How To Setup LeadPlayer In Under 5 Minutes | Leadplayer WordPress Review
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How To Setup LeadPlayer In Under 5 Minutes | Leadplayer WordPress Review

August 12, 2019

Inside this video, I’m going to show you how
to setup LeadPlayer in under 5 minutes and start getting subscribers from your videos. I’m Tyrone from Five Minute Video Marketing.
You’re maybe considering using LeadPlayer to get more leads and subscribers or simply
to get your viewers to follow a call to action and that’s great. Inside this video, you’re
going to learn and see how LeadPlayer can do this for you. So le’s jump straight into
it and see how you can set this up. Step 1, download LeadPlayer plugin from their
website. Step 2, upload your LeadPlayer plugin to the
Wordpress. Step 3, activate the plugin and enter in your
license number. Step 4, add your opt-in to LeadPlayer. You
have a choice to use the various email systems available such as Aweber, Office Autopilot
and much, much more. We are going to be using Aweber and simply copy the code right here. Step 5, add your videos to LeadPlayer. Select
the Youtube videos you want and opt-in or call to action to appear. Once selected, you
have a choice to add the opt-in to pop over the video like this. Or, a call to action on the video like this.
Simply click on these links to change the settings. Step 6, embed them onto your WordPress website.
Simply copy the code LeadPlayer creates for you and paste it onto your WordPress post.
Alternatively, you can also embed HTML code to your website. Simply copy and paste this
code onto your website and there you have it. This is how you setup LeadPlayer to get subscribers
all under 5 minuets. I also interviewed the co-founder Clay Collins
who shares with you tips on how to increase your conversions and where is the best place
to add the opt-in forms to your videos. Simply click on the link below and it will take you
to the interview I did with Clay. For more information about this plugin and
to purchase LeadPlayer today, click on the link below this video. If you purchase this
through our affiliate link, we will also send you a bonus of our video course showing you
how to create effective lead-generation pages valued at $97. Well that’s it. Thank you so much for watching
and remember to click on the link below to learn more about LeadPlayer today and I’ll
see you inside the next video.

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  1. The link just goes to leadpages homepage. They have taken leadplayer off the market from what I have read because is not working properly. You might want to get a refund that they are offering.

  2. Good luck with lead pages, looks really good but I can not get it to work. No help from their support to get it going after 4 days either.

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