Hydroflying in Japan
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Hydroflying in Japan

August 25, 2019

We good? Alright Good luck! Ah! Let’s hope I don’t die! Yeah So we’ve been reading a lot of comments lately from people who are saying they love our food videos, but they’re really craving like
an adventure video in Japan. So we could explore the different aspects of Japan because there’s more Japan than just food. You know, we can see like a temple. We could like go to like Harajuku and like go down the clothing streets and stuff. There are different islands. There’s a whole list of things that I really want to do. Okay, so I have an idea what we’re going to do today is We’re just going to count to three
and we’re just going to start basically, Listing off all the top things that we each wanna do. And maybe we can find something that aligns. Right, if it matches up, we’ll go do that. Okay, you ready? Three, two, one… Soar above the water with a
Jetpack on my feet like Iron Man. Oh my God you too?! Me too!! This is.. we gotta go! Let’s do this. Woo! Ducky, please don’t hurt yourself okay? No promises! This is probably going to hurt a lot, but it’s going to be worth it to fly above the water. Bam, bammm~ I believe in you girl! Yay! Ugh! It’s like snow boarding on a tiny board in the water. Oh yeah! Hell yeah, girl! Oh!! Oh yeah, girl! Oh yeah! Nice! That’s alright! Heh, heh… well Near the end my ankles were just folding in. I couldn’t support like the stiffness of my leg Was it fun? It’s super fun, but going out the water is so choppy,
all you can do is this: The whole time. Also, I definitely lost my pants once. I’m wearing a swimsuit but like, the short part definitely came off! And I was like, In? You ready?
– I’m in! I’m ready for this! It is all in the ankles! That was amazing~! Dan, you’re next! Yeah!! Oh, that’s tiring. Dance, dance baby. Keep dancing! Holy… fu- You got it! Lower! Lower! Lower. Lower and lower and lower This is awesome~! Holy f-ck! That was amazing~! That was amazing!
(tn: not too sure what he’s screaming, he’s just really happy lol) So that concludes my jet ski adventure. It’s super challenging. I really hurt my butt. I hit it really bad. Did you see how high I got? You went really high up! I went really high and then I landed on my butt! And it hurt a lot. I landed on my face! Oh my God Guys, have an amazing experience. So challenging! But once you get the hang of it, it’s super fun. And you’re going to eat. Don’t eat before coming here. You can eat all the ocean water Your mouth is opening.
Just going to eat it all up. So, I’m full. It’s great though. It’s Dan’s turn now.
Did you know that Dan’s not a good swimmer? And that when we took them to the ocean in Hawaii, He was not very comfortable. By the way, Dan is terrified of the water so this is great. Oh well, time for more fun for you, Dan. All right, Dan, you ready for this shit? I’m ready to try not to die. Oh yeah, Dan!! Oh! Belly flop on the backside. Nice one!
– Nice! Oh! He’s doing alright! It’s easy! Oh, that’s good! (x2) Nice! They’re [his balls] gunna hurt. Oh, buster… Oh my God! Apart from the pain of my balls, that was great. All right, I’m not sure if you hear, it’s because of the wind, But that was insanely fun. Insanely fun! If you get a chance to come up here in Japan and try this out, please do! Guys, what did it feel like? It was literally like Iron Man. I was looking down and thinking I’m flying. When I was up there, I literally thought I was like three stories high. I was terrified. I was like, “This is way too…” And then I landed on my ass, but it was great, it was absolutely great. Yeah, you guys were pretty high up, I’ll be honest.
– Oh my god. Actually floating there and when you get the balance you just like, “Yeah, I’m a king” Landing on my ass, cause I just *pop* right on my ass, just jackknifed right in there. -I definitely understand.
I’m pretty sure my butt cheeks got like a little ocean in. I think my shorts were hanging down a little.
-Yeah, exactly. So I was just like, I told you! My pants fell off, but I’m wearing a bathing suit so it’s all okay. This is completely amazing you have to try this! You have to! Don’t ask any questions. Just go right now Why are you still watching this video? Go! Gooo! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel This is Simon and Martina Whoa~ That was great!

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  1. Guys! I am moving to Japan in two weeks! Can't wait to eat all the foods all day long, and maybe try adventures, too. Thanks for all the fun all these years thumbs up high touch

  2. Is that Jesus???? Ah no, it's just Dan. I missed Dan! This has been on my bucket list ever since I heard it was a thing. But now I'm not sure my ankles will forgive me if I try it! (There's a reason I haven't gone ice skating in almost ten years!)

