How To Set Up Google Analytics WD Plugin On Your WordPress Dashboard
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How To Set Up Google Analytics WD Plugin On Your WordPress Dashboard

August 28, 2019

Hi, and welcome to our channel! My name is Robert from and in this video, you will gonna learn how to setup Google Analytics WD. With this WordPress plugin, you won’t need
to leave your dashboard to check your stats and, more than that, you’ll also be able to
view a number of custom interactive charts (if enabled) so, keep watching! After you install and activate the plugin,
head to the Analytics section in your dashboard. If you haven’t created a web-property with
your current site URL the first thing you need to do next is to authenticate. If you don’t have any google analytics accounts
yet, you need to do that immediately by accessing this link then get back and click the Authenticate
link again. Once you are done with this step, you can
upgrade to the paid version of this plugin if you consider necessary these options and you need the Custom Reports section to be active. Head back to Analytics and push the Allow & Continue button to get started. Your plugin is enabled now with all the features
for the free version and you can see some Google Analytics stats in your dashboard. Furthermore, you can go to settings and configure
some options according to your preferences. The Analytics Dashboard is where you can see
everything from your Google Analytics account without leaving the WordPress dashboard. You can play around with all the information
and options in Reports and Tracking sections. The Goal Management section is where you can
set and manage goals for your website tracking. Select the View that you’re going to track
and configure these options based on the type of goal you would like to set. That’s it, your data from Google Analytics
is available right into your WordPress dashboard.

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