September 25, 2019

good morning and welcome back I’m max
klinkby and today you join me on a very special day we are actually on our
way to visit Fighter Wing Skrydstrup here in southern jutland where we are
going to have a very special day with some of the Danish Air Force
we’ll be giving them some trips in the Danish thunder sport championship guitar
that I’m driving we want to help us support the Danish Air Force by doing
this event and giving them a very cool and different experience by giving them
trips in these racing cars but first of all let’s check out the car that we are
going to the Air Force Base in all set see
to kill me done so we’ve jumped back into the Aston and
we are now heading towards the airbase it’s a bit damp so the weather isn’t too
good at the moment but we’re hoping that it will clear up during the day yeah
we’re on our way so we’ve just arrived that Fighter
Wing’s Goose club and as you can see the truck is here with all the racing cars
etc so yeah without further ado why don’t we walk inside and check out some
f-16 fighters possibly a rescue helicopter and then later we’ll be
showing you guys that we’re giving some of the fighter pilots trips in the
touring car and another spider you so as you can see I’ve squeezed into the
back of the Aston and we are now on our way home after the most ridiculous day
I’m pretty squeezed in here as you can see so obviously it’s worth it because
of its beautiful noise this car makes but we’ve had the most ridiculous day at
food for Shaun or Fighter Wing’s cool spot we’ve seen f-16 demos we’ve seen
f-16 planes parked up and we got to fly in a t17 aircraft I even got to do a
loop at a barrel roll and then we did some high-speed two trips with some of
the pilots and other employees so in general it’s just the most amazing day I
don’t hope you guys have enjoyed the video so make sure to subscribe below
and give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it thanks for watching bye

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