How to show Facebook Like Box on WordPress site
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How to show Facebook Like Box on WordPress site

August 16, 2019

Open for Like Box code Click on ‘Like Box’ option on left side Lets start customizing our ‘Facebook Like Box’ Enter URL of your Facebook fanage Enter box width size as per your blog layout Enter box height size (its optional, you may skip) Check or uncheck Faces option (we keep it checked) Select dark or light color scheme, light looks good Check or uncheck ‘Stream’ option, we uncheck it Enter border color code like #dddddd or #eeeeee Then check or uncheck ‘Show header’, we uncheck it Neat Facebook Like Box is ready for use now Click ‘Get Code’ button Then click ‘iframe’ option & copy the code Now open WordPress Dashboard & goto ‘Widgets’ section Add new ‘Text’ widget to ‘Main Sidebar’ area Then paste the copied code of Facebook Like Box Click ‘Save’ button & preview the Like box in action Play around with settings for different ‘Facebook Like Box’

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  1. I'm trying to add my Facebook like box but when I add my url nothing appears ? Any clues to why not ? I checked other youtube videos and it says to use the 'Edit' button but my pages do not have it….it's driving me potty lol

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  3. I go through many sites to find the answer on how to place FB like button in my homepage. Your video is the best demo and it helps me a lot! Thanks for your generousity to spend your precious time to help everyone in the world! Bravo!

  4. I tried doing it over and over again.  Here's my problem: when I paste the code into the text box on my site and click "save" the code disappears.  It's gone.  Help!

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