How To Setup Akismet WordPress Plugin (Complete Tutorial for Beginners)
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How To Setup Akismet WordPress Plugin (Complete Tutorial for Beginners)

August 29, 2019

Hey guys, Harsh here from ‘Shoutmeloud’ and
today I am going to show you how you can combats spam comments on your blogs. If you have a
WordPress blog, you might be getting a lot of spam coming on your blogs and you might
be wondering how to stop those spam comments, so here is what we do, there is a free plugin
called Akismet, the plugin is free, they have few subscription options but if you are a
blogger and you can use this plugin for free and in this video I’ll be showing you how
you can configure this plugin, from where you can get Akismet api key, so basically
you need to get an api key to activate the plugin and after that, I’ll show you the
settings that you need to do, so let’s go ahead and start knowing about Akismet. now
the very first thing, if you are installing a WordPress blog for the first time, you might
see Akismet plugin installed by default, it might not be activated, just in case if you
are manually installing WordPress and you don’t see Akismet plugin, you can simply
click on add new and search for Akismet and install it right away, so in my case, I already
have the plugin installed, I’ll click on activate, now after that activating one of
the thing which I need right now is the akismet api key, so I’ll show you how you can get
your Akismet api key, basically if you just simply go to akismet site and try to get the
api key, it will ask you to make a donation, so let’s go ahead and click on activate
your akismet account, now here click on ‘get your api key’, this will take you to the akismet
website and here is what you need to do, click on ‘get an kismet api key’ and you need to
create an account, so simply add your email address, so it will take few seconds and once
you’re in, now here are few options like personal business enterprise, so what you
can do, you can click on sign up, you need to take care of this particular section which
says ‘what is akismet word to you?’, so basically you can, this is more like a donation, simply
drag this to 0.0 per year and your name, click on continue and that’s it, you will get
your Aksimet api key from here, you will also get an email into your registered email address,
so simply copy the kismet api key and go back to your WordPress dash board and here click
on use this key, so this will link the akismet survey to verify that is the key is working
or not, so just wait for a second. and here are a few things that you know you
can configure and one of them is show the number of approved comments beside each comment
author, technically I use this because I have a busy blog and this way I can filter out
like who’s the regular commentator or who is not and you can always put the spam comments
in the spam folder, so basically when akismet catches a coming as a spam, it will put it
back into the spam folder, you can simply select ‘trash it’, so depending upon the volume
of spam comings you are getting, I usually prefer it to select the first option and do
remember the comings that are in the spam folder, they will be automatically deleted
in 15 days so pretty much that’s it, click on save changes, there you go, your Aksimet
plugin is read, live and from now on, whenever somebody comment on your blog, if it’s a
genuine comment, most of the time you will be approving it manually and if it’s a spam
comment, akismet plugin will be taking care of it, so this is a first plugin that I highly
recommend to you and you should install it in your blog, it will hardly take three minutes
and after that your blog will be spam free. If you have any other suggestion or if you
want me to review any other WordPress plugin, feel free to let me know via comments, thank
you for watching, this is Harsh.

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  1. Hi Harsh
    I am using Disqus commenting system on my blog. Do I still need to use Akismet plugin?
    thanks in anticipation
    Looking forward a reply from you as soon as possible.

  2. ❤️ Tutorial on getting free Akismet Key:

    Akismet is a free plugin by Automattic which prevent spam comments on your WordPress blog. In this video tutorial, you will learn how you can configure Akismet plugin and how to get Akismet API key to activate the plugin.
    This is a must have WordPress plugin.

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