I Made the Worlds First Hoverboard That Actually Floats & You Won’t Believe How…
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I Made the Worlds First Hoverboard That Actually Floats & You Won’t Believe How…

August 24, 2019

– I got five boxes. – [Moon] It’s gonna make
him rich that, oh my god. – I can’t believe it Moon. I bought a lot of magnets, magnets. – [Moon] Not a lot of magnets that. – Because they’re whoa, oh god. – [Moon] He’s pooing. – Not very nice, Give him his privacy. – [Moon] He’s pooing. – So, as you all know, one side of the magnet sticks, the other sides of the magnet, oh whoa. – Look at this guy, look at this guy, look at this face, just look at his face. I mean you can genuinely tell, that he’s having a blast. He’s having the best time of
his life with two magnets. Take his phone away from him, take his computer away, take his TV, this guy needs nothing, just leave him in a room with two magnets, and you know this guy is having fun. Oh come on have a shave. Look at that bush, get rid of that bush. Hit like if you want this bush gone. There’s a fly, There’s a fly in this room. There’s a fly in here while I’m editing. What even is this? Let’s carry on with the video. – So, Moon, give him his privacy. So what we’re gonna do is using that oh wrong side. So what we’re gonna do, is using that side that
forces it away from it, I’m using all the science lingo here, – Is that a joke? – So what the plan is, I’m gonna stick loads of
magnets to a big wooden board and see what we can make float. Obviously, I bought
more magnets than this. I’ve bought a lot of magnets. I’ve spent, I’ve spent over 1000 pounds, One and a half thousand US dollars, just on magnets. – I spent all this money on
magnets I don’t even need, I didn’t use them, I bought the wrong type of magnet. I know it sounds stupid. Even an idiot should
research what magnets to buy before they spend all
this money on magnets. I didn’t do that. So if anybody needs to buy
some magnets, you know, hit me up in the DMs. I’ve got some cheap magnets for sale. It will all make sense later on. I’m an idiot, let’s carry on with the video. – I’ve got five boxes of magnets. – [Moon] Neighbor’s in car. – He’s listening isn’t he? – [Moon] Hey. – Hey. – [Moon] That’s exactly the guy, you don’t want to have as a neighbour. – Thousands of magnets, literally, thousands of magnets. And, loads of super glue. Digby no! (laughter) Digby! Digby no! Digby! – [Moon] It even makes you laugh. (laughter) – We do up to 4 XL in T
shirts now in the merch shop, link in the description below. Let’s go superglue some stuff. – [Moon] Digby’s helping. (hammer strike) – Five hours. – [Moon] It’s not a lot. – Not even halfway. – It’s me, I’m back, so just a little bit of
context for this part, because I skipped loads of stuff, and it probably don’t
make that much sense. Now I’m sat here editing I think like, what even happened? What I did was I super glued
like 300 of these magnets to this board, my fingertips were literally bleeding. This took so long. This video is a complete mess, I don’t even know why
you’re still watching. But thank you if you are. Subscribe. – [Moon] Is that magnet
sitting on your finger? – Yeah I know, there’s a magnet there, and when I twist it don’t twist look. – [Moon] Tired, whoa, whoa,
it’s really fast like that. – You see the black dot on it? – [Moon] Yeah, yeah. What the, whoa. – Magic. – [Moon] And again, look really magic. – Magic. So we’ve not actually
finished this just yet. We’ve not finished the whole thing. – I dare any of you, any of you out there, to count exactly how many
magnets are stuck to that board, right now. Let me know in the comments, I’m not joking, this is for real. I dare you all. – We’ve still got all this to do, but I thought we’d give it a try, make sure it works before we continue. We’re gonna just superglue
some magnets to a few objects, and see if they float. Let’s try and make a banana float. Alright, so we’ve got the
magnets stuck on there. – [Moon] You’ll probably have
to wear your science outfit to make it float. – I can’t wear my science outfit, it’s way too hot. I don’t want to wear
my science outfit Moon! Alright, okay, it’s gonna work now innit? – [Moon] Safety goggles. – Safety googles, I’ve
got my safety goggles, cause if you ever work with bananas, safe. (upbeat music) Moon, Moon, whoa. It was so strong it just flew
