ass breathing thing on each video? it makes my pecker shrivel every time I realize that I clicked on one of your videos, because I know I'm gonna hear that dumb shit.

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