HOW2: How to Fly!
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HOW2: How to Fly!

January 20, 2020

I’m Orange! And this is Pear! *YELLS* REMEMBER OUR NAMES, THERE WILL BE A NAME QUIZ AT THE END OF THE VIDEO! (laughs) Dude, don’t tell them theres going to be a quiz, you will scare them away from watching the video. OK, OK, we won’t give you a quiz But what we are gonna do is show you how to do something really cool! Today’s episode: HOW2 Fly ! What? WOOHOO!! gonna be a fun one! Orange, we can’t do this episode. Huh? Why not???? Because, how are we going to teach someone how to fly? It’s impossibe! Not if you’re a bird! Okay? But we’re not birds. Not yet! (laughs) Step 1: Become a bird. ORANGE!!! (laughs) To speed up the process, try doing bird things! Like eating bird seeds, and growing feathers! And flying! Orange, no one can just BECOME a bird. Well, not with that additude! (laughs and pear groans) OK, OK, if that doesn’t work, try doing step 2! Invent an impractical old timey flying machine! Yeah, yeah, people did that and none of them worked, Orange. Huh, who knew this flying stuff could be so difficult! Everyone knew, dude! Ok! Wait, wait, wait you’ll like this one! Step 3: Believe in yourself! If you believe in yourself enough, anything is possible! Touching, but not exacly true when it comes to FLYING, though. Hushie shushie, Pear! Don’t distract me! I’m believing in myself! Come on Orange, you can do it! YOU CAN FLY!! Woah! Woah! Whoa! Dude, what’s happening? Orange! Orange, you’re doing it! WOOHOO!! I’m flying! This is great! THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING, PEOPLE! (laughing) Wait a minute! Is…is that a rope? Um.. NO! It is! Dude, you’re just using smoke and mirrors to fly! Um.. STEP 4!!: Use smoke and mirors to- UGH, no, no Orange these people came here to learn how to actually fly! Now are you going to tell them how to do that or not! Ugh.. No. That’s what I thought. But pear.. What? I DO need to learn how to fly really soon or else this TNT is going to get detonated. (stammering) How? WHY? Don’t worry! I’m thinking positive thoughts! If I can believe it, maybe I can do it! Come on Orange, FLY!! FLY!! (laughs) I think it’s working! It isn’t working whatsoever! (screams) captioned by Goldenempire and proofread by 4snek WolFirE KNIFE!

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  1. U can use a jetpack or put a flying thing ina bookbag and set it if. Keep the paler out of the bag. I don't think that will work It is a joke.

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