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Huge News | Vlog #89

August 8, 2019

We have like a million dollars to make this
thing work, and if you can’t do that then it’s like on us for not being able to execute. I mean I think their going to do it, I would
do it if I was them. What happened with the guys from yesterday? Alright so the guys from (redacted) gave us
a hard pass. A lot of times fund economics play into it, like if the fund is too big they have to invest either too much money or the company has to be like a $10 billion exit. for it to make sense for them to invest in. Our presentation didn’t do it? No it didn’t do it. But that’s cool, we were like bro-ing out
on this email. He was like “best of luck” I was Iike “I wish
you best of luck” I love you dude I love you bro-montana We closed the round today! High Five! We raised $1.2 million dollars today. We closed it. We could operate off of 1.2 and get to our
goals where we need to be. We had it higher just because like we were getting a lot of interest into the round. And we still might get another 500k come in,
we’re talking to some people still. This could get us to 1.25 launch will get
us to 3. I don’t know, I have a weirdly good feeling
about this. It doesn’t matter anyways. At the end of the day it just means we sold
less of the company, which is good. We get to retain that equity, we just have
to be a little bit more disciplined about how we execute because we have a little less
money to burn. I’m kind of excited about it because we get
to just like super super focused on like funnel metrics, and unit economics and things like
that. Before it’s like you can give away too much money and you can be reckless I want everyone now that is in the round make
a lot of money and everyone is only going to make a lot of money if the company does
really, really well. So now it’s like just time to execute. If you can still see the screen this is where
you set it up. But it’s like basically your saying like “Hey
we only need it to search for ad words because we only want to track phone call conversions
for adwords.” Again, it’s up to you and what your looking
to do with the data. What I’m finding is like the financial decision
maker is a lot of times different than the like product decision maker Like the product decision maker
will be like a you know a director digital search manager or something like that and
the financial one will be like the owner. So then it’s like you kind of have multiple
parties that you have to sort of sell to. And that’s what I want to do, I want to humanize
it. Because SAAS these days it’s like is like
super commoditized, where it’s like you know everyone is going to have the same product
at the end of the day. But it’s like if we can just like wow them
and delight them. A competitor called; I don’t know what he
wanted but we were just chatting for like 30 minutes about like call tracking and stuff
like that. He’s like a direct competitor too, doing the
exact same thing as us. We’re doing probably what you’re doing is
more like top of funnel like hey you know optimize marketing spend and see what’s working
and what’s not and really track your cost per lead, cost per sale better. But then it’s like how do we help them do
things like sell more. They are doing like a million in annual revenue
and it was actually cool. I told them it was cool. Like I don’t mind, I share everything. You guys have been following along for the
journey, you have been following us as we’ve raising this and we finally closed. It only took us like two months really To like decide we were going to raise. Then like create the video. Then create the deck. Then actually like get the meetings and stuff. Then get all the investors into the round. Then get the terms sheet. Then get all the documentation signed with
them. Then we got to get like DNO insurance. Then we have to do legal to view it. The we have to file with New York to like
even do business in New York. Multiple pitch decks. Then boom, finalize paperwork. Get the signatures. Get the wires into the bank. In two months. While still running and growing the business
at like 20 percent month over month. Again I want to thank everyone for like following
along on the journey. And we’re out, Peace!

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