How to Use WordPress Dashboard –  Basic WordPress Training
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How to Use WordPress Dashboard – Basic WordPress Training

August 15, 2019

Are you looking to make a website on one of
the most powerful platforms on earth called, WordPress? Then you must learn how to use
the dashboard and that’s exactly what I am going to explain to you throughout this video!
So stay there! Hi there, this is Jordan Alexo from Prositetutorials! Where I talk about
professional websites in 5 steps. So in this video you’re going to learn how to use the
dashboard, which is really one of the parts of your website where you will pass most of
your time creating your website. So it’s really important for you to learn how you can use
it well! Okay, so the first you want to do is login to your dashboard. For that, you
go over here where you see your URL. Over here on the top section. In front, you just
write this, “/WP-ADMIN.” Once you have this extension, you just push the enter button.
You can see the login page. Where you must add your username and also your password.
This is the information you should have received once you installed WordPress to your email
inbox. Just put the information over here and press log in. If you want you might want
to remember me so the next time, you don’t need to put your password once again. Okay,
this is the first page that you will see and quite honestly this is not a page that later
on you will use much. But once you’re starting out, it might be quite useful some of the
functions that you see over here. If you want to customize your website and by this I mean,
if you want to change the design of your website. You can click on this option. This allows
you to change the theme for your website. You can write your first post by clicking
on this link. Add an about page, where you talk your website, about yourself or if you
have a team behind your website. You can also click on this option over here to view your
website. Just like this! You can manage your widgets or menus. You can also turn on or
off the comments on your website. And if you’re starting out this link over here might be
quite useful because it provides some useful information for you. Jetpack is the plugin
have installed on WordPress, which is quite good. And if you want to find more information
about this plugin just click on the link that you see on the screen. Quick draft, quick
draft is an option let’s say that you wake up in the morning and you really have a great
idea but you’re rushing to go to work. So what you do is you go over here and you write
whatever you have in mind and just save as a draft. That means that it won’t be published
on the Internet. Later on once you arrive home, you go over there to your draft and
see if it’s really good to publish on your website. At a glance, you can see the number
of posts that I have on my website, the number of comments, and also pages. Over here you
can see, the theme that I am using and this is the design for my website, which is this
one as you can see and it’s not anything great. But this one is called, “Twenty Fifteen.”
Over here you can see WordPress news. Where they provide information about their latest
updates or about bug fixes and stuff like that! Activity, you can see the post I have
published on my website and also the comments that someone left on my website. Then you
have the updates section. Any time you have something that you need to update, either
a plugin or your theme needs an update. You will see a small number appearing over here
on this section. Then you have Jetpack, which is the plugin. Then you have posts section,
where you really will pass most of your time, writing new content. You go can go to all
posts. This allows you to see all the posts that you have in your website. You can see
that at this point, I have two posts that are saved as draft. That means they aren’t
published on the Internet. Then you can see once I actually, put my mouse on top of one
of these titles. You can see some new options appearing. You can do a preview so you can
see how it looks like on the Internet. Well, in this case it’s not on the Internet, it’s
still a draft. That’s how my post looks like. Then you have trash if you want to remove
this post from your website. Then you can use the quick edit, if you want to quickly
change some of the information belonging to this post. Then you have edit, which allows
you to alter the information in your post. If you want to add a new post, you just need
to click on this small button that appears on the top section, or you can also click
on this option that you see over here. This automatically creates a new post where you
can start writing new content for your website. Then you have categories section and categories
section is really useful later on, once you have more posts because allows you to basically,
divide or separate your posts by topics. Let’s say that you have a cooking website, and you
want to separate the meat dishes from the fish dishes then you can use categories for
that. Then you have tags, quite honestly, you don’t use this much now in days. So it’s
not really relevant. Media is where all the images in your website will appear. So, each
time that you add a new image, it will appear over here in this library. Then you have below
the option to add a new image. Pages, pages the difference between pages and posts is
pages is the static information that you want add to your website. This can be either your
