How to Use OptinMonster with Your WordPress Website
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How to Use OptinMonster with Your WordPress Website

September 1, 2019

Hello and welcome to OptinMonster in this video I’ll walk you through how to connect your OptinMonster opt-ins with your WordPress website. First make sure you have an OptinMonster account and that you’ve created your first opt-in you can view our creating your first opt-in video to walk you through the process. You’ll also want to click resume campaign to make it available for your site. Next we need to install OptinMonster plugin on our WordPress website. From your WordPress dashboard go to your plugins area click add new and search for OptinMonster. Now let’s install and activate the plug-in. Once installed we need to add our OptinMonster api key. You can get your api key by logging into your OptinMonster account and go into the api section. If you’ve never used it before you’ll need to click on the create new key button. Next copy and paste your API key to your website and click connect. All right after you click connect you’ll see a new tab up here called opt-ins when you click on that you just need to refresh optins and that will bring all your optins over for your site. Now let’s make sure that your optin is live and ready to go on your site. From the OptinMonster account edit the optin that you’re working on, go to the display rules, and choose when you want your optin to load and who should see your optin. For this example I’m going to choose exit intent and my optin will load when the user goes to leave my site. Finally after you’ve set everything up on your site and on your optin you’ll want to turn your campaign on to go live. To do that go to your OptinMonster area on your WordPress dashboard and under optins you’ll see that it’s disabled by default. Hover over the optin and choose the go live link. When you click on that your campaign goes from disabled to live and you’re good to go. Finally let’s look at the site and see our campaign in action and now you’ve successfully setup OptinMonster with your WordPress website. Some common issues to look out for, if you can’t connect API keys and you receive a server error then make sure that your host allows connections with Also if you don’t see your optins on your site, try testing it in google incognito mode. To do that just right click on Google Chrome select incognito window and go to your site This will make sure that cookies aren’t preventing you from seeing your campaign If you have any questions please look through our helpful documentation. For further assistance you can submit a support ticket and we would be more than happy to help

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