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August 15, 2019

all right so this video took me so long to
make just getting one win in this gamemode is super hard alright so today we’re
gonna play 12 seconds later what they took it off oh my god
now i have to use the old intro Ima land Pleasant park pretty sure it’s gonna be a
horrible horrible horrible idea I don’t know how much longer I’m gonna be sick
bored I’ve been trying to look for like a
match just trying to find someone who has a mic right, but I keep finding people with no mics
so i just switched to playing solo oh i know what i’m gonna do. they think they know how to play this game miss me with t hat weak stuff “Kevin gamer” boy oh yeah and always make sure you guys look at the sky because there’s always people making skybridge into this gamemode oh wait whats that there oh that’s a pinata wait what is it this game was just super hard man
hopefully he’s getting easier w right here cuz I’ve been trying so like literally
I’ve been trying it for so long it’s like crazy at this point one hour later im just doing so horrible at this
point alright so I’ve been trying to play this for like a while now and I have no
wins nope let’s dip hopefully they kill him oh my
god it was at this moment that he knew he
fucked up oh my god where is this just 12 seconds later… Oh its downstairs I’m here
tripping oh my god man this game is fucking trash dude that made no sense
I press r2 when I was like midair that could’ve been a whole Jetpack I’m doing so
bad i’ma just blame that I’m sick I’m so
confused dude how I leave what’s over there
Oh yep I came here already is it i could’ve sworn it was bigger if people landed in
snobby OMG im doing so bad and it’s actually crazy because I’m actually trying to win I don’t know how I feel about the gun
anymore man at this point I’m not grabbing that
fucking heavy shotgun no more look at that weak stuff boy do you even know who
you’re messing with just remember no matter what don’t pick
up that heavy shotgun don’t pick up the heavy shotgun
I’m totally gonna forget this and I’ll pick up the heavy shotgun I’m a die oh my god no you know what we’re gonna
build sky base would I even be a good idea I have a launch pad I’m good I’m
definitely doing it but this might be a bad idea now I don’t know to think
about this you know I’m scared oh i kinda do it still… oh yeah you see look at that… so much later that the old narrator got tired of waiting and they had to
hire a new one get out my face with that weak stuff honey oh
boy that’s the first time I ever did that another one you gotta be kidding me
man while all these skybases man yall gotta stop look are you serious No miss me with that stuff boy give me that loot… we’re
going up boys nope come on peek peek please I’m scared oh shit lets goooo. My first win! that took so long
I don’t even care man that took me so long

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  1. Sorry for the late upload! I Have been sick all week, and had a fever! But i hope you enjoyed it took me so long to make and edit! My best video for sure <3
    Like, Subscribe and hit that notifications and ALI-A will give you LUCK!

  2. can we get married? ? xd why tf your going to build a skybase and say you have a launchpad when you have a jetpack

  3. Really liked the video – could tell you put a lot of effort into it. Hope you don’t mind some constructive criticism – I think you should turn up your on voice volume, and just be careful on the amount of effects like they’re funny just don’t overdo it ? subscribed tho ??

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