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How to Use and Counter Flying Machine | Clash Royale

January 27, 2020

Mmm it’s a Orange Juice What’s up everyone, this is OJ. The flying machine moves as fast as a Baby Dragon But its Attack is similar to Musketeer in damage, Attack Speed, and range With its faster Move Speed it locks onto a Tower way faster than a Musketeer. Left alone it’ll deal over 700 damage to the tower. It’s very similar to Musketeer except it’s flying and has slightly less health. Against the Baby Dragon, the results are very, very close. It dies one shot faster so the Baby D gets one hit on your Tower. Just Like a Musketeer’s slower Attack Speed it’s not going to completely stop a Skeleton Army But realistically you’re not really going to leave the Flying Machine by itself. Here’s a situation where I had the Ice Golem tanking the Baby Dragon so the Flying Machine won the battle Machine is really fragile, so it pairs quite well with tanks like Giants, Lava Hounds, Ice Golem, and whatever The real beauty of this mechanical menace is that It’s a flying ranged unit. Any spawner or Elixir Pump planted one tile from the river will be snipe-able. The princess Tower won’t be able to reach it Realistically though the Pump won’t be placed one tile in front, it’ll be placed in front of the King Tower No big deal, it’ll still wreck the Pump. The first shot denies one elixir. The second hit denies three Elixir. The third shot denies four Elixir. Four shots five Elixir. Fifth shot denies six elixir. And the final shot denies seven out of eight Elixir. Against the tombstone It takes It out in three shots. Nice and swift. Especially against the Lava hound deck, they’ll be forced to address your Flying Machine. It can completely shut down a Barbarian Hut and its spawns. The safe position for a spawner will be if it’s completely in front of The King’s Tower. But come on, if you’re playing the Barbarian Hut, put anything down. Mega Minion, Dart Goblins, whatever can hit air, the Flying Machine will be a negative Elixir trade Against the Goblin Hut it’s not as solid. Even left alone, It struggles to stay alive with all those Spear goblins chipping at it. It’ll only land one hit on the princess Tower after taking out the hut. So even though it can target spawners and Elixir Pumps one tile in front of the King Tower, this is not the case with defensive buildings. Cannons, Mortars, Inferno Towers, they all have smaller hitboxes. But a cannon planted that far back is completely useless. It won’t pull a Giant. You’ll have to plant It a bit more forward. Even with this optimal Cannon position it’s not safe from the Flying Machine sniping it safely out of range of that Princess Tower. If a defensive building is planted in the other lane, it’s so far forward that you can snipe It in either lane, giving you the option to attack the opposite side. So the Flying Machine synergizes really well with the tank if you have a Golem Push going on Zap resets the infernal Tower and It can Potentially Take care of smaller Units Like goblins for the flying machine Just Like Dark Goblin a Tesla Wrecks the machine but Who uses tesla in this day and age The Flying machine can One-Shot Skeleton Spear goblins fire spirits and Bats It’s like a Slower Dart Goblin It can 2-Shot Ice Spirit, Princess Dark Goblin Stabby Gob’s Archers and Minions so zap Will prove to be very useful to help assist it in one shotting These Creatures It’S also Worth Mentioning That the machine can 3-Shot a bomber and tombstone Then finish off those Skelly’s It can Five-Shot all of The fireballiess This Will be a Musketeer Ice Wizard mega minion electro Wizard Which Wizard and Barbarians It’s not a Massive Amount of damage but it’s still quite a Bit Slightly Less Dps Than a Musketeer When One princess Tower is down and you plant the flying machine on the first tile Closest to the King Tower it’ll only Get Two Shots on When it’s Deployed on the Second Tile It won’t Be Within range of the King Tower Will Deploy but it’ll still only Get Two Shots on that Princess Tower However if you plant It on the third tile While Deploying it’s not Within range Of any tower and it’ll never Be Within range of the King tower it’ll Get the full 5 hits on your princess Tower Dealing the entire 700 damage The Center Plant is Really Juicy it’s almost Like you’re planting It right at The river for all that full damage and it’s closer Knowing This if you Plant a flying Machine on the Third tile and quick drop an Ice golem in the second tile Just above the machine it’s Massive damage This is Kind of Like Royal Giant Level damage It’S a relatively Cheap Six elixir combo and right Here i knew my opponent didn’t Have any proper counters and rotation Dealing Around 2,000 damage and maybe if My opponent Packed a Fireball Instead of Lightning he could Have stopped most of That Here’s Another Nasty combo giant in the Middle flying machine in the safe spot and it’s absolutely devastating Even if They had a Fireball My Giant Rocked Their Tower It can Push a Lava hound but Really There’s no reason to push the lava hound in the back you basically Have less time to Build Elixir for a bigger Push and once it’S Flown across the river it Doesn’t Really Push The Lava hound that Much since It has a Six tile Attack range Well You could Kind of push a Balloon is It Really Worth It it’s Kind of worse Than a Baby Dragon Since It stops Short at The Bridge since It has Such a Huge range of Attack When countering The Flying machine You’ve Got to react fast Slightly Too Slow and It will lock on to your Tower You’ve