I played the prequel to Rocket League: SARPBC vs RL
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I played the prequel to Rocket League: SARPBC vs RL

February 21, 2020

Let’s start at the beginning Before they created rocket League Psyonix made another game way back in 2008 on the PlayStation 3. It was called monster madness grave danger You think I’m joking don’t you, but we’re not talking about that today we’re talking about the other game they released in 2008 That’s right. Of course I’m talking about supersonic acrobatic rocket powered battle cars available only on the PlayStation 3 as a Beloved rocket League youtuber. I feel like it’s important that I understand where rocket League came from Let me tell you what I had to do to play this game and record it for you guys First I don’t have a PlayStation 3 So I had to buy PlayStation 3 as soon as I turned it on that PlayStation 3 died So I had to buy another PlayStation 3 now. I have two PlayStation 3’s. Well, actually one PlayStation 3 and a paperweight I have an elgato to record consoles But I couldn’t record the PlayStation 3 with the elgato because the PlayStation 3 blocks its signal with a thing called HDCP because why would anyone want to record their gameplay? But I found out you could strip the HDCP if you bought a HDMI splitter, so I bought an HDMI splitter But the HDMI splitter did not block the HDCP So I bought a janky one on Amazon because this comment said that it didn’t support HDCP It did support HDCP. So I bought another HDMI splitter and it finally worked so After all that I present to you supersonic acrobatic rocket powered battle cars I actually have to buy it first and I don’t have a PSN. So it’s time to create that… SunlessKhan Okay, which one of you guys took sunless Khan on the PlayStation Network? Which one? Who was it? I will be suing you via YouTube court. But in the meantime, I have to be the real sunless cut Okay, whatever I’ve wanted to play this game for so long and it feels so weird that I can finally see it in the store It’s only like three dollars and I’m finally gonna get to play it. What a big moment the prequel to rocket league And of course I have to update it Finally This is Amazing. So I finally got it to work and I was playing supersonic acrobatic rocket powered battle cars So the first thing I did obviously was to see if anyone was playing online and sure enough There was one exactly one game going on So I jumped in and immediately scored It was an amazing moment it was at the throwback Stadium everything was right and it was it was perfect. So Now that I had that glorious first impression scoring right away my first online game and supersonic acrobatic rocket power battle cars Which I’ll now refer to as SARP. Let’s get into the actual gameplay So the first thing I noticed right away is the ball cam is really quite different and it feels really clunky and disorienting at first the main thing that’s different with the ball cam is it’s not like a perfect lock like in rocket League when you Have ball cam on it’s pretty much always dead center Not pretty much it is it’s locked, you know in SARP when you move the camera kind of moves with it And it kind of makes a delayed adjustment So that’s kind of weird to get used to at first But one thing that I kind of liked about it Because it doesn’t just lock perfectly on the ball when the ball goes straight up It doesn’t just completely take the camera straight up like it does in rocket League It kind of looks up But not totally off the field so you can still see the players that are in front of you which is kind of a cool Little way to do it, but overall I still think it’s better in rocket League One of the worst things you notice right away is you can’t change the controls at all The controls are just set how they are which means powerslide and arrow are Permanently on square which makes it really hard to. Yeah aerial or do anything really speaking of downsides of controls a huge thing is that I have to use a PlayStation controller and I’m not gonna lie. I hate PlayStation controllers. I don’t think they’re fit for human hands Maybe my hands are just big but it doesn’t feel like it’s designed with a with a human’s hands in mind But I know probably the majority of you guys use PlayStation controllers So I’m not gonna trash them too much but I but I do hate them Another thing that’s different in this game that I really like is on an own-goal It just says your name like in rocket league if you score an own goal It just says the name of the opponent that touched it last right? Well in this game, it’s like no you own gold This is your name which is kind of savage and I kind of liked And I wish they wouldn’t have changed that huge downside is there’s no ranking system, right? It’s just a bunch of lobbies of people running games. So in that way, it’s kind of a bonus It’s more casual but it’s also like one of the main reasons I play rocket League. No rank is a great motivating factor there’s only a few maps and there’s only a few cars and There’s like four skins you get to pick from so very low on the customization Another big change is the full boosts are like little pills and it looks kind of I don’t know stupid The pills are just a it’s an interesting design choice. It feels very pharmaceutical like it’s dr Mario or something a Huge huge difference that really affects what you can do on the wall is the Dodge delay is really short Meaning when you jump off the wall. You have to dodge right away or you lose it So it’s really hard to you know Get a good powerful shot off the wall when you have to use it pretty much as soon as you jump off So that’s a really big adjustment that they made in rocket like that Yeah, it’s definitely for the better Overall the controls just feel really clunky the physics feel clunky. It’s hard to describe but that just doesn’t quite feel right Maybe you can tell by the gameplay But if you if you would play this game Which a lot of you should buy this game because it’s super cheap if you have happened to have a PlayStation 3 I would love to play some games with you guys But anyway, it just feels awkward the physics are off something about it when you brake you stop too soon It just it’s hard to explain but it’s definitely just unrefined I’ll say so what about the AI well in rocket league, they’re pretty bad But you ain’t seen nothing till you play this art bots. They are horrendous. They cannot hit the ball They cannot do anything, but because it’s SARP you can’t really do anything either So it’s kind of a you know, it could be entertaining to play single-player another big difference in the online department There is no chat at all. No quick chat. No typing. That’s probably a good thing Actually, I think about it, but it does limit, you know the interaction factor speaking of good things one of the best things I found in SARP is there’s all these really great little mini games and even though it they’re sort of janky playing them made me realize how much of an Overhaul rocket Li could use in the single-player department rocket League. The training is pretty boring It’s not very interesting but in SARP, there’s like a star system There’s a sense of completion when you’re trying to go through these minigames I mean like as you play it feels like you’re trying to improve your wanted level or something like it looks like straight out of GTA and Have to say it feels pretty rewarding when you do really well in a mini game which in Rocky League when you do the training just getting like Three out of four in a training pack does not give you the sense of accomplishment that a system like this does so some kind of metal or achievement system and single player that goes beyond just an XP system would Be an amazing addition because I didn’t even realize what I was missing until I played these mini games. They’re really fun The other thing that’s better and SARP compared to rocket League is the replay system Well, it’s really basic and obviously there’s some features missing the free camera moves around so much better than in rocket League I was really surprised by this like it actually gradually stops and gradually starts. There’s some give there We’re in rocket League. If you try to move the cam around and the replay, it’s almost it’s too responsive It makes it really jerky and hard to get smooth footage So I was really impressed with how easily I could get smooth footage on SARP so now let’s talk about the things that are the same that really haven’t changed between star and rocket League the main thing is Your teammates are still terrible. There’s still a lot of whiffs and it still has that very, you know Rocket League feel when you’re playing where there’s a lot of people missing, you know, you’re missing – because it’s SARP It’s hard to be precise, but it definitely has that spirit of just like hopeless whiffs Constantly. So yeah That’s pretty much the same demo still work about the same and a huge takeaway is that it’s still overall fun You know It’s clunky you can see how it was a stepping stone and that led to rocket League gets such an Unrefined version of the game you can see how they took it to the next step with rocket They can really perfected the idea that they had but overall you could tell by over 2 million people downloaded this game It’s still pretty fun even though it’s really janky So overall, this is an amazing experience and it was totally worth buying the two crappy PlayStation 3s and three HDMI splitters Oh one last thing the last online game I recorded I realized there’s still something really satisfying about competing with someone and I have to say There’s only one thing better than seeing player forfeited come up on the screen and that’s the magic of a ragequit See you next time

