I Got on a Random Flight and Didn’t Know Where I Was Going (STUCK IN ANOTHER COUNTRY)
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I Got on a Random Flight and Didn’t Know Where I Was Going (STUCK IN ANOTHER COUNTRY)

August 22, 2019

(intense music) – This is exciting. – [Moon] It frightens me. It really frightens me. – Getting on the plane, getting
on the plane and we’ll go. I’m so tired. I just wanna go to sleep. It’s fully booked. There’s not one room available. Got no extra sleep, I
can’t sleep in this car. – [Moon] Never can. – We’re gonna die in here. All right, so I’ve not
uploaded a video in so long. It’s four years, and
I’ve never had a break. I’ve just continuously been pumping out absolute garbage
content for four years. (laughing) Why aren’t you laughing? Why aren’t you laughing? You should be laughing it were a joke. – [Moon] It’s the truth. (yelling) – So I’ve got the camera, I’ve set it up ’cause I’m just gonna vlog. I don’t know what we’re gonna do. I don’t know what’s happening. I’ve literally had to.
– I told you to do it. – [Moon] ‘Cause we’re always really funny when we drive car and you never film it. – Well, I’m filming it now when nothing funny’s happening
– [Moon] Yeah but always when we’re at home, we say, “ah, wish we had got camera in car.” And then we never do.
(beep) And I bet now we’re not doing
now, it’s always like that. (heavy buzzing) – All right. So we’re vlogging, we’re vlogging. We don’t know what we’re doing. We don’t know where we’re going. We’ve had a little bit of a break. Let’s just vlog. Let’s just try vlogging.
– [Moon] Renew ourselves Renew. – Let’s just try and vlog.
– [Moon] Let’s just go renew. – Let’s see how vlogging goes. All right so we’ve decided we can’t vlog. We’re not natural vloggers. We don’t know what to do. We just need a holiday. Maybe we can get back into it, you know, like just have a holiday and
then we’ll be like ready to go. – [Moon] Where we going? (intense techno music)
– I don’t know, we’ve not got anything bought. – [Moon] We can just drive somewhere. – It’s gonna rain, it’s England. – [Moon] But there’s gonna be loads of old people and it’s quiet. – Let’s just go on a fly. Let’s just drive to the airport
and get on a random flight. – [Moon] We’ve not booked anything. I don’t even have stuff
here, we don’t have tickets. – You could buy them at the airport. We just go there and
ask for the next flight, and then just get on
it and see where we go. Yeah, come on. – [Moon] You can’t do that. – Yeah come on, let’s go.
(upbeat music) – [Moon] We don’t have luggage. – We don’t need luggage,
we’ll buy stuff there. I’ve got my wallet in my pocket, let’s go. Get everything, food, drink, we could get clothes when we’re there. – [Moon] You’re joking. – No.
(record scratching) – [Moon] So we’re going
back home now then? – Why’re we going back home? We’re on our way to Manchester Airport. – [Moon] Yeah but we’re
going back home now and get some luggage and stuff aren’t we? – [Kill’em] No, this is for real. We’re just going straight
away like this with nothing. – [Moon] I need to know where we’re going. – [Kill’em] Yeah but it’s
going to be so much fun. We’re going to get there
and we’ve got the money and we’ll pay to go there. – [Moon] Well, that’s. – [Kill’em] Go on be good boy, good boy. I’ll see you soon. (laughing) (squeaking)
– [Child] Boom. – This it, we’re on our
way to Manchester Airport. We’re on our way! (techno music) (laughing) We could literally end up anywhere! – [Moon] Yeah, that’s the
problem I got with it. – What if it’s Iraq? – [Moon] You said you don’t
know we’re goin’ anywhere that it is. – What? (intense music) – This is exciting. – [Moon] It frightens me,
it really frightens me. – Okay! – [Moon] It’s not like
I’m looking forward, ’cause I don’t know where we’re going. – Look forward to it, it’s
gonna be so much fun, so cool. We don’t know where we’re gonna be. – [Moon] Thomas we don’t have a hotel. We don’t have a hotel, we have nothing. (car signal beeping) – We’re goin’ to Terminal
One, Two, or Three. Just pick one random. – [Moon] Take the middle then. – Two.
– Two. Yeah. – All right. (electronic music) – Ready? – [Moon] I’m not going out. – Come on, quick, it’s raining. Come on Moon. – [Moon] I’m scared. – No, come on. (luggage clattering) Right we’re here. We just got to the airport, we parked up. We pulled over, so now we’re gonna what are we doing now? – [Moon] Last minute thingy, ’cause we can buy tickets over here. (electronic music) – Hello there, I’m just wondering
what your next flight was. Please, the next one that leaves. I don’t want to know where it is. – [Woman] So I should
not tell you where it is? – No, don’t tell me where it is. I just want to pay for it and go on it. I don’t want to know, if you can just tell
me what gate to go to. – [Woman] To what destination
do you want to go? – It’s a weird request, but I don’t want to know where I’m going. I just want the next flight
please and I’ll pay for it now. – [Woman] I just pick it now
and just print the ticket? – Yeah, just tell me how much
I pay and we can just get on. – [Woman] It doesn’t matter where? – Anywhere. Just the next one. – [Woman] The next time available? – Yeah, please. – [Woman] That would be in
about two and a half hours. – Yeah.
