Hunter VS all the other helicopters! – GTA Online epic battles
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Hunter VS all the other helicopters! – GTA Online epic battles

September 15, 2019

welcome back to another episode of epic battles of GTA in today’s episode hunters vs. every other helicopter in the game except the Annihilator because that thing sucks let’s see if the hunter really is as overpowered as everyone is saying the hunter is one very expensive helicopter so let’s see if it’s worth the price [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] this is a dance it is here what [Music] [Music] [Music] the final verdict yes the hunter is most definitely overpowered

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  1. Five reasons why the Hunter is NOT overpowered.
    1- You need a gunner to use it to its full potential
    2- Lag affects the accuracy of your gunner and over all precision when engaging targets
    3- Countermeasures don't always work for missile spams
    4- The lock-on hitbox is located towards the rear of the helicopter making it so that missiles can turn easier.
    5- Usually harder to dodge missiles.

  2. that fight was so unfair dude…the hunter sucks in comparison with akula and savage by looking at the price

  3. Yeah The Annhilator does suck.. In this version. Not the GTAIV: Ballads of Gay Tony version. That was actually the first helicopter with explosive shells. Plus I believe that the Apc was somewhat better as you can man the cannon while driving (from what I heard). It's weird they got nerf, and I recommend that you try that game out.

  4. In my opinion I think that the akula and may be better than the hunter because it has the stealth mode and has almost the same weapons. If you want pure fire power I would go with the hunter but the akula is better for getting around the map

  5. This could have been done a lot more scientifically. It could have been 3 Hunters (pilot only) vs 3 Savages (Pilot Only), 3 Hunters (W/Gunner) vs 6 Savages (Pilot Only), 3 Hunters (Pilot Only) vs 3 Buzzards, 3 Hunters (W/Gunner) vs 6 Buzzards (Pilot Only). The test in this video proves nothing because of the wacky combinations of helicopters.

  6. Savages would be one of the most op things in GTA if they could be upgraded like gunrunning vehicles. They already kinda are op but with armor. No chance

  7. This is stupid. The hunter without a pilot will Not kill a good pilot in the savage helicopter. The savage is better than the hunter.

  8. I like how everyone is saying the savage is still the best when the hunter beat 2 savages at once. And beat others at once. Just made the hunter is better and their favorite lost.

  9. In my opinion, it really matters about skill. Although the hunter has more unique abilitys. The savage is the best attack helicopter in the game, why? Because of its hydra like cannon and its spam lock on rockets. And like i said it has a hydra cannon and because its a helicopter, the aim and accuracy is alot better than the hydras. Although the hydra has a more spray and pray type of cannon, the Savages cannon is more precise. Also when used in the right hands, you can rival bacically anything you desire, from hydras to mk2s and to even ghosted akulas. And you might say that the savages defense is weak, i agree but to be honest, you would more likely have killed your opponent by then. It also takes 2 homing rockets but in a later update, Rockstar made the Savages hitbox a lot smaller so it is alot harder to hit and to even lock on to the savage. Thanks for reading this <3

  10. Counter measures
    Barrage missiles (7 per magazine)
    Homing missiles (1 per sec)
    Bomb bay
    Machine guns
    Explosive canon controlled by co pilot
    And tough armor 😎😎😎😎😎

  11. If the hunter pilots weren’t stupid they could’ve easily taken out the savages In the first round but ynow whatever

  12. Savage I have explosive cannon
    Hunter : ok whatever
    Savage : i can easily destroy cars
    Hunter : Nani I can shoot barrage
    Buzzard : i have uhh ….. I can dodge missiles

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