contact page, or you about page and information that over the process of time, you really
won’t change much on your website. The function is pretty much similar to the post. You can
add a new one over here, or over here. Then you have the comment section, which allows
you to see the comments that you have in your website. Over here, you can see all the comments,
you can see the ones that are pending, that means you still need to review them before
you publish them. Then you have the ones, which are approved. The ones that were sent
to spam. The ones that you actually removed will appear on your trash section. Over here
under appearance, you can choose the theme you want to use. As you can see one of the
fantastic features about WordPress is how easily you can change the whole design of
your website. You can add a new theme over here by clicking on this option. Over here,
you really have a vast selection of theme that you can choose for your website. You
can go from the most popular ones, and let’s just try a theme that I already have installed.
I am going to activate this one. And once I refresh my website, you can see that it
immediately changes the whole design for my website. Then you have customize this allows
you to alter your theme, over here. It’s a really good option! Widgets allows you to
basically, widgets is this section that you see on the sidebar. And this allows you to
either remove the widgets you already have installed. Let’s say I want to remove these
all! And add a calendar and a recent posts, over here! Let’s refresh my website and you
can see that this section changed. Now I have a small calendar and recent posts. Then you
have the menu section. The menu section allows you to basically, basically, you can see the
navigation bar that appears over here. But this navigation bar is automatically created
by WordPress and if you want to customize this, you need to create a new one. So, you
create a new one, save menu. Select where you want it to appear, save… Let’s say that
I want to add this post to this section, let’s save menu. Let’s see what this does and you
can see now, the navigation bar changed and once someone click on this link, they are
taken to this post where they can read it. This is just an example. Then you have the
header section and this really depends on the theme that you are using. It’s really
quite irrelevant at this point and these options also. Then you have the plugins section, which
allows you to see the plugins that you already have installed. At this point, I have Akismet,
which allows me to block the comment spam. And this, “Hello Dolly”, which doesn’t do
anything useful and some other plugins. Also Jetpack one. You can also add a new one by
clicking on this option, over here below. Go over here, pretty much select whatever
plugin that you want to add to your website. Plugins is basically an application that you
can add to your website, which allows you to add some extra functions to your website.
And this is really, I would say this is really one of the most powerful options when it comes
to WordPress. Users, allows you to see the users that you have in your website. Currently,
it’s only me but you can add more people having access to your website using this options
over here. Then you have tools, which allows you to basically, basically it allows you
to… if you have a backup of your WordPress website. Over here, you can import that file
and basically, recover your website. Or, you can export that file and save it on your computer.
Then you have settings, you can go from general and this allows you to change your site’s
title, which is this title that you see over here. And then you can also below change the
tagline, which is this option that appears right below. Over here, you can change the
URL for your website. If you don’t want, if you want for example to add the three nice
ws. You can do this over here! And as you can see, now I have three ws appearing. But
now I must login once again so I can go back to my website. And you can also change date
format and other options using this features that you see over here. Writing, you can select
a default category for your posts and you also have other information over here. Then
you have the reading section, which allows you to select how you want your front page
work as. Currently, it is working as a blog. That means each time, I write a new post,
it will appear on this section. But you can also select if you want for example, a page
to appear over here. A static page to appear over here, you can do this. You just choose
the page you want as your front-page. Once you do that, in this case I need to go to
my front page of my website. Just like this! And you can see that, I no longer have a blog
section appearing. In discussion, you can change how you want your comments to work
on your website then you have the media section, which allows you to customize the thumbnail
sizes for your images, also the medium size, and the large size for your images. Then you
have the permalinks, which is the last option, which allows you to configure some of the
options when it comes to your URL. So that is pretty much all about the dashboard and
everything that you need to know about the dashboard so you can start using WordPress
more successfully! That is all for this video, please subscribe so you can receive my weekly
video updates. That is all for now, stay tune with Prositetutorials and bye!

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