– Yeah? – [Kill’em] All right, yeah, yeah. – [Woman] Pay by card or cash? – [Kill’em] Card please. – [Woman] Right, that’s your ticket then. – [Kill’em] Thank you very much! – [Woman] Alright, have fun! – Thank you, bye-bye. All right, so I’m through
the check-in part. ‘Cause I always get pulled
over in the check-in part. I don’t know, do I look like
a dodgy person or something? I got like, frisked, metal detected, and I went through this
scanner and everything. Anyway, we’re through there. Moon Moon! Moon, Burger King, Moon. – [Moon] How can you eat now? – Why? – [Moon] I’m completely
stressed out, I’m shaking, my heart’s beating fast, we don’t even know where we’re going. – Got to eat. – [Moon] I’ve looked already,
it literally can be anywhere. It can be cold or hot. – The food yeah? – [Moon] I don’t know how you
can eat in that situation. (dramatic music) (thudding) How do you feel Thomas? – I’m not happy Moon. – [Moon] Why are you not
happy, I’m not happy. I don’t have anything. – I don’t have anything. It’s just hit me now,
I’ve not got anything, and we don’t know where we’re going. What if we can’t find a shop? Or clothes, or anything? – [Moon] I don’t even
know where we’re going. – What hotel do you get to,
what if there is no hotel? How do we get from the airport to a hotel? – [Announcer] United Flight 80 to Newark Liberty International, could all customers travelling
on this flight please precede for immediate boarding at Gate Two. – [Moon] Thomas. – What? – [Moon] I know it. – What? – [Moon] I just went up
to that lady and told her to open envelope and just tell
us the gate and she said it, where we’re going. – You know where we’re going? – [Moon] She told me, it was nothing there was absolutely nothing I could do, I tried to talk over her, but she said it really quick. – So where are we going? Is it hot there or cold
at this time of year? – [Moon] I don’t even know, I’ve never. – Is it Europe? – [Moon] To be honest, I’ve
never heard of that place so, if any, I have to Google it. – It’s not fair you know
where we’re going now. – [Moon] We’re boarding
now anyway Thomas, come on. – We’re gettin’ on? – [Moon] I think it’s
that blue plane, yeah. That blue one. Not that one. – Come on then. – [Moon] Passport ready. (suspenseful music) – Gettin’ on the plane, gettin’
on the plane, here we go. – What seat are we Moon? – [Moon] 25. – 25, am I sat next to ya? – [Moon] No. – No, no I’m not sat next to ya. – [Moon] No, opposite. – You’re jokin’. I’ve got music playin’, so I don’t hear the captain
say where we’re goin’. I don’t know who I’m sat next to. (aeroplane rumbling) Two hours, two hours into the journey. I don’t know how much
longer we’ve got left. I don’t know if you can hear me ’cause I don’t know how much longer
we’ve got left of this journey. It’s destroying me, it’s killing me. Feels like I’m a kid again. Like, I’m in the back of
the car with my parents and I don’t know where we’re
going or how long it’s got left but it’s like times are so tired. I just want to go to sleep. I can’t sleep, I don’t
know where I’m goin’. I don’t know where in the
world we’re gonna end up. This is insane, this is stupid. (sighing) Two hours in, I’ll keep you updated. – [Man] What’s it like, 50 years old? (passengers chattering) (baby screaming) We’re here, we’ve landed, but
I had to get off the plane. (aeroplane whirling) – [Moon] Jesus Christ. – It’s so hot. It’s so hot Moon. Where have you brought us? It’s so hot, Jesus Christ. What is that, what does that say? I’ve just seen a sign, I
don’t know what it said. And I haven’t got a clue where we are yet. All I know is it is hot AF. Now we just got to get
through the airport, through the passport
thing, then we can get out and try and find somewhere to stay. I haven’t got a clue how to
get through this airport, I mean look at this,
what language is this? Just look, look look. What’s that, what’s that? I mean it’s got it in English next to it. But what is it? I mean, look at that,
what language is that? It says baggage claim, but what’s that? It’s not even real letters. That’s not even real letters,
it’s not like A, B, C, D, E that’s like, I don’t know what that is. Just tryin’ to find my
way through the airport. We’ll get outside, then I don’t know what. I’m just here with nothing
to do and nowhere to go. It’s so hot Moon. – [Moon] You know by now where we are. – I don’t know where we are. – [Moon] In Greece. – Greece? – [Moon] Yeah, Greece Island, Santi. – [Woman] Hello there. (laughing) – So we’re in Greece. – [Moon] Yeah. It’s got 34 degrees on my phone. – 34? – [Moon] In shade, yeah. In the shade. – So where are we actually going? – [Moon] Where are we gonna sleep? – We need somewhere to sleep. But how do we get there? How, we need a car. – [Moon] We can go by bus