Got to Deploy the units right as soon as it’s at The bridge for the minions to take care of it on The Flip side of Things Zap Pairs Really well Because It Brings them down low enough to be one-shot by that machine Minions are an okay counter to the flying machine but They’ll take a Total 7 swipes so That’s on the 3rd Attacks That They’ll Be Able to take Out the flying machine in this Replay My opponent had minions To counter My flying machine but They couldn’t Land that 7th Attack so It survived on the map offering so much value it Actually Locked Onto The tower and took it out E-Wiz, Musketeer and Wizard can Kill The flying machine in Just Three hits – Two, If you have the Princes Tower Helping you If you utilize the Electro Wizard’s spawn zap, that Cuts It down to 1 Attack Two Attacks if The Tower isn’t assisting Pretty Good Deal Mega Minion is probably one of The best counters against the flying machine one swipe and some arrows from your princes Tower and it’s dunzo The Mega minion Is so Solid even though The flying machine Pairs Really Well with The tank that mega minion Will Kill It in Just Two Shots executioner is another Really amazing counter Against The flying machine if There’s a Massive tank Push the Executioner Actually Kills The machine in two Throws You won’t even Need Tornado if you lined Him up properly You don’t have any Fancy counters Archers Will Work Just as well they can survive two Shots Each, long enough to distract that Flying machine It’s Kind of Like a Dart Goblin With its fast move Speed and long Range it’ll lock onto the tower fast So you have to react with an Ice golem precisely When it’s within Range you can Go in with a Deeper Ice golem plant if the flying machine is coming in hot from the center You’ve Really Got to watch The Shadow It might Seem like it’s Within range but That Window of Opportunity is Very Thin Here’s The Defender’s perspective the flying machine Shadow Looks Like It Actually is Within range but You have to look at the top of the shadow This Knight Misplay Forced my opponent to defend with an inferno tower or risk Losing 700 health on the princess Tower But Really do You have to stress about all these counters When Fireball Kills It completely in In This Really Big golem Push, as long as I had a Fireball in Rotation i didn’t Really Need to worry about the machine Bonus Points Because i Clipped two minions for a positive Elixir trade How well does It Stop a Hog Not Very well but Kind of like a Musketeer can Counter-Attack in the opposite lane if you Need to Against The Baby Dragon it’s pretty decent with The Help of a Tower but Baby Dragons Aren’t That strong Anyways Mini Pekka’s Lumberjacks and Most Fast Ground Units Will Not be stopped by the flying machine this is Kind of the Drawback since it’s flying It won’t aggro Those troops It definitely won’t Stop a prince if It couldn’t Stop that Mini Pekka But Another Great Card That Synergizes Really Well With It is an Ice spirit that 1 Elixir Card Is so flexible, aggros Ground Units, Freezes them and Buys the flying machine time to wreck it If you’re Really fast to react It can Stop a Battle Ram, but It won’t stop the barbarians This is worse Than a Musketeer Because at least The Musketeer pulls Those Barbarians and Thanks to them But At Least They can Stop a Balloon You can Even obstruct the pathing and force the Balloon to take the longer route flying Around It to summarize the best hard counter Will be fireball Because It dies in one Shot Neutral trades if you Need to take It out behind a tank Bonus Points if you can Clip a Tower Another Good counter is Lightning it’s solid if you can Clip two units and The Tower Mega Minion is perfect Because of Two Shots It Good for taking out behind tanks and the executioner is Amazing Because It can Kill in Two Shots with a tank in front of It some Good Synergies Will be Zapped Because It can take Out Bats that can counter the machine it Can Also Help Take Out minions two three shot them faster Plus against Goblin gang The Zap Kills of Spear goblins and Brings The stabby Goblins Down low enough to be one shot by the flying machine Ice spear can Be Really Good Synergies to you this One Elixir Card Empowers Your flying machine to completely shut Down Ground troops Like Musketeer Mini Pekka prince and so on Another Type of Good Synergy Will Be air units air decks Like mega minion Balloon Lava, hound and so on Thanks for Watching Stay Tuned for more quality oj It can completely shut you

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  1. I use this with healing. Targets the tower after 2 seconds from deploying, and if not shocked, deals good damage. I use it for raids. My opponent neglects it or can not make a reflexive respond. He need to respond in less than 2 seconds, because fm's range is long, and it is fast…

  2. The flying machine is really like a thiccer version of the dart goblin in the air. Also, you can tell how dated this video is. No one uses tesla, it’s really bad and everyone thinks it’s trash.

  3. Hey oj next time you make a video like this and the opponent plays that card one way to get rid of it is put nothing

  4. "But who uses tesla this year?" bruh, the tesla is WAY stronger than a cannon in everything and it costs only 1 elisir more

  5. A change I noticed between baby dragon and musketeer. Musketeer can probably kill that baby dragon before dying, and both may be capable of preventing all shots from BBY D

    Also, spear goblins changed, barbarians, a couple other things. I like it’s lack of change.

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