over here onto Moon’s foot. Whoa, Moon, whoa. – [Moon] Come on. (slurp) – No. Oh that’s so cool (beep) What else is there? (beep) Moon. (beep) Let’s do one with face reveal, Moon, face reveal, quick. (beep) Oh, in all seriousness, this thing did not work, I don’t know what it was it’s like the more
magnets we put together, the less it worked. – Like I said earlier, cheap magnets for sale, let me know in the DMs. – I’m not a scientist. I know I look like one. I look like a proper,
professional scientist. I know I do. I’m a pro, I’m a pro scientist. Bit of a complete fail. We need backup idea Moon. What we doing? Moon? Come on Moon, let’s go to the shop. – We need some different magnets. – [Moon] Why do you look so cool? Oh not anymore now. Whoa, that’s it. You look so cool. – I know. – [Moon] I wish I would be you. – I know. – I do realise this is
day three of this video, and I’m still wearing the same clothes, cause I’m a complete scruff. – Okay, so I’ve got two of these things, these things are the magnets
that hold doors shut. So these things are like electric magnets. It’s like the magnets we
had before, but electric? – [Moon] Yeah. – So just for a little test, We’ve got a little battery, that goes here, that goes there. Magnetic now. Apparently it’s got like
280 kilo resistance, which is like 600 pounds. What we’re hoping now, is when I put two together, it pushes away. – [Moon] Go on then. – [Kill’em] Done it. (explosion) – [Moon] It sticks? – They stood really high. I see now why hover
boards don’t exist Moon, this is so difficult. (sneeze) – [Moon] It didn’t work
with them door magnets? – I don’t know, I don’t even know anymore, magnets, plus and plus,
push against each other. – [Moon] No one’s interesting? Just make the hover
board, just make it float. Just let that thing float, that tang just let that tang float. – Are you okay? My final plan, my last shred of hope, this video will be good, if it doesn’t work, I’m gonna cry. I’ve got these huge magnets. Just look at this, you can’t, no way you
can push them together. – [Moon] Yeah people, can’t feel it. On camera, it don’t look
that impressive, sack it. – Just pretend it looks cool, let’ redo that and make it look cooler. – [Moon] Okay. (rock music) These are the daddies of magnets. These are so cool, these are huge, and I’ve got 16 of them. Pause the video now and count that, 16. It’s been a long week. It looks like on this video, it’s just been two days
and you know I mean, It’s been over five days. It’s stressy AF just trying to figure out how I can a goddamn hover board float. We’re gonna do this. I’m just gonna stop talking. That’s Moon, that’s actual
Moon face reveal right there. – [Moon] Blur it. – I used to skate board. I used to do it real good. – [Moon] Like 30 years ago? – Shut up you. (laughter) Wait, wait, wait – [Moon] What’s that called, a Billy? – Wait. Kick flip mother. – [Moon] Look at him, pretending to know what
he’s doing, pathetic. What’s skateboarders last words? – What? – [Moon] Watch this dude. (laughter) Cause then the trick fails, you know? – It’s not gonna be mine is it? – [Moon] It’s your skateboard. – I know. – [Moon] What happened?
It’s still recording. What do skaters do when
they’re really talented? – Oh what? – [Moon] Go pro. Go pro? – Come on now, no more. – [Moon] Go pro but it’s also the– – [Kill’em] Ew. – [Moon] You heard it? It did like – Like a squirt? (squirt noise) – [Moon] look. – [Kill’em] Hello darkness my old friend. – [Moon] Hello. – So when these things
become a thing in the future, like everyone’s doing it, they’re a bit heavy. That’s all, they’re
just a little bit heavy. Yeah, just a little hedge up, start going to the gym now, and you’ll be ready for one of these. – [Moon] What happens, if you put a guinea pig on the skateboard? – No, no, Moon, no, no Moon,
no. Gimme that, gimme that! – [Moon] Oh Digby. – I’m still recording. I’m getting grass. Okay the moment of truth, let’s
see if this thing floats or – [Moon] Sticks. – Don’t float? Stick? – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what’s it look like on camera? – [Moon] Like you’re holding it? – It is grabbing it, but it kind of shoots in
all different directions. We just need to find a way
to kind of hold it in place. – [Moon] Build like a frame or something? – [Kill’em] Day five, still
wearing the same clothes. Like I said, scruff. Alright so, what we’re doing
