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September 10, 2019

Hey guys Dan here and welcome back to another Fortnite video john cena Now you guys have been telling me that you want to see a little bit more of pubg Gameplay in the Fortnpubgninhajanite video. So some videos that just less cut-up and more of just what I do throughout the entire game So I’ve got a perfect one for you. This was taken from a stream that we did a couple of weeks ago It was the luckiest game ever I I don’t know how we came out with the victory But we did I’ve added in some stuff from the replay mode as well So you guys will be able to see What on earth was going on even though I could see it and you could see at the time but if you do go on to Enjoy the video. Please leave a big fat thumbs up. That’d be greatly appreciated. Let’s go. Hey, we got the other guy Got a raven with a dinosaur egg on his back. I mean what more could you want? I’m trying to catch up on the other donations right now, but I’m struggling OOH spaceship I don’t think I’ve showed you this one before have I it’s cool. I like it Right will we get a lucky one this time Actually looks fairly quiet for once if we get a good gun from the get-go Which isn’t happening? Okay change my mind What is going on here two free kills I don’t know where the other one went. That will be where the other one went. Uh oh We’re in trouble now Where are they? That’s three, ah, I got no resources. Ohohohoho! Why did they change okay I need to do this quick Oh No Oh no four kills already though, Oh he did it before we do the same time I’m dead I’m dead. I’m dead. I’m dead when I got full health. I Want to let them fight it out. I’m going gonna fight out fight it out. I’m leaving. Let’s go. Oh, oh Dear oh dear, we’ve got four kills that I wanna lose it now I’m leaving I’ve got no resources either So I’ll make up here make it up Come on make it up, please. You’re stressing me out No, don’t reload, let’s go,Jeez What an awful time Okay, this is where I don’t know where to go next but something green over here so let’s go and grab it just in case See this is the thing with dusty divot it’s cool, but you will leave it with hardly any health. Ok. It’s an upgraded gun Someone is going to fart on me and kill me One shot and I’m dead they could blow on me and I’ll die I have no resources either. Oh No All right, let’s grab resources. That’s the only thing that can save us now What a game I Thought I just heard someone else but it was no one right meteor. Let’s go. Oh I can’t actually break that one some of them you can break though. I Keep thinking the sound that this pickaxe I’ll jeez. Why do they do that? The key thing in the sound of this pickaxe makes is someone jumping on those rocks I’m not sure it is there Please be something in here Yes, let’s go Okay porta forts that I left at the top White’s have no ammo left did that’ll just come out Ches and it has no ammo Usually they come loaded right Oh am I like am I lying to myself That’s crazy it came empty Empty I tell you I’m gonna have to grab that port port though Because I’m in a bad way, I can’t believe that was empty did you see that? Well, I desperately needs go and find at least some kind of health because If not gonna die and I’m gonna have to go to tilted to do it take any fool damage. I die Huh, I just need like bandages or something This is also pretty dangerous actually tilted could be a bad idea what I’m gonna go for is loot lake instead like the factory next to loot lake I Should have enough wood now I want to go over there that’s gonna be the reason being is because there’s gonna be way more people that have been Oh, no, no, no. No, no not now not now not like this. Oh You’re all the way over there Dude, come on. Give me a break. I would be fine with this normally but Yeah, I’ve got one. I got four health Where you going He’s gone if he tries again, though. I’m pretty much dead I’m glad to go to tilted towers now the reason I’m doing that is because I’ve got some like some barricading a Trap is not gonna help me This game could end so quickly but also be revived so quickly by something as simple as a jug jug Okay, let’s fighting. This is bad Need to keep a low profile Please no traps, please no traps There are some stuff going down Okay, there’s definitely gonna be nothing in here though, right nothing that can help us it is so bad It’s not like I haven’t unlocked chests either ah What The only thing I can hope for is if someone’s left bandages behind Look at this place. Oh Oh, okay cheeky. Oh My goodness, did you see that? There’s a scar chilling on the side of that thing, but if I go in there This man’s gonna have my life. I might just throw a couple of these just in case Sometimes they work He’s leaving this is like stealth mode I’m gonna have to go for it guys It’s not what I wanted to do with my life today but sometimes you just have to Rise the chest in here as well. Yes Where is that chest Where is it? Up there what I just been from up there. I’m so confused This actually could be a saving grace vine get something good out of this med kit would be sweet obviously shields would be great too Come on come on No