Hunting SHINY POKEMON For TEAM ROCKET?! | Animated Parody
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Hunting SHINY POKEMON For TEAM ROCKET?! | Animated Parody

January 27, 2020

(slow pensive jazz music) – [Giovanni] Everyone who
works for me is busy chasing that 10 year old and his damn Pikachu, which means you are the only one who can take on this very important job. – You got it, boss. Whatever you need. – [Giovanni] Now, that’s
the attitude I like to see. Now here’s the deal: On the SS Lapras there’s gonna be a Pokemon show and someone is showing a
very rare shiny Exeggcute. All you have to do is
catch it and bring it back. – Like in a net? – [Giovanni] What? – Catch it in a net. That’s what you mean, right? – [Giovanni] No idiot. With this. We just stole these babies from Sliphco. They’ll catch any Pokemon in one shot. They’re worth a fortune,
and they are guaranteed to make sure even you
can’t mess this one up. (seagulls screech) – Ticket. – Oh I’m, uh, staff. – Credentials. – I left my stuff on the boat! I work in the, uh, kitchens. – Woof, well that’s something
no one would volunteer for. I’ll get you through
this mess and down there. I’m pretty sure there’s plenty to do. (burps) (fire hisses) (bangs) (cutlery clink) (animals cry) (upbeat music)
(camera clicks) – Jackpot. – [Ekans] Ekans. (Darrel screams) (water splashes) (Gyrados bellows) – Oh shit. – [Ekans] Ekans. – All right, Exeggcute, you stay here. I’m just going to the bathroom,
but I’ll be right back. – Time to go. (pops)
(Darrel screams) (zipper screeches)
Gotcha! – Hey, that guy stole my Pokemon! – I, I dunno what you’re talking about. – He’s in your backpack! I can see him moving around. – Oh, this! Classic mistake, these are just melons. – They’re moving! Melons don’t just move! – Well, we’re on a boat,
you know, tides and stuff. – [Exeggcute] Exeggcute. – He’s talking, I can hear him. – You’re going nuts, lady (chuckles). Hey security, can I get some? (high tone) – Oh no, not now, Exeggcute! – No, it’s melons! – Open the bag, he’s evolving! – Melons don’t evolve– (explodes) – Oh my god, Exeggcute! You’re an alolan eggsecutor! Amazing! (ship horn blows) (phone rings) – Oh, hi boss, minor setback. Gonna get it under control shortly but looks like Team
Rocket’s blasting off– (water splashes) (seagulls screech) (Gyrados farts) (light whimsical music)

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  1. Who's been a HUGE fan of arcade cloud before 2020??

    👇I'm gifting my next 79 loyal subs 🎁
                       Must have notïs🔔

  2. If Giovanni just came out and said he was Reds dad. Maybe team rocket could have had some success. Maybe reds personal pokemon journey is fueled by his search for his father.

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