is we’re made see through edges so all this is four see
through perspect edges. – [Kill’em] You’ve just
made a fish tank mate, it’s nothing special. – We’ll get the skateboard. Well, it’s not a skateboard is it? We’ll get the hover board. Pick the hover board up, we put it into the box. Then what the see through edges should do, is keep the skateboard there, so it don’t shoot away. Okay, here we go. – [Moon] Alright, it fits. Oh my god. – [Kill’em] Is it hovering? Moon? – [Moon] Yeah it is, it’s doing it? – [Kill’em] Is it? – [Moon] Yeah. – [Kill’em] Is it really though? – [Moon] Yeah. – [Kill’em] Wait I get me strings, gotta get my strings away. – [Kill’em] There it is,
it’s actually hovering. – [Moon] Wait, I’ll do it. – [Kill’em] All the way through. That is actually hovering, that is insane. It’s actually hovering. We have actually made a hover board. It’s touching the sides, just
to stop it from flying away, but it’s actually sitting
on a cushion of air. Look, look, look, look. – [Moon] You’ve got a cool T shirt on. Oh thank you Moon, we now go
up to sizes 4 XL on the website kllm.co like in the– Full tub of paint there, Let’s see if it goes on
there and holds the weight. (applause) Barely even touched it Moon. – [Moon] It’s not even a problem innit? – That’s really strong. – [Moon] What’s that, is that a scratch? – [Kill’em] It’s a scratch in the plastic. Let’s try bricks, one at a time. (applause) – [Moon] It has even gone down though. – [Kill’em] I can’t believe it. – [Moon] This took us
like 20,000 attempts. It’s gonna make us rich that. Go on, put Digby on. – Moon, go and get Digby. God, I can’t believe it Moon. – [Moon] It’s all done. – Go get Digby, go get Digby. Let’s put Digby on. Digby on the hover board. – [Moon] Digby’s hovering! Look, look! – [Kill’em] Wait, wait,
wait, can you see gap? – [Moon] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Digby don’t like it. – [Kill’em] Digby don’t
like it, it’s too advanced. – [Moon] He’s look, Digby, hey! That’s going to hold ya, if it didn’t barely move with all that. – That should hold me, shouldn’t it? – [Moon] Yeah. (squirt noise) (triumphant music) – So here we go, it is time, moment of truth to see if the hover board will actually hold me mid-air. So, I need you, I need you right now to smash our like button down below, one like equals one looks
for this thing to work. Without the likes, this thing going to fail. So we need you right now. And also, leave a comment, right now, if you think this is going to work before you watch it, or else that’s cheatin’. Quickly, leave a comment now. We’ll wait, we will wait. Don’t worry, don’t have
to pause it. We’ll wait. I’ll wait, don’t worry, I’ll
wait for you to do that. (upbeat music) Okay, you’re back, so here
we go, moment of truth, Moon’s gonna have to come down here so we can see if it touches or not, okay. Alright Moon, are you ready? – [Moon] Go, stand on it. – [Kill’em] Is it working? – [Moon] Kill’em, you’re floating. – [Kill’em] Moon it’s working! – [Moon] Kill’em, you’re
floating! Kill’em, so cool. – No, no don’t look up Moon. – [Moon] Oh. – [Kill’em] We’re floating Moon. – [Moon] That’s so cool. – [Kill’em] Yeah. (hip hop music)

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  1. I had a vision of this and I thought to myself " Oh my God I know how to make a hover board!" In reality I just predicted it.

  2. Your not the first man to make a hoverboard some toy company made hoverboards and parents wont let there kids touch it then Steven speilburg got a hold of it and that's how back to the future part 2 chase scene was created

  3. It won’t work with magnets

    The only way to make it work is to have some air jets at the bottom

  4. I've got a joke which is perfect for this video…

    What was the hover board thinking when Tom stood on it?

    "Whoa, this is heavy".

  5. flack&flack&flack&flack

  6. A lot of comments are saying "it doesn't move tho" well you can get your friends to move the magnets, or can put a bunch of magnets on your wall and floor of your house, then you can wiggle your way through your home.

  7. When I was 10,I wanted to put two magnets same poles facing each other in an enclosed cylindrical glass. If you put a metal object between the magnets, what do you think would happen?

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