  3. everyone's like "oh i love your video's! I've been watching forever!" and all the while I'm thinking. 'was that simons butt? omfg'

  4. If Simon and Martina had an island like the beach less dicaprio turning psychotic I would totally move and live there forever and in my head meemurs and spudgy would be on the flag

  5. Martina and Simon! and Dan! – so proud of you guys for doing this adventure. that interview and footage of the professional dude is super content. and you guys are on point in this piece .Martina – we are all cheering you on. keep being brave! take the time you need to deal with what you got to deal with yo. i know you prob suffered alot recovering from this trip – its not just the activity but the traveling and packing and moving your body in general that is super taxing. hope you can get the rest you need and please do not feel guilty for resting or taking time for yourself. .you are doing an amazing job in life. i am looking forward to popping something in the mail – i have a hard time writing letters because of my hand pain and concentration issues but i am gonna do it one day lol. btw – i watched this vid with my seven year old and he says you guys are brave. we are not sure if we would get out there lol. . we do want to travel to japan one day though! Stay strong and thanks for all your hard work. fighting!!!

  6. Hi Simon and Martina! I love your videos so so much and I have been binge watching all of your videos for probably the third time now xD anywho, I has a question. I know that you guys are still settling in Japan and will probably stay for a couple more years, but knowing about your goals of traveling the world, which country would you move to next? Singapore? Taiwan? Maybe somewhere in Europe? Just curious 😊 Also! You guys should definitely try sichuanese food. It's a subtype of Chinese food. Southern Chinese food to be exact and it super spicy and garlicky and delicious 😀 ok my comment essay is finished now xD LOVE YOU NASTY FO LYFE 💕

  7. You guys are the most awesome people that Dan can ever ask to hang out with for. Loved this change of content occasionally except food since it would literally make us drool and be hungry. Thank you for sharing Simon and Martina.

  8. I love this video guys! It was an awesome experience watching it <3 I hardly comment but had to on this one! Martina you are the hero of this adventure just followed shortly by Dan's beans I guess…shame man lol! (should I say keep your head up?)

  9. Since Martina likes so mucho spicey food/snacks, do a #onechipchallenge 🙌🏽 Like if you want simon and Martina do one🤓

  10. Girl being an EDS'r you have more guts than I do. Ouch. I'd be sore for days with sprained ankles and bruises 😹

  11. I didn't see this one on your website, I'm glad I caught it in the videos that popped up after the eel video, cuz it was hilarious. Good way to start my day on a positive note. Looked like tons of fun, you guys did great!

  12. This is so RAD! Totally adding this to my bucket list!!! I'm so proud of Martina for doing this! SHE DID SO WELL and Simon OMG he started off pretty great!!!! This looks sooooo incredibly fun! Idk HOW Wataru Shimazaki did it but I guess thats why he's number #1. He was soooo amazing. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THIS EXISTED!!! WaTaRu wAs pRaCtIcAlLy FlYiNgGgGgasbwebkweb HE FLIPPED… IN THE AIR… i can't this is too amazing. what's a fantastic and fun video <3

  13. The multiple choices about how Dan was going to fall cracked me up LOLOL I never laughed this hard from a video in a while!

  14. I kinda expected dan to ace it bc he skateboarded before, and I was right! Sorry about your balls though.. cold pack?

  15. Haven't watched this video yet, was in Japan myself 🙂 finally watching it and I'm dying at the 2nd A, B, C choice XD poor Dan

  16. I really love your videos!! You guys make me laugh so much. I've enjoyed every single one that I have watched. So good energy 🌟 This one, the Beach one and the battles ones have been my favorites 😊

  17. Aww thanks for making this vdo. I love to see you two having fun! And mrs martina, you're such an inspiration. Thank you for trying to be upbeat and positive even when you're not feeling well. ❤

  18. Loved the video guys!!! BEYOND HILARIOUS!!! Btw, Simon looks so buff in this one video.. ITS AMAZINGGGG!! And Martina looked so fly when she was flyboarding IT WAS THE BESSSTTTTTT!! Then there was Dan, oh Dan…its okaiii Dan we still love you~ bet them skateboarding skills helped a crap ton too hehe

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