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  1. Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars!
    Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars!
    Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars!
    Hi I'm Al Harrington of Al Harrington's Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing tube-men Emporium and Warehouse

  2. I tried this, I'm on UK servers.
    First you need to download demo, and then purchase the full version if you want, there is no direct buying option.

  3. Hey dude 3:40 you have played so many times with some other controllers. Thats why ps3 controller feels weird. It fits wery well to hands btw

  4. This video is a massive nostalgia trip, i played this game so long ago and I loved it, and didn't even realize rocket league was a sequel to it till a year later

    I loved this game so much, pretty much the only game ive played for over 100 hours on a console, since i only use pc

  5. Me doing the konami code when loading rocket league up..

    Easter egg to get some items and a menu which is the one from the PS3 game

  6. SARPBC was so much fun, loved the hell out of that game with my brothers. i remember hearing rocket league was coming out and thinking โ€œoh man a sequel thats awesome SARPBC was so good, shame i dont think alot of people will play it :(โ€œ i was/am happily wrong ๐Ÿ˜.

  7. I know this was from a while ago, but no offense, those are your thoughts before you played this and after you played rl, now what would they think with only having this when this came out and no rl. Pretty cool, right

  8. i use xbox and i totaly agree with you play station controllers are really hard to use exspecialy when you try to push down any button that is not one of the shapes

  9. you do know there is a demo version and you get 12 hours of the actual game, but i just used to delete the game and re download it every 12 hours

  10. I played this game like in 2015 and I was aware that RL already existed so I thought that this was just a crappy copy of RL lmaoo

  11. PS3 controllers are off they fixed it take to PS4 PS2 controllers were just as bad as PS3 I have no idea what the PS one controllers were like oh I know PS4 controllers are way better they majorly improved then

  12. I had this game when it first dropped lmao, me and my cousin at 8 y.o used to play it on Saturdays all night long๐Ÿ˜‚

  13. Idk why everyone that uses a Xbox controller thinks the ps4 controllers are not made for human hands there all just not holding it right I bet

  14. Hates PlayStation controller cause itโ€™s small ๐Ÿ˜‚ and he said they didnโ€™t have a human hand in mind while creating it. Well he is right ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ˜‚

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