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HULK and Surprise Toys

September 1, 2019

Best Hulk surprise toys Let’s see the awesome hulk, hey, dino pals this is Toy Rex here let’s see what toy, surprise, we have today? Hulk looks so cool, and hulk is a scientist named bruce banner, and when he gets, mad he turns into Green anyway thousand pounds he’s really really strong with, super, big muscles It’s time to open up, some hulk, surprise, egg, paul power It’s a hot toy, surprise party with, hulk surprise, eggs, there’s for hulk, surprise, eggs, which one should, we open up first This is a hulk surprise, egg, with. A little surprise toy inside are we gonna get a superhero stacy, shake here we go? Awesome we got the, awesome thor he’s holding his super cool, powerful hammer and thor is really good friends with Ha him and hulk a member of the avengers Who, do you guys, think is more powerful pollock or thorne i think it’s. Huh, let’s go thor, whoa? Now let’s open? Up this, whole surprise, egg here, we go shake, shake shake, who’d be get this time? Wow in america he looks so cool, captain america is the leader of the avengers Red and white superhero uniform with his super powerful shield there’s a star in the middle the shield is made of indestructible metal Captain, america is really good friends at home and together they make an, awesome team let’s go captain, america 2 more hawk, surprise eggs to go Open up this one are you ready shake, shake, shake wow there’s a super cool, toy inside well Spider-man, and you look so awesome? Spider-man, is wearing his red And blue superhero uniform and his special powers is shooting webs and his spidey sense to avoid danger and spider-man, was trained By iron man let’s watch spidey do a. Spidey, flip, whoa One more house, surprise light to go, which superhero. You, gonna get let’s see. Sushi Wow, we got the super, awesome black panther he’s, gonna black, and gold suit his claws are even made of blue third super sharp Awesome the black panther is the prince of conda and he works with hulk and the avengers time for a. Black panther flip Talk, to the truck for some surprise toys Wow there’s so many hog, surprise toys which helps, surprise toys should, we open at first, any, main man emote this one Wow somebody morphing power ranger and there’s the red, ranger with, this super powerful ranger sword you can Even get the blue black red and yellow rangers? Powerful dragon green ranger and the super. Cute pink ranger and the bad guys lord set and cool die Well we got the powerful black ranger he’s got his powerful saber axe and then he’s holding his ranger blaster Let’s watch him transform into the black ranger Wow now he’s wearing his, super cool, ranger helmet his robot sort is a mastodon that’s a really powerful elephant And there’s his elephant, tusks but the rangers can, bide their super powerful robots they, make the megazord ranger flip Let’s open, up the transformers next he looks so cool, wow there’s a decepticon And here are the good guy on bots that you can get they look so awesome My, favorite transformer is optimus, prime let’s open it up Here we go? This is so fun Well we got an autobot he’s red, white with black hands so cool, he’s number 26 And let’s check out his collector’s card autobots are on a roll he’s an autobot and his name is mirage Which, means red he’s a powerful robot and he comes with an autobot blaster let’s put it on him While his lesser looks so cool, now he’s ready to team up with optimus Prime choo-choo-choo let’s go whoa and this is this one? Glow, in the dark, joker, and there’s his girlfriend Harlequin, these are all the figures you can, get they all look so cool, i want to get the glow-in-the-dark joker His special ability, is that he never misses and he’s the leader of the team let’s watch him do a flip Now let’s open? Up this one? This is a zootopia so cool And these are all the figures you can get i want to get officer judy she’s a. Cute little bunny rabbit here we go? This is so awesome? Wow you got the little rat his name is the dawn, and he’s wearing a tuxedo suit with A little bowtie and he’s even got a little ring he looks so cute but Don’t be fooled he’s really the, boss so cruel flip Hulk, has three more surprises left which one should he open, any, mini man emo it’s this one wow so cool There’s the adventures i even see, hulk thor iron man and captain america shake, shake, shake, let’s see, we get? So cool, we got iron man? I remember with the hook on the avenger his real name is tony stark and he wears his awesome power Suit he shoot lasers and he can, fly and look at all this fire like, he’s flapping up To, more surprise to his left let’s open Up this one first so cool i see captain america i wonder if we’re gonna get a Hulk, in here he’s, gonna be super tiny compact. A, big hole let’s open it up Wow, we got winter soldier that’s so cool, where’d your soldier is friends with captain, america Powerful, metal arm he’s a really good warrior it looks, like, he’s chapped in this piece Never a spin One more surprise toy to go so cool And look i see joy she’s so cute and there’s Also sadness anger beard and look even jessie and a little t-rex that’s so cute let’s open it up Here we go? Well we got jessie she looks super duper cute she’s a cowgirl. There’s her cowboy hat and she’s wearing. These super Cute black, and white cow Pants, she’s got orange, hair with a little ponytail and she’s a keychain, so you can. Put your keys i’m jessie let’s watch her spin With captain, america racer and hulk smash dozer Let’s be the captain, america racer it’s blue, and there’s captain, america with his awesome shield let’s open up captain, america meet nick wow captain America is so many parts failures regaining his racer is blue there’s the cockpit and his wheels are super cool They’re, really spiky and red and this is where the engine goes let’s put on the engine first Mmm next We have these awesome a sauce pipes and there’s even fire coming out of it it means his racer can go really fast hmm and there’s another exhaust, fire pipe that goes on this side and Then, we have an awesome shield captain, america is coming so fast in his racer that his shields on fire and Then this last part is this super ginormous fire torch it goes in the back right here wow captain America’s racer looks so cool It’s got fire coming out of all over the place and this jerry torch is powering this engine so he can go super fast And then, we have the awesome captain, america he’s holding a, super cool Shield it’s indestructible made of adamantium steel and he sits right here Wow he looks so cool, and when captain, america’s driving his racer he, wears his safety helmet Time for captain america to blast off hmm hmm dozer, oh Hulk, is driving an awesome green bulldozer it’s super cool It’s got this giant scoop to scoop the bad guys and a giant arm to punch them So cool, just like, home his car is all green and the hot Wants to make a super dozer this is gonna be real fun diner friends we’re Gonna, take the hulk smash dozer and the captain america racer and combine them to make a super bad First let’s take, off this shield, and we’re on this, awesome bulldozer Next we’re, going to take off this engine and we’re, gonna put it on the top now it looks like Fires coming out it’s got a rocket launcher jetpack engine now we’re gonna take that. Hulk, smash puncher and Put it on the top Well we did it guys, we made the awesome hulk, smash racer it’s got a Bulldozer to scoop arm to punch and also super u rockets to go really fast let’s smash Boom time for some honks surprise toys Wow there’s so many, hawks, surprise toys i can’t even see the hulk smash dozer anymore, which surprise toy show You open, up first guy, let’s see how, about this one it’s right on top Awesome it’s a mystery mini and i see a green, hulk toy a captain america toy and an island man toy so cool You can, even get thor black widow. And vision i want to get the awesome hulk buster let’s open it up guys Here we go? We’ve got the awesome black widow, she’s good friends with the hulk toy And captain america toy and together they’re the members of the adventures she’s a bobble head She’s a really, good fighter and she uses these, sticks to fight she’s got long red hair now let’s see it black widow Go for a flip Now let’s open? Up this one oh it’s a marvel captain, america toy rocker So cool, you can get a Hulk, toy captain america toy, spider-man toy, and even iron man toy let’s open up i want to get a. Hulk rocker Let’s see who, we got Well we got sore he is also a member with, hulk and captain america and they’re the powerful avengers Hulk, is the son of odin? And he’s known, as the thunder god he uses this awesome mighty mighty hammer and his helmet is so cool Let’s see hulk go for a spin one more time guys, oh? He did hulk smash Let’s open, up this one whoa it’s a mario kart in shade i see mario and luigi And you leave in peach yoshi donkey kong so cool, don’t open it up Who are we gonna get? Wow, we got princess peach guys She’s so cute she’s driving her pink mario kart it’s got a crown on the front, and she’s a keychain So you can, put your keys on her time to go for a spin, whoa whoa And next we’ve got a thomas and friends mystery mini so cool i see thomas right there thomas the tank engine let’s open. This up Here we go? We’ve got a green train and look at. How Happy, he is you’ve got a really, big smile he’s all green with the red, trim and he even got green wheels And he’s number three that, means he’s henry he’s the green train henry, and he’s super super Happy, let’s go henry, whoa, whoa? Henry, picked this one, well open this one next whoa it’s another figure in kj It’s a bunch of superheroes so cool i see batman superman, and there’s even less luthor These are all the figures, we can, get there’s two Mystery ones and then there’s the firestorm and even brainiac which one do you guys want again, i want to get one of the mystery ones Who, we gonna get? Whoa, we got plastic man he looks so cool, he’s got plastic man cuz He can, stretch really far without, big his arm is and he’s super cool, because he’s wearing His sunglasses his plastic man is a keychain, let’s get reverse spin wow, oh? And we have one more surprise left it’s a disney mystery mini and these are all the Princesses we can get so cute there’s cinderella ariel belle even elsa and anna So cool, let’s open it up Awesome we’ve got elsa she looks so pretty she’s got her long blonde hair And her blue dress and elsa is from frozen She has the ability to control all winter so cool, let’s watch elsa go for a flip We got a bunch of awesome surprise toys, but it’s time for The surprise eggs First let’s check out, oh, joy, and captain america toy Well hulk and captain america look so awesome hulk looks super muscular, and he’s ready to do a. Hulk smash And captain america’s got a. Super cool, shield it’s indestructible made of antonetti of steel So cool, hulk is the most powerful member hey, captain, america’s the leaders together you make an Awesome team next, we have iron man? Wow iron man look so awesome? She’s, also a member of the avengers and he wears a super cool red and gold power armor suit he could shoot blast the energy out of his hands and The suit has hidden missile launchers and he can, fly with it Iron, man’s real name is tony stark super-smart. Billionaire that helped captain, america. And hulk let’s see him in action Time to open up the surprise eggs, we have an iron man surprise, egg. A, hulk surprise egg and a captain, america Surprise, egg, which one should, we open up first let’s open up iron man He looks so cool, she-she-she, what toy is gonna be inside here we go? wow We got super, sonic with, sonic goes really fast he can transform it to the yellow. Super sonic sonic punch, whoa In this form sonic can travel it’s super lightning speed and nobody can beat them Hmm next, we have this captain, america, egg, shake, shake shake wonder what toys inside here we go? Whoa, we got the red, hedgehog knuckles gives david. Knuckles you, guys, check out His, glove, his knuckles are humongous, they’re great for fighting so Cool, knuckle is sonic’s best friend and together. They fight all of the bad guys And he’s a problem fighter let’s go knuckles ooh? And then, we have hulk surprise Egg left let’s be any meenie miney moe we’re gonna open up this one here we go shake, shake, shake, what toys in here Whoa, we got shadow? The black evil hedgehog he’s a, bad guy, always fight to get Sonic he’s all black with red hair and white gloves So cool, who do you, guys, think is faster shadow. Or sonic let’s go show And we got one more surprise, egg, left it’s this one shake shake, shake here we go? Well we got cyborg, sonic he’s the evil bad robot sonic look at his chest he’s got jet engine on his chest We go really fast she’s always trying to beat sonic but guess what supersonic winds pool cuz, he’s the fastest Well it was so fun different hugger evolving, awesome surprise toys i hope all my dog friends have a, super happy happy Day and i’ll see you guys in the next, thai, rak video Thanks for watching dino pounds you guys are awesome For more awesome surprises with, me click here and give me a big high-five to subscribe and join the dino club

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