I Got Stopped by a Park Ranger While Flying My Drone (in a LEGAL fly zone!)
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I Got Stopped by a Park Ranger While Flying My Drone (in a LEGAL fly zone!)

January 15, 2020

Do you have it with ya?
Yeah. May I see it?
Sure thing. Hey, it’s KRUSER! Where I show you how to make professional drone videos. Today I’m
showing you when I got stopped by park ranger for fly my drone in a go fly zone.
Stick around to find out why. So what happened was me and my family were on a
vacation out in Central Oregon. What is that? Oh ****
What is that? Black Butte, if any of you have ever been out there. And we went to hike
Black Butte. As you see on the picture here it was a fly zone. No issues. No um. Nothing prevented me from flying there. And we climbed to the top and I was
gonna get some sweet footage. I’ll show you that right now. *Indiscernible screaming* Pretty tight right? The part where I’m
flying by that fire tower there was a lady who was in that tower and she came
running out and she was like instantly she started yelling and screaming at me, “Get your drone down! Land that right now!” And we were all kinda like, “Whoa.” Like what the heck. Okay. Like obviously like immediately I flew it back landed it and I like put it away. And I’m looking up at this fire tower and she’s just out there, binoculars and
everything like looking at me. And then she gets a camera and starts taking
pictures and I’m looking and she pulls out a walkie talkie and I’m just
thinking, “Oh, I’m in it now.” Like, “I’m in for it.” And so our whole family
like okay let’s just get down the mountain like let’s just forget about this and so
like from flying the drone landing it was probably up there only for
like two minutes total before she told me to land it. And I didn’t try to contest it. It’s landed, it’s put away. I put it back in the bag. So we’re heading down the mountain
and half my family’s ahead of me. We’re starting to go around a bend
and then my mom’s waiting there and she tells me, “Hey, I got a text from dad. There’s a
park ranger waiting down at the parking lot who’s waiting to talk to you.” And I’m just thinking, “Oh great” Like, “Come on. You gotta be kidding me.” Like, I didn’t do anything wrong here ya know? And my mom’s telling me, “Don’t, don’t cause
fights with him. Don’t get at him. Don’t get in his face.” And of course I wouldn’t do
that. I would never do that to law enforcement but we
head down the path and we see the law enforcement officer. We actually got I got a little bit of video of it. To kind of show you the conversation because I
figured whatever he was going to tell me it would be something important that I
could share with everyone on my channel of, you know, what I did wrong here in
this situation. So check out the clips. So it’s cool to see that I did get
slammed with a heavy ticket or heavy fine. I was really worried about that and
essentially the message was don’t fly a drone over camp sites or anywhere where
people are sleeping or living and as well federal buildings. Apparently that’s what that lady was saying on top of the tower was you know
no flying near federal buildings. Tell me if I’m wrong in the comments below if
there’s a regulation with FAA about not flying your federal
buildings. If there is I completely missed that but that fire tower was
a Federal Building so he said don’t fly near that as well. Good to know in
the future! That was a mistake on my part for not knowing that. But essentially it turned out really good. The park ranger supports drones. They use them to help fight fires to look where they’re at and catch them and so overall
it was a really good experience. Glad nothing bad happened but watch out in
the future in case your caught in the same situation as I am. And thanks for
watching. I hope you all really enjoyed this video. Make sure to subscribe to my
channel if you want to learn how to make professional drone videos. And comment below if you’ve ever had a run-in with the law, with a park ranger of any level
of authority who’s told you that you can’t fly a drone. And let me know why. And as always thanks for watching.

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  1. Thanks for watching! Tell me your story of being stopped by law enforcement while flying your drone, if you ever have. I want to hear how it went down!! Hopefully not bad…😬

  2. I just subscribed to your channel looks like I may enjoy your content.
    Illinois also northern part hope one day we will fly. Sorry but I turned to Autel
    The Evo is a great drone.

  3. I'll state my thoughts as questions… to be at least equally polite as the young man in the video. If it were, in fact, (for any reason deemed necessary, even the very weak. "Your teeny tiny drone buzzing around the facility distracted me from my duties at work.") illegal to fly a drone over or around Federal Buildings in any municipality, or Villiage, etc. Would not the FAA (with "F" meaning FEDERAL…) have already have declared them as a Class "whatever" type of RESTRICTED AIR SPACE?
    Question #2. IF a LAW Enforcement Officer was, in fact, informing the young pilot of such legal restriction wouldn't it be incumbent upon said officer to cite the specific LAW(s) involved? Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't a Police Officer's legal authority over citizens start and end with the enforcement of LAWS… rather than Opinions? It's nice and prudent to be POLITE to officers… BUT It is WRONG for them, and a violation worthy of at least reprimand for them to use their badge, uniform, and gun (if it's on their person, it is a potential threat) to enforce personal opinions outside of the law. It is CLEAR that this officer KNOWS that, which is why he clearly suggested "go fly somewhere else."
    The REAL moral of this story is this. Drone Pilots… Know the FAA rules before you fly in any airspace… be prepared to quickly show them, and educate ANY dufus who might confront you. There were quite a few laws at least bent here BY THE PARK RANGERS… Which is far WORSE than "I don't like being distracted by your drone, go fly somewhere else. There are some impolite responses the young man could have stated that start with "Go… __ _____." Which would actually have been somewhat appropriate, as he was detained, by an officer of the law, having done NOTHING wrong, or illegal. We drone pilots are not required to become victims of ignorance. #DroneOn

