#HowICode Metaphors To Problem Solve
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#HowICode Metaphors To Problem Solve

August 10, 2019

ALVARO VIDELA: I’m Alvaro. I’m a writer, a developer. And this is how I code. [MUSIC PLAYING] I like to work next to my
personal library, going from book to book,
spreading them on the floor, over
the bed, over my desk, trying to find great ideas for
either writing a nice article or for writing my code. [MUSIC PLAYING] When trying to solve
programming problems, it’s nice to find the
right framing metaphor that can help you and guide you
and provide you a vocabulary to understand the problem. Think about data replication
in distributed systems. If you think of that
as gossip, then you have a very nice way to
explain how replication works. But there is not really a
good mathematical framework for that. But if you think of
replication as epidemics, there is a whole
theory of epidemics behind mathematics
that can help you think and reason about that problem. You can work your little magic.

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  1. I don't still get the point of these videos but I liked the idea of thinking about a metaphor when solving problems, even not being directly related to programming itself it can be considered a transversal way of thinking

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