How to Schedule Work in Karbon
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How to Schedule Work in Karbon

August 15, 2019

You’ve created a work item for a client
and now you would like to set up your schedule. First, make any necessary adjustments to your
title… to whom the work is assigned, the start date and the due date. Then on the work options menu, click “Set
up Schedule”. Here you select the repeat frequency – how
often you want the work to repeat Then you can select how long you want it to
repeat for – either put in an end date or have it repeat forever. Based off of the work I created, Karbon is
making the assumption that I want the work to be due 4 days after the start date. You can select a different option depending
on what you need. Decide to whom the new work should be assigned. Lastly set the title of the repeating work. Make sure the name is how you’d like it
to display. We recommend using the dropdown to select
either “previous period” or “current period” as this will automatically append
the period selected to the work title so that all your work doesn’t have the same name. Below we give you a preview of the next piece
of work in the schedule. Here you will see, the next piece of work
in the series is to start on February first and go to the 5th. The work title includes Month End, but has
appended January because it’s the month end work for January. Once saved, your schedule is set up. Karbon creates scheduled work out for 3 months. This way you can see them on the contact work
tab and the Kanban board as you plan out your work You can can edit or delete your repeating
work at any time by clicking on the schedule link in the work header or on “edit schedule”
in the work options menu. Deleting will remove planned work in the repeating
schedule. Any work that is in progress or completed
will not be deleted.

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