but I don’t know where to go, so, I just, you try to
get a car and I’ll look for some motels we can drive
to and just ask if there’s but it’s main holiday season, you know? – There must be a car
rental place in the airport. – [Moon] You just have a
look and I’ll look for, yeah. Meanwhile, I’ll look for a hotel. He’s gettin’ us a car. – We got the keys. That’s one thing down, one
thing down, we got a car. Now we need to find somewhere to sleep, and clothes, and food. There’s still a lot left to go. – [Moon] We need to find a hotel first. – It’s quarter past 3 p.m.,
so let’s get a move on. Moon, it’s this one. – [Moon] That’s it. (Kill’em groaning) – It’s like a sauna. (laughing) – [Moon] My bum’s on fire with that one. I can lift the roof off Thomas. – Does that come open? – [Moon] Yeah, the roof comes, how? – There’s not many buttons to press. – [Moon] There, there, got it. – Wait, I need to put key in. – [Moon] I press it. (laughing) – [Kill’em] Yeah. – [Moon] I’ll have a tan while driving. – That’s awesome. Anyway, come on, we’ve got
a plan, we need stuff to do. It’s four, it’s 10 past four already, time’s going so quick. – [Moon] I got some addresses now so we. – Have we got SAT-NAV? – [Moon] Just, no my phone. It’s main holiday season here and I used to work at tourism. It’s almost impossible to get a. – It’s so hot. – [Moon] It’s automatic! – Moon, I’m on the wrong
side of the car driving on the wrong side of the road. What’s this? – [Moon] It’s right, it’s your right. – I’m driving on the right. – [Moon] That one. – I’m on the left side of the car. What’s happening? – It’s the only way.
– Look at this, look, where are we? – [Moon] In Greece, Thomas. – But where, but where? – [Moon] In Santi! – Look at this! Whoa, we must be going too slow. – [Moon] No matter. – Show a bit of scenery,
show ’em what it looks like. – [Moon] There’s not a lot of scenery now. – It’s just, it looks
nothing like England. Is that abandoned? – Yeah ’cause it’s not.
– Let’s go in it. – [Moon] No, we’re not goin’ in. – [Sat Nav] In one kilometre, turn left. – I don’t know what a kilometre is. I’m used to miles. – [Moon] I’m tellin’
ya, the metric system. But without it what are ya? – It’s fully booked, there’s
not one room available. – [Moon] Get on the next one,
it’s getting cold, come on. – It’s fully booked, Moon. – [Moon] Not even single room? – Nothin’, it’s fourth hotel,
we can’t find anything. – [Moon] We have to keep looking quick. We have to keep going Tommy. – How many more is there? It’s only tiny island you said. – [Moon] Yeah, but there’s still a couple. (sighing) Where we gonna sleep? – We can’t, every where’s taken. I’m so sweaty, my clothes
are sticking to me, we’ve got no where to sleep,
I can’t sleep in this car. – [Moon] No I can’t. – We’re gonna die in here. – [Moon] Let’s keep driving
’cause I need some wind cause it makes me a bit panicked, gettin’ a bit claustrophobic. – But where are we driving to? – [Moon] To them last
two on the south coast. I got, yeah, I got two
addresses but that’s it. That’s it then. Up at north there’s hardly any tourism so just go. – Here’s a shop. Maybe they sell some clothes. I mean, see, I’ve got black trousers on. I need shorts on or something. – [Moon] I want a black Swan. Flip-flops. – No, don’t show that. (laughing) – [Moon] Oh God, look. (laughing) – They had a changing
room, so I got changed. – [Moon] Are you serious
Tom, get that off. – They had, they didn’t have many T-shirts so I got one with a fisherman on. – [Moon] Have you seen what is on it? (laughing) – Every T-shirt in there is rude. Got something rude on it,
and willies and stuff. – [Moon] Can we finally
go and sleep somewhere? – Yeah, I’m a lot cooler
now, but we need somewhere to sleep so, come on. – [Moon] Please Thomas,
please that’s so nice looking. – They’ve got one. – [Moon] You got one? – Yeah, we got one. (laughing) – [Moon] Yeah. – We’re in, we’re in.
– Really? – Yeah, yeah. – [Moon] Oh please let’s go, does it got air con?
– A pool, air con, everything. Come on.
– Ah, great. – 306. Whoa Moon, it’s massive. – [Moon] Oh, it’s nice. – Whoa. – [Moon] Big bed isn’t it? – Oh Moon, (curtains swiping) we got sea view! – [Moon] Whoa. – Moon. – [Moon] That is so nice,
I wanna go swimmin’. We’ve done it Thomas. – Moon, we’re here, we’ve got a sunbed, we’ve got a hotel room. I got one set of clothes
and food in the hotel. We’re done. It actually worked out
cheaper if you come here and do it this way, then if you book it before you leave the house. But I highly suggest you don’t do that because it’s the most stressful
thing you will ever do in your entire life. I’m goin’ for a swim, it’s so hot. Subscribe if you do. Go follow me on Instagram. (electronic music)

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