That’s exactly what he didn’t need There’s another chest I’ve missed a chest somewhere Corta Ford Well, that’s me dead The poor Ford didn’t really pop off as I expected. Oh No What is he doing, is he running around waiting for me I don’t know what to do Just hope huh He’s above me I’m pretty sure he’s above me this is it this is where we die why is he doing This is making the Making his way around. This is all I can do guys There’s no hope We’re 12. We’ve got four kills. I’m so dead. You just got sniped. He’s looking over us again The main man is looking over us again. Let’s go. The problem is He is just talk on all the stuff and I kind of need this stuff Well, I just need one lucky kill and I’m goods It’s not time for jubilation stop I see someone’s come I need a lucky break that my beer What just happened stuff is going down dude, I’m trying to listen Don’t die. I’m trying I’m trying this is so dumb. Would you like some coffee? We’ve got lots. We’ve got this we’ve got that that’s all I know. Look at these poor forts. There’s four port forts Something crazy went down here. We’re in top ten. I’m gonna be that guy Is there someone in there I’m gonna be that guy Okay, I mean that guy who just chills and gets to the end takes the final kill and that’s it We just need to listen for someone coming through the door and then we’re good. Oh No, there’s two footsteps two sets of footsteps. Oh No, oh no What’s happening there, this is not how I normally play by the way, I have no idea why we are still alive I think it’s the luck of the dinosaur It’s got to be something to do with it Oh Traps as well There’s definitely two people right above me I can’t believe this is a top-ten game Someone’s got sniped and then didn’t die And we have resources to build out of stuff, but It’s whether I can do it quick enough. Like if I kill someone luckily and have health. Oh Man so bad a Pistol a pistol kill. I don’t know what I can do. I think what I need to do is wait for them to leave and Then steal their stuff I just need bandages Bandages I can do this is not how I normally play. I hate it. I’ve been listening to this dude for so long One minute and our fate is decided Have you ever seen tilted towers replaced with all these before? I don’t think so. Oh no. Oh no Oh, no, this is gonna end badly. I’m In too deep to quit now. I Need that med kit this is our chance I Hit him for so much No, come on Oh My goodness, oh my goodness. No, how are we still alive? How am I still alive? I’m going to die to the storm I’m gonna die to the storm bandages How am I still alive how many still alive how many still alive I Don’t know but it’s happening:O the dream the dream let’s go Let’s go I’m gonna die. I can feel it. Good feeling my fingers and bones. I’m just gonna die here What What is happening some what I mean top-3, what is happening what is happening? I’m in the circle dude dude, the Dream The dream Not sure how long the dream is gonna last Wish I picked up the medkit though. That was a shame right snipers up there You know what I’m committing I’m committing to this Don’t let this end now if we win I am going to throw my chair across the room a Supply Drop just landed Right there that I’m not going to be able to get her like the best thing would be get a Supply Drop It is literally if you look there No, that’s horrible Horrible, let’s just wait for people to come to us. That’s all we can do. The dream is still alive I don’t know how we got out of that other thing alive Oh, no there someone there you see them. If we got a sniper that was sick. They’re gonna have to come down though They’re definitely have to come down. Oh jeez They’re fighting. That’s cool That’s cool with me. Someone just Launchpad. It’s where did they launch pad to? We’re gonna be safe. I Don’t know where anyone is I’ve lost them both. Oh, oh, oh Guys this is the dream They need to kill each other and then we’re good One has Rockets here we go whaaaaaaaat whaaaaaaaaaat AHHH AHHH (oof calm down Dan xD) AHHHHHH AHHHHHHHH (I said calm down Jeez xD) No,no,no,noooooo What?! Oh my goodness! You have got to be Joshing me! Are you serious? You have to subscribe for that. Oh My goodness, I am all Tuesdays way this game is so good. Ah I Literally cannot believe that in my life I’ve hurt a muscle>_

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  1. If people say it's not 4 hp cause he healed at the end, he basically didn't take any damage so he didn't need the extra life

  2. Btw Dan when u opened the chest there was an ammo but when u took the minigun u didn't take the ammo of the of that weapon lol that's why it has 0 ammo

  3. I can't believe I was in ur round and plus I was that brought you to 4hp I'm sorry I laughed so hard when you killed me

    The 11 bricks in his inventory: WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?

  5. 5:36 the light bullets were behind Dan it's not that the minimum came with no bullets or anything then he picks up the light bullets afterwards jeez

  6. For some reason when I had captions on and he said you guys wanted to see another fortnite video it said “fortnpubgninhajanite”

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