How to Unlock the Tek Tier in ARK: Survival Evolved
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How to Unlock the Tek Tier in ARK: Survival Evolved

August 10, 2019

Hi everyone this is Phil from Mitt Gaming
and today I’m going to show you how to unlock the Tek Tier in ARK:Survival Evolved! Patch 254 just dropped and this now gives
us access to the Tek Tier. In order to see the Tek Tier what you are
going to do is go into your engrams and you are going to click the Tekgrams check mark. You will see a bunch of grayed out engrams. Including this one here which is unlocked
for me because I just unlocked it and that is the “Tek Replicator”. And what it says is “Place materials along
with blueprints in this to create Tek items and other items. Requires element to run”. So what the heck is “element”? How the heck to we unlock this thing? Well what we are going to need to do, is fight
a boss. So the easiest boss to fight is the broodmother,
so I’m just here at the pylon and I’m going to unlock the easy broodmother. All the engrams in the tek tier are unlocked
by killing bosses and this is the easiest boss to fight by far. This one is available at level 35 though I
really wouldn’t recommend it. Once you finish it off it says “Tek engram
unlocked: Tek Replicator”. Once you kill a boss make sure to get the
element which is going to be on their corpses. You only have 30 seconds before you despawn
out of that combat zone. Which is what happened to e here and I didn’t
actually get the element this time. And you are going to need a whole lot of element
in order to get the tek replicator. Now each boss will drop a different tek engram
and also each boss will drop a different amount of element. As you can see this one dropped 12 element
and the tek gauntlet engram. So how do you actually build the tek replicator? well you are going to need to go to any supply
drop and you are going to need to bring a whole bunch of resources with you. And I mean a BUNCH! So you’re going to need, and here we go, here’s
the list, it is: 75 element, 5000 metal, 600 crystal, 150 black pearls and 800 polymer. If you bring all of those, jam them in before
the thing disappears, here’s what you get! You get the tek replicator! Oooo, shiny! So in order to actually run the tek replicator
you’re going to need even more element! But man oh man is it badass when you turn
it on! And that’s it that’s the start of the tek
tier. Hopefully you found this video useful. If you did, please feel free to leave a like
a comment or better yet subscribe to the channel. And as always, have fun out there!

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  1. Thank you, someone who walks you through the unfinished process and not just show you the completed version. I hate people who do that. KUDOS

  2. I laughed at all the people that couldnt wait for this. When in reality less than 5% of Ark players will actually get to use them. This was designed in mind for all alpha tribes to ruin every server beyond belief. Only alphas will get this (As almost every pylon is blocked off by Alphas). And the others will be pve folk. Lets see how it goes in a couple of months from now, when every alpha tribe member has an iron man suit and get to be the only ones allowed to build underwater tek bases which is coming soon too. It's complete bullshit and btw, I am in an Alpha tribe and we all think it's bullshit for the game in the long run.

  3. so i went onto my solo island to test the new tek teir. went and killed hard leveled megapithicus, but no engrams. is it because i've used consol commands and mods on my solo game? because you cant equip any of the gear unless you have the engrams and i realy doubt everyone showing them off on youtube on their solo or private couple-player sowcase servers killed the bosses legitly. :/ i mean dont get me wrong, ill be fine if that is why i didnt get any engrams, keep alpha tribes from cheating, but this is solo and it was just me wanting to try shit out .-.

  4. me and my friends just collected all the artefacts and trophies in the center map but when we go to the obelisk tribute terminal we can't choose the difficulty… is it because it's the Center map? or a bug?

  5. can i ask how did you get all them black pearls they are so hard to get can someone tell me how to get alot assap

  6. if you need help or u need someone to play with or u want to get tek tier u can just add me i have tek tier and a mic and my gmer tag is ReK Smoke

  7. Thank you so much man I've been trying to figure out how to unlock it for so long just subscribed thanks keep it up 😘

  8. you do relise that you could just summon the boss broodmother and use the comand kill and pick up elament from that it give you ten each but his way is more badass if you agree pls sub to my channel

  9. Just started playing and this helped a lot, I was confused where to find the engrams and such therefore your video is appreciated. Thank you

  10. Uh that's not the brood mother idiot it's the dragon brood mother is green obollisk yeti is blue obollisk and dragon is red obollisk

  11. I'm on console and I use creative in my solo server but sometimes I play with my friends so I make it a non dedicated server, But I had a glitch where guns and tek related items dont show up in the crafting menu when you press b, how do I fix this?

  12. So do u have a list of each boss for each different peace of the tech engrams you can unlock for example you carnt beat the spider more than once to unlock all the tech engrams available???

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