  4. I have a solo 3D smart drone, I was in the park one all by myself flying when this guy called the police on me saying I was flying over his house, I never got close to his house and I was flying at 400 feet. I showed the officer my drone license and keep flying.

  5. There are >300 million people in this country. You're gonna have to clear your flight with each and every one of them each time you want to fly. It's just that easy…

  6. Because we wouldn’t want the employee to “…get out of their comfort zone…”, no no, not the comfort zone! Flip man, I’m getting so tired of this snowflake temperament where everyone else must walk (or fly) on eggshells because you might “offend” someone and upset their comfort zone 😏

  7. Everything that ranger said to you was made up as he went along. For the woman employee it's about control and you weren't in her control so you are a problem. These public servants believe they are the Royal Game Keepers.

  8. Pretty good outcome. The ranger was pretty calm… it’s always best to be cool with them, helps us all in the long run. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully he’s not annoyed for being covertly recorded, or did you tell him?

  9. If someone called the police about a guy flying a drone in my city the cop would laugh at you right through the phone or get annoyed and tell you to stop wasting their time.

  10. My thoughts about the Evo are simple,very solid build
    Not complicated to learn great tech support a little slow
    On there firmware releases to fix small issues flys great with
    Both android and apple picture and vidio quality can almost be
    Used without post if done correct.
    Actually I can go on but I am no export here I learn everyday
    With correct and mistakes check out other opinions.

  11. After watching a few of these videos on people coming into conflict with the authorities or just other people; my observation is do it stealthily. Keep out of sight from others from your take off and landing point; not unless you like long conversations about rules and regulations that may or may not exist due to the subjective nature of these rules.

  12. All I know is that if it’s 55 pounds or less , you can fly as long as it’s not in an airport and you stay below 400 feet. And it’s prohibited in national and state parks

  13. Big mistake is buying a dji M2P drone that comes with a STUPID and never intelligent battery. These batteries gets pregnant after 9 months of purchase (Battery swells) causing the battery to be ejected from the drone during flight, ending in a crash. dji are so devilish by indicating in their policy that batteries are covered for 6 months only, because they know that at 9 month these batteries are giving birth. And the biggest mistake I did was buying the fly more kit and an additional battery to make it 4 batteries in total. All of the batteries now are swelled up. Mind you that I take good care of my stuff, for the batteries, I always discharge them to 40% if I'm not planing to use for more than 10 days, fully charge and discharge on a regular bases and always stored in a cool place between 15 to 25 degrees in a secure sealed hard case by Nanuk.
    Called dji for replacement, they rejected my request although I have bought the care refresh and the Select member which was never used once…!

  14. It's not something you can argue but park rangers often and I mean OFTEN, make up rules on the spot to either mess with you or they're a control freak

  15. I think the issue is that the lady in the tower WAS in the tower because that's the ONLY job suited to her personality… Anti-social, can't stand to be around people, society, or anything that people and society use. One of those extreme tree-huggers who believe all mankind and anything man made should be banished from the earth…

  16. female ranger was just being a cunt. she probably hates her life and can't stand to see anyone happy. It isn't like she is actually looking for fire. She is looking for smoke. If she can't see smoke because of a drone, she needs to be relocated to campsite clean up.

  17. The only thing I would add here is that it is illegal to fly in National Parks and to take off and land from designated wilderness. It is also illegal to harass federally protected wildlife. I spent some time in a lookout early in my federal career, long before drones – activity in general around the lookout could be unsettling (because I lived there) – so just like any other dwelling, if it’s not illegal, common sense would come into play. I’m not sure about any rules related to flying near federal buildings. I would have asked the lookout if I could launch from the platform (in the old days you could visit most lookouts unless there was an active incident going on). I think you did the right thing and ahead of time, and were legally operating your drone. I did a little searching, FAA rules don’t appear to list anything about other federal landowner rules, maybe in the future there will be a site, if there isn’t already, that is more comprehensive. Thanks for posting your video and being willing to call attention to what you may, and may not have done wrong!

  18. Sounds like the government employee thinks it's okay for them to have drones but not the general population.

  19. It's our tax paying money at work . Your allowed to fly over and around federal buildings ,it is not illegal , those employees of ours should know better ..

  20. While the airspace may be Class G, you are not allowed to launch from, land on, or operate a drone from national park lands. The ONLY workaround is launching from right outside a national park, and maintaining VLOS (Visual Line of Sight) with your drone while it is over the national park. The question – were you actually ON national park territory? My google maps shows the area in your Airmap as green. There is a private ranch there, were you on their property when you launched or national park territory? I am not convinced you were operating legally.

  21. This is what happens if you fly your drone in a national park:Going against the prohibition can lead to a $5,000 penalty and six months in prison. A tourist was penalized for flying a drone into Grand Prismatic Spring located in Yellowstone National Park in 2014. It may be possible to legally fly into a National Park as long as you do not takeoff or land on park property.May 31, 2018

  22. Brother I've been flying a M2P for over a year and I gotta say..You handled that with nothing but class, respect, and manners. Well done bro! I'm not sure I wouldve been as composed as you but that was great to see. Bravo!

  23. The unnatural dislike of UAS is to me similar to the dislike of black guns. So sorry you had to go through this.

  24. You did NOT violate any laws. He was making stuff up. Law enforcement likes to do that. You can usually tell they are winging it because they stay polite.
    If you had broken any actual laws he would have been much more aggressive.

  25. Airmap and Laanc are good to use as you can show you have FAA approval to fly in that airspace. Doesn't necessarily override what the cop or whoever is saying but at the very least it shows you are responsible and not just some idiot flying a drone.

  26. The State, county or town may have laws or regulations about taking off and landing in certain locations, which are typically mark accordingly. The FAA and the FAA alone has jurisdiction over the airspace, the ranger did not bring up any ground based restriction to the operation, he only relayed false information about the flight itself, flying over or near government building is not in and of itself illegal unless so noted by the FAA through such apps as Airmap and B4UFly, which will also help you with temporary restrictions that may come up on occasion. Even National parks can be flown over (though not take off or landings) though should you have a mishap or malfunction and need to emergency land, your results may vary. Flying over "occupied areas" isn't a thing, flying over unprotected people (not under cover) is, so long as you were not 400 ft above the uppermost part of that mountain, which includes the height of that tower, you were not flying too high either, I obviously can't see everything that transpired and therefore can't comment on all of it but the ranger is woefully under informed about drones and their legal applications, if you have any other questions feel free to reach out, happy droning!

  27. I flew mine up on Mt Rainer, WA and the park rangers rolled up on me within 5 minutes, learned you can’t fly at national parks

  28. I think , if you’re planing on flying on any governmental controlled place you should contact the agency like the parks department or whoever before flying.

  29. Old mole in the tower was no doubt masturbating hence why she was so angry when you flew past. "may have caused a distraction"? my a.. they are just abusing their powers what could they possible get distracted from?

  30. The main thing to remember is that we are in tuff times right now with our drones. Some have created situations or not that have upset many individuals. All we can do is read the laws, have copies with us and not escalate this issue. Remember, many of those flying today never read the laws including on the enforcement side.

  31. Everything is a restriction now!, next time we can't even breathe between the rest of the people (if someone make a complaint)😅

  32. You Americans are lucky with all these parks with Rangers and stuff I just have field surrounded by houses which I cant fly in

  33. She was distracted…. well sir who can I talk to for that job? I dont get distracted that easily and I can use my drone pilot skills to actually contribute and FOCUS on the task at hand.

  34. Wow. A distraction. Who would know that fire watch personnel could be so easily distracted. Maybe the job should come with a prescription of Adderall for ADHD. Maybe they need to shoot all the birds that might distract the fire tower personnel.
    You were not doing anything illegal there. You didn't fly DIRECTLY over that tower. Even if you had, you were stil not violationg any FAA rules because it was a covered structures and he FAA is the ONLY agency who can pull such rules out of their asses. The park people don't have such privileges, even if they think they do.

  35. Is a low flying helicopter a distraction?
    Where are the signs that show you are not allowed to fly a drone?
    Sounds like the Park Ranger is making stuff up.

  36. That ranger did great job definitely can tell he for DRONES cool. Fly responsibly people please for Christ sake unless you in Iraq then it all hell lose on everything.

  37. Hello, I just came across your video. I remember that day so well. I have a feeling that your drone was fitted with an x-ray camera and you were looking at me, at the opposite side of the Earth, and trying to look up my kilt …… and by the way the fish that was about to swallow the bait on my hook was distracted by your drone and I did not catch it …… There is a case of significant compensation here …. or at least a smiley face. Please keep up the good work in promoting drones as a serious recreational activity and perhaps one day it will become an Olympic Event. Cheers.

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