I Speak Jive – Airplane! (5/10) Movie CLIP (1980) HD
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I Speak Jive – Airplane! (5/10) Movie CLIP (1980) HD

August 30, 2019

The white zone is for loading
and unloading of passengers only. There is no stopping in the red zone. The white zone is for loading
and unloading of passengers only. There is no stopping in the red zone. Hello. Take this flower from
the Religious Consciousness Church.

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  1. I actually got to meet the guy on the left at wondercon, he was actually pretty cool. I asked him how much of the jive speak was prewritten or if it was all improvised right on camera? It was from a script, however he told me that he and the other guy wrote it up themselves on set, he also told me that Barbara Billingsley was a delight to work with, absolutely sweet and found the concept of the jive language to be really fun so she wanted to get this scene right and all three of them had a great time teaching her how to deliver the lines.

  2. still makes me laugh out loud..' was so unexpected at the time!!  funniest scene in a funny, funny movie.  hats off to Barbara Billingsley

  3. Where did Mrs. Cleaver learn jive ? She lived about as far away from the hood as any white person does….HA HA

  4. Oh back when we could all poke fun at each other and enjoy a good laugh… Today this movie would have been banned from theaters.

  5. “Appropriation!” Shriek the inane myopic intentionally dumbed down Neo-Bolshevik millennials… How depressing it must be to be them. The ignorant narcissists have self appointed to “save us all”: Martyr ON dudes & dudettes! (Yes I DID just assume you fit into one or another of the ONLY TWO SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE BIOLOGICAL SEXES, spin the wheel buy a vowel and a REAL science book and get a clue and a life)

  6. I just noticed that Vulture on his shoulder waiting for a bad case of Pilot Ground-Poisoning…Classic movie.

  7. I tried this technique a few weeks ago. I drove down to Compton and talked to a few black brothas in jive. The Doctors say I’ll be able to eat on my own soon. And my wallet is still missing.

  8. actually jive talk was used by attorneys in courts so judges wouldnt know what they were talking about with each other

  9. Thank God for video recording so we can all go back and enjoy stuff like this in our movie library. People's head would explode if they even THOUGHT of making a movie like Airplane (in the same manner) today. :0)

  10. It never gets old!! By the way, if you really know your actors, the black guy who isn't sick is the black dad who chases Marty McFly out of his home in the Alternate 1985 in Back To The Future Part II,…..

  11. The beauty of this scene is not just the jive talking brothers but it's Barbara Billingsly, June Cleaver herself, that is able to translate it.

  12. That TOTALLY random Kev Hart/Romany Malco scene in 40-Year-Old Virgin HAD to have been patterned after the Billingsley scene at least a little bit. I’ll never be convinced it wasn’t.

  13. Too many 'actors' in today's movies would smile during the joke and totally ruin the deadpan aspect of it.

  14. the dislikes are from people who have never seen this scene in it original form,,, in original form,,captions pop up on the screen in the theatres, and on television,, if your watching,,
    for the younger generation who dont know,, "jive Slang" is EBONICS….. jive is not a language,,, its STREET TALK, sooooo,, for the haters who dont realize,,, dont complain,, yall speak it well

  15. I'm not saying it's the best movie ever, or even that it should be rightly considered as a National treasure, I'm just saying that you can't find June Cleaver speaking fluent jive in any other movie ever.
    Also, if you've watched this movie once and liked it, you've probably then also seen it for the thirtieth time and still laughed. Just saying.

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