Hummingbirds in Flight – The Amazing Hummingbird Flying Nature
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Hummingbirds in Flight – The Amazing Hummingbird Flying Nature

January 21, 2020


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  1. wow this is amazing video these birds are so beautiful and interesting thank you for sharing this video liked and thumbs up

  2. The praying mantis trying the catch the humming bird was awesome footage Peter, wonderful humming bird compilation :)) Btw can you tell me what camera are you using i need to buy one for my videos ,thanks a tonne ☺

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    ะ̭̌✨থৣ✬Życzę udanego weekendu.ะ̭̌✨থৣ✬
    ♥ّۣۜ ,҉, Pozdrawiam cieplutko:*) ♥ّۣۜ ,҉,
    ˜"*°•ڰۣڿ❃ڰۣڿ•°*"˜ ℬ ڿ 🐘

  4. Peter, once you told me that you made videos too, I came here to your channel. You have some beautiful footage here. I was especially impressed that the hummer's wingbeats weren't blurred in the shot with the Praying Mantis. And what a clip that was! Fascinating action! Where did you film the hummers looking like swarms of bees on the feeders?

  5. #Hummingbirds are birds from the Americas that constitute the family Trochilidae. They are among the smallest of birds, most species measuring 7.5–13 cm (3–5 in) in length. Indeed, the smallest extant bird species is a hummingbird, the 5 cm (2.0 in) bee hummingbird weighing less than 2.0 g (0.07 oz).

  6. Very neat captures of hummingbirds, nice up close and slowed down. These birds are so elusive and hard to capture in real life. Great job on filming. Nice interaction with the insect and the hummingbird, very cool. Thumbs up! :)) Wow so many hummingbirds, it's a feeding frenzy, lol. Nice.

  7. Wow, these are fantastic recordings, super slow motion, very well shown, I am thrilled! A happy Easter and best greetings from Germany, Angela

  8. amazing birds the hummingbirds are and so beautiful they are hard to capture in real life well done this is a beautiful video of these lovely and unique birds thank you very much for sharing a lovely video thumbs up

  9. Wonderful capture of these delicate, tiny birds. Superb close-up footage Peter, considering they are so fast. I've never seen so many in one place… amazing!

  10. Estuve hace unos años en México y tenía la esperanza de ver alguna de estas joyas aladas pero no tuve suerte no como tú qué has filmado unas escenas fantásticas.

  11. Peter these are fantastic captures and beautiful closeups amazing little birds lovely video thanks mate enjoyed

  12. Love seeing the humming birds. They remind me of my grandma. We used to sit on her patio and watch them together. Great memories.

  13. Oh.. my..!! They look like little fairy in the forest!😍
    So cute and beautiful~~ They made me push the like and subscribe buttons!
    If you like lovely animals, I hope we can share our videos each other dear.(I made and uploaded cat videos!)
    Have a wonderful weekend and new week dear peter.
    Best regards from Korea,

  14. now this is a good video f these amazing yet beautiful birds they are fantastic they way they fly and feed thank you for sharing loved it

  15. superb video of these beautiful and amazing birds love the way these birds fly and the sounds they make loved your video and enjoyed very nice

  16. beautiful video of these lovely yet amazing birds i like the closeups and the variety of hummingbirds this is beautiful

  17. Amazing. Beautiful.
    Thank you so much for sharing… I even heard bit of pink floyd at the start…. 😊
    Amazing video. Well done. Looking forward see more. ✌🏼 ♥️ 😊

  18. these are wonderful little birds very nice and are amazing love the video with the close ups and variety this is a beautiful video loved it

  19. Great video. We have ruby throat here. 2:30 wow never thought they would allow such a thing.

  20. hello friend this is a beautiful video of these amazing and beautiful birds loved the video thumbs up

  21. Blown away by your filming quality!
    I live in a harsh climate, but we do get them too. I grow Nicotinas plants to attract them.
    Last year we even had the rarest visitor, – hummingbird Moth. That was a bit scary!

  22. You must have very good camcorder to capture this as hummingbird is very fast and tiny. wow a tiny praying mantis can scare away the hummingbird. Very interesting. Subbed and liked!

  23. You've put together some nice footage there. As a fellow bird fan and YouTuber do you mind me asking a bit of advice? How do you get such good views on your vids. ? Any tips gratefully received. Alex Sally

  24. BELLISSIMO !👍😊👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  25. J ai toujours plaisir à venir sur votre chaîne, c'est toujours très agréable à voir et écouter , Félicitations Peter
    Merci pour vos passages sur nos chansons, le soutien mutuel est apprécié
    Bonne semaine
    Serge et Berny

  26. thank you for sharing these beautiful birds, they really are amazing in flight and feeding ways variety in this video is fantastic cheers

  27. Love Hummingbirds so much!! My county has a Hummingbird festival that i want to go to every year but work always comes up. I love those little birds. I need to put up more feeders

  28. It always amazes me that mother nature made these beautiful birds, their sound and color always brightens my day. Love these precious little things

  29. These are species I have never seen before. I tweeted this and called it the best hummingbird